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Losing hair is a big no-no. Numerous individual tend to experience the difficulty in growing their hair longer. Every month, a person manages to grow their hair at 1/2 inch. That’s pretty much a lot. However, if you are experiencing constant breakage, it can be impossible to achieve this. There are ways on how to grow your hair fast and some of them involve laser hair restoration. In some of our previous posts, we talked about laser cap and at-home hair treatments. But in this post, we will generally discuss about some ways on how you can grow your hair in a natural manner.

These hair growth tips will help you in making the right decision when it comes to nurturing your hair. If you want to get the desirable length of hair, you should stop excessively brushing, blow drying or even flat ironing your hair. Below you will discover 13 secrets on how to grow your hair fast naturally.

Why Do Hair Only Grow to a Certain Length?

The most common question being asked is “Why do hair only grow to a certain length?” And then, it just stops. This is true especially for some women who are struggling to grow their hair. Apart from heredity, there are other causes that lead hair to stop growing.

Stressful Situation

High level of stress can definitely cause your hair growth to stop. Those who are constantly expose to physical, mental and emotional stress will experience losing hair more often. At times, the hair growth development can be interrupted up to two to five year cycles. Physical trauma, viruses and imbalanced hormones can trigger this condition easily.


As we have already states above, imbalanced hormones can definitely cause hair loss. How long each stage of hair cycle takes place is often regulated by your hormones. Anagen, the first stage of hair growth, can take up to three years. According to sources, Asian hair tends to take longer to grow in anagen phase.

Autoimmune Disease

Alopecia Areata is a scientific term used to refer to medical condition of hair stop from growing. Most scientists still unsure of the cause of this. However, they believe that some people are hereditarily inclined to having this condition. If you have family history of this disease, you have higher chance of being expose to it.

8 Foods That Will Make Your Hair Grow Fast

It does not matter how much you have spent for hair treatment, if you don’t pay attention to your diet, your hair will not grow properly. One of the most important nutrients when growing hair is protein. It is very important consume enough protein to help in building block for every tissue and cell in your body.

how to grow your hair

1. Eggs

The easiest food you can find which contain iron, zinc and most importantly; protein. If you consume eggs on a daily basis, your hair and body will thank you later. Zinc in eggs helps in promoting tissue growth, cell reproduction and repairing any broken tissues. Other than that, your hair will benefit from the maintenance of oil-secreting glands attached to your follicles. Thanks to the zinc found in eggs. This will definitely decrease the chance of your hair falling out.

2. Nuts

In order to promote better hair growth, you should begin eating nuts such as walnuts, almonds and pecans. All of these are known to be great source of biotin. Also commonly known as Vitamin B7, Biotin is a coenzyme. It helps in providing energy to the body and creating healthier hair cells. This also leads to thicker and longer hair.

3. Salmon

Each Salmon contains Omega-3 fatty acids. These nutrients are known for healthy skin and hair. Since our bodies are not capable of producing them on their own, it is very important us to consume enough Omega-3 fatty acids. If you desire to have thick, healthy long hair, we suggest on eating two servings of salmon or tuna each week.

4. Oysters

They are known to be a great source of nutrients. Each oyster contains protein, Omega-3 fatty acids, iron, calcium, vitamin C and most importantly, zinc. All of these minerals and vitamins are essential if you want those luscious locks and beautiful skin.

5. Sweet Potatoes

Due to their high dosage of beta carotene, sweet potatoes are perfect for hair growth. Beta carotene is the forerunner of Vitamin A. It helps in keeping hair from becoming brittle and dry.

6. Chia and Flax Seeds

For those who are staying away from animal products, another source of omega-3s are the chia and flax seeds. Every morning, add the chia and flax seeds to your smoothies. They will keep your hair looking healthier and shinier than ever.

7. Avocado

For stronger scalp, try consuming avocadoes on a daily basis. They are rich in vitamin B and E, as well as fatty acids. All of these are essential in preventing your hair from breaking and falling. They also provide the shine and gleam that everyone desires.

8. Yellow Bell Peppers

When compared to oranges, yellow bell peppers have five and a half times more of vitamin C. It is known as an antioxidant and helps in strengthening hair follicles and hair shaft. This is very good in preventing breakage.

