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With the rise of smart devices, there are now light devices that would leave you feeling fresh and refreshed. There are a couple of them in the market and with the rise of so many light therapy devices, both inferior and superior, it could be difficult having to choose the right devices and one may end up going for products with inferior quality. If you are looking for wakeup and sleep light therapy devices, and you have a hard time finding one, this article is for you as we would be reviewing the top sunrise wakeup and sleep therapy devices.

PictureDevice NameShipping WeightProduct DimensionsBest Price
Philips Somneo Sunrise Wake Up and Sleep Therapy Light3.5 pounds12 x 8.8 x 4.7 inches ; 3.36 pounds
HF350, Philips Wake-Up Light with Sunrise Simulation and Radio1.4 pounds5.1 x 7.9 x 7.9 inches ; 1.19 pounds

Best Sunrise Wake Up And Sleep Light Therapy Devices

Philips Somneo Sunrise Wake Up and Sleep Therapy Light

Light Therapy Devices
The Philips Somneo Sunrise Wake Up and Sleep Therapy Light is a device that works to bring a natural and pleasant wake-up by gently and soft increasing the intensity of its light. It aids sleep through its advanced feature: RelaxBreathe. How this works is that the feature helps put you in a sleeping mood with functions like custom sunset and a wound down timed breathing function, along with matching sounds.  This product had been specially developed and designed through the Respironics and sleep knowledge by Philips clinical healthcare coupled with their acquired knowledge over its hundred years of experience and expertise. This product comes with a ninety days trial period in which you get fully refunded if you don’t like the product at the end of the test period. You also have a full two years guaranteed warranty by purchasing this product.

The advanced features that the Philips Somneo has included the Aux dock, white noise, FM radio,  USB mobile phone charging, and seven natural sounds.All of this you enjoy with a speaker that is of good quality where you can play and enjoy your personal music. Another amazing feature of this product is its custom-made smart display full clock and brightness stand.


    • Clinically tested and proven to boost energy, sleep level, and total health well-being.
    • Highly recommended by physicians and users.
    • Come with a ninety days test and trial period in which money paid for product is fully and refunded to the customers if they don’t like the product. The refund process is very easy and stress-free
    • Comes with two years guaranteed warranty period.
    • Easy to use.
  • Comes with amazing features like FM radio, power back up, aux dock, and USB mobile phone charging, etc.


    • Could have more features.
  • Interface design looks basic

HF3550/60, Philips iPhone Controlled Wake-Up Light with Colored Sunrise Simulation
Light Therapy Devices

The Philips iPhone Controlled Wake-Up Light is another amazing wake-up device from Philips.The way this device works is a combination of natural looking light and soothing sounds. Control of the wake-up light is done using an iPhone. It has a free iPhone app with which you can use this app to set alarms and play your music as well. The dock of this product could also be used to charge your iPhone.

With this product, you can adjust the sunrise simulation as well as the infused nature sounds that you want to wake you up in the most natural way. The light simulation of the device starts between twenty to forty minutes before the sound of the alarm. This device offers twenty light settings which include dimming and brightening. The device also offers touch controls for a snooze and iPhone dock. The light also has a feature in which the light colors changes to match the sun as if it were raising. 

Generally, clinical research and test have been carried on this product in which it has been proven effective.


    • Clinically tested and proven to be effective.
    • The light is UV and harm free.
    • Improves general mood and enhances body well-being.
    • Energy Booster.
    • With this device, falling asleep is easier
    • Controlled by an iPhone which acts like a remote and makes it easier for you to start a pleasant day.
    • It has convenient and easy to use features.
    • Produced by Philips. A quality power brand with over hundred years of expertise.
    • Increases alertness
    • Contains an iPhone docking station and a guidance manual.
    • Help to fight winter blues.
    • Helps you wake up with a refreshed feeling.
    • Comes with a Backlit touch screen with the clock.
    • Has a treatment time alarm feature.
    • The battery is a rechargeable battery.
    • It includes a Travel case which makes it portable.
  • The lamp is replaceable.


    • Not compatible with iPhone 5 series and/or iOS7.
  • Works with only iPhones.

Sleep face Solid Essential Oil Diffuser, Nox Aroma Smart Wake Up Light

Light Therapy Devices

The highlight of red light wavelengths raises. This essential oil diffuser comes with a sleep tracker. A music box to aid convenience and an aroma scent to aid awaken the senses.


    • Aids sleep
    • Reawakens the mind
    • Smart alarm
    • Aroma
    • Durable.
  • Made for comfort and convenience.


  • Could be complicated to use at first stance.

HF350, Philips Wake-Up Light with Sunrise Simulation and Radio

Light Therapy Devices
This wake-up and sleep therapy device affordable compared to other similar devices.How this product works is through sunrise simulation. The intensity of the light gradually increases thirty minutes before the set alarm time. Philips brand develops this product with over hundred years of experience and lightning expert. The product has been clinically tested and proven to be efficient. The device has a touchscreen and an FM Radio. Other additional features it has are two installed natural sounds, two hundred LUX yellow light with over ten brightness settings and snooze control with a nine minutes duration. This product has a ninety day trial period in which you get back your money if you are not interested in the product.


    • Activates alertness.
    • Leaves you feeling refreshed after wake.
    • Comes with a guarantee plan and trial period from Phillips.
    • Clinically approved and recommended.
    • Affordable.
  • Could serve other purposes like being a bedside lamp or FM radio.


  • Basic interface.

VEHOLION Light Therapy Lamps, Sleep Therapy Wake Up Light Alarm Clock

Light Therapy Devices

With all of its premium features and benefits, it is one of the cheapest and most affordable sleep therapy and wakeup light. It has a red infrared light with natural lights that would calmly put you to sleep and a sunrise simulation that would get you out of bed and leave you feeling refreshed. Its package contains a user manual for guidance, a USB cable, and the light.The manufacturers offer a thirty days trial period in which you could get your money back if you don’t like the product. There is also a one year guarantee warranty for the product.


    • Automatic wake wake-up.
    • Leaves you relaxed and feeling refreshed.
    • Activates alertness.
    • Has both options to be operated either as through battery or USB functions.
    • Has a lifetime of 50,000 hours.
    • Its built-in battery has a capacity of 3600mAh
    • Portable
  • Good quality

Wake Up Light, TREE SHEEP Sunrise Alarm Clock, and  Smart Device APP

Light Therapy Devices
This smart wakeup and sleep therapy device is an affordable product. This device has been built mostly to suit the needs of children. This device is multifunctional. It features a sound machine, clock, alarm clock, light, and music player. You have the option to customize the  color, see sound, brightness, MP3 music, and volume level to your preference


    • It is easy and simple to operate.
    • Has a VOX function that is good for kids.
    • It is also adjustable.
    • Helps with insomnia
  • It can be controlled with an IOS or Android device.