The 13 Secrets Tips on How to Grow Your Hair

 how to grow your hair

Now that you already know on what type of foods you should eat, next we will be sharing on the 13 secret tips on how to grow your hair. With these tips, you can apply each of them accordingly for your hair growth.

Secret #1: Let Your Scalp Breathe

You will always want to avoid excessive amounts of balms, greases and oils. This way you will be able to grow your hair properly. If you have black hair, it is true that hydration does make your hair blossoms. But you also have to remember that your scalp still need to relax. Always let your scalp breathe. Remember that over buil-up of products does not no promote long and healthy hair. The hair follicle underneath the skin will be smothered. This can happen if the pores on your scalp are stopped up.

Secret #2: To Grow Longer Hair, You Need to Hold the Length

Other than using laser hair restoration treatment, growing hair is always about persistence and patience. It is very important for you to understand that in order to grow hair, you have to prevent the breakage. Coarser hair texture tends to need extra care in retaining its length when being compared to softer hair texture. When growing your hair, it is very important for you to take care of your hair all the way to its root. This is because the root is where everything starts.

Secret #3: Use Gentler Shampoo

The third secret that we are about to share with you is having a good wash. If you want to grow your hair longer, always pick the right shampoo. Any sulfate-based shampoos will strip away the natural oils of your hair.  If you suffer from sensitive skin and scalp, Biotin Shampoo for Hair Growth contains Vitamin E. It is soothing on most sensitive skin.

Our second favorite shampoo is the set of Art Naturals Organic Moroccan Argan Oil Shampoo and Conditioner. This set helps in moisturizing and volumizing on any curly and color-treated hair. Just like the first shampoo, the shampoo and conditioner by Art Naturals are both sulfate and paraben free. It does not leave your hair dry and brittle. Any products that leave hair dry tend to lead to breakage.

Secret #4: Always Use Hair Conditioner

Have you ever thought why your hair feels coarse even after a good wash? That is probably because you forgot to condition your hair properly. Some of the most important hair growth tips tend to focus on the benefits of hair conditioner. We have step-by-step on how to condition your hair effectively:

Step 1: Try co-washing your hair by washing it only with conditioner on day-to-day basis. Then, every once a week, shampoo and condition your hair.

Step 2: After your day-by-day co-wash, use a leave-in conditioner for additional moisture.

Step 3: Once in every two weeks, apply deep conditioner. This way, your hair will be smoother. Any hair conditioners that contain sweet almond oil, avocado and olive are great. They usually work really well. Even though “ethnic” hair products will usually work well, it is advised for you to step out of the comfort zone. You may find something that works for your hair.

Step 4: Put on shower cap while you wait. By applying warmth to your hair, the heat will activate the conditioner. You can either wrap your head in a warm towel soaked with hot water or sit under a hooded dryer. This way the heat will help in condition your hair better.

Step 5: No matter what you do, avoid applying conditioner on your scalp. Hair conditioners are made for the strands of hair. Not scalp. If applied often (whether by accident or not), it can stop up your pores. This tend to cause alopecia and even leading toward hair loss

Secret #5: Avoid Heat

Even though heat works well with hair conditioner, do not apply direct heat to your hair. Especially not to your scalp. When hair styling, do not pick a hair style that depend too much on heat. Flat ironing or curling your hair with the hot rode should be minimize as often as possible.

Secret #6: Keep Away from Blow Drying

Due to the extreme heat exposure, blow drying is terrible for your hair and scalp. Other than that, the pulling and yanking of your hair makes it even worse. Blow drying is said to be one of the most harmful actions you can do to your hair. It is always healthier for you to do air drying despite how much time it takes to do so. If you want to grow longer, healthier locks, always air dry your hair.

Secret #7: Avoid Unforgiving Chemicals

Never put an excessive amount of highly-chemical hair products. This will always stop your hair from growing naturally and properly. Majority of the hair products in the market tend to have large number of harmful ingredients. Both men and women tend to overlook all of these harmful chemicals.

Some of our favorite products for hair growth are Organic Castor Oil by Sky Organics. This product assists in supporting positive hair growth. The Organic Castor Oil by Sky Organics is 100% pure and free of Hexane. Other than growing hair, this castor oil can also help in growing lush eyelashes!

Secret #8: Pay Attention to The Oldest Portion of Our Hair

Always give careful consideration to the end of your hair. Getting your hair trimmed at 1/4 to 1/2 inch will develop your hair longer and better. Trimming your hair will dispose any dry, split and harmed ends of hair. Other than that, you have to inform your beautician that you would not trim your hair more than 1/4 to 1/2 inch.   The more time you spend in taking care of your hair, the less frequently you will need to trim it.

Secret #9: Use Multi-Vitamins to Strengthen Your Hair

Whatever you eat and drink will ultimately affect your body as well. This is especially true to skin, hair and nails. Drinking enough water, eating good amount fresh foods that are grown naturally from the ground. You should also exercise more often. It is advised for those who wants to grow hair longer faster and more naturally to take multi-vitamins. Those who experience inadequacies of vitamins tend to suffer from dry and fragile hair.

There are many products you can find in the market that focus on strengthening the body. One of our favorites is the Biotin (High Potency) Softgel. Each of the Biotin Softgel helps in growing healthier skin and hair. They also strengthen the nails and are non-GMO verified.

Secret #10: Eat Healthily

It is no secret for us to eat healthily in order to gain better body, skin and nails. Just like what we have written above, eating good amounts of certain foods can definitely improve your hair. If you truly want your hair to be healthy and longer naturally, try to eat and increase amount of these fresh foods:

  • Greek yogurt, eggs, lentils and spinach are all amazing protein sources. They can improve your strands of hair faster.
  • Salmon, avocados and pumpkin seeds contain omega-3 unsaturated fats and protein. All of these help in strengthening your hair follicles.
  • Blueberries are great source of vitamin C. If you want healthy hair, always take enough amount of vitamin C. It can help in preventing breakage.

Secret #11: Always Drink Enough Water

We could not ignore this one. This is because water is very important in someone’s physical development. It doesn’t matter how many laser hair restoration treatments you go through, if you do not practice drinking enough water, it means nothing. Drink a glass of water the first thing in the morning. Before you go to bed at night, drink a glass of water as well. In between those times, you must make sure you have enough amount of water too.

It is not a top secret. Everyone knows how important water is for beauty, skin and health. It helps in controlling the weight and flushing away all the toxins out of body. If you need a fancy way of drinking it in the morning, add in some honey and lemon. Not only it will taste better, it will also get rid of toxins from the body. You will definitely see great difference in both your skin and hair if you are committed to drinking water every day.

Secret #12: Massage Your Scalp

This is not only helping in strengthening your hair, but massaging your scalp can be very therapeutic. Each day, you should spend between 20-30 minutes massaging your scalp. You do not need any fancy equipment other than your own hands and fingers. It can become an amazing habit once you get into it.

It promotes hair growth by getting the blood flowing to the scalp. This could offer your hair great assistance growing it back if your hair is not permanently damaged yet. If you can’t spend total of 20-30 minutes each day, split it throughout the day. Do 5 minutes for four to six times a day.

Secret #13: Do Not Give Up

Everyone has different level of patience and persistence. We understand that. We also understand that due to genetics and backgrounds, everyone will experience hair growth and hair loss at different rates. But no matter what happens, do not get discouraged.

It is not about attempting to alter your hair texture. But it is about understanding your own hair. It is about nurturing it and giving it the kind of attention it truly needs. Think of your hair like that newborn baby you just gave birth to. It might sound silly, but every strand of hair deserves to be taken care of properly.

In A Nutshell

Taking care of hair can be an exhausting journey. This is true especially if you already suffer from dry, coarse hair. What makes things even worse is when you also have problem in growing your hair. Longer hair has always been every woman’s desire. Even men do like their hair longer and healthier.

But in order for you to achieve that, you must understand the steps on how to take care of your body properly. We hope that all these 11 secrets to growing hair fast naturally will help you. No amount of hair growth tips will be enough if you do not apply any of the secrets. It is nice to consult on professional laser hair restoration treatment at the clinic. But it is always a better achievement if you can do your own treatment at home and succeed.