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It is impossible to count your hair to know how many strands have gone missing. Really funny! We know hair strands isn’t something you can count. Mere looking at your hair on the mirror won’t even tell you that any hair is missing unless it becomes obvious.

But am pretty sure you might have seen remnant of hairs on your hair brush after use? Or lump of it on your comb after or when you’re combing your hair. You might as well have seen it on the pillow case in the morning upon your wake? Or probably, you might also have seen your hair on the floor while taking your bath? Hey! You’re losing your hair, it’s just a matter of time before it’s obvious. Some people are already having serious hair loss issues (both men and women). In this post we were able to define the causes of hair loss as classified by physicians and we also proffer the possible solutions to these causes. Read through and get the full gist.


Most men usually notice hair loss at their early 20s and by age 50-at least 50% of men witness hair loss. Basically, the hair lost in a certain pattern, usually starts at the temples revealing an awesome “M” shaped hairline.


Women also experience hair loss. Unlike men who lose hair at their forehead, women lose usually notice their hair loss on top and crown of their scalp. Hair loss in women can be associated with menopause. Women tend to notice this after menopause. Loss of hair in women is not as severe, as it is in men.

What are the causes of hair loss?

Hair loss can be demoralizing. It can even have a devastating psychological effect, especially in ladies. However, hair loss is not life-threatening. There are many reasons of hair loss. Hair loss can be hereditary, i.e from your parents. It can be caused by illness and medication or a lack of protein in the body system. In some occasions, hair loss can be caused by too much use of chemical hair treatment, rough brushing of hair, and a host of other things. According to Robert “all of the things women do to manipulate their hair like dyes, chemical treatments, bad brushes, blow dryers, and flat irons–can result in damage and breakage”

Classifications of Causes of Hair Loss by Physicians

Reasons for hair loss have been classified. Hair loss can be caused due to the physical-damage and the loss of hair-follicles which is medically called scarring alopecia. Here the follicles are permanently damaged. The medical term for hair loss is Alopecia. In a situation where the scalp is perfectly okay with lots of empty hair-follicle or patchy hair-loss, it’s referred to as non-scarring hair loss. In this post we have discussed some of the most common causes of hair loss from the following angles.

  • Trichotillomania (hair twisting)

 Habitual or continual twisting or pulling of your hair can do the Trichotillomania . Most people are in the habit of twisting or pulling their every time due to one reason or the other. When you constantly twist or pull your hair, it affects your eyelashes as well as your scalp. Your broken hairs is a result of this. This problem is very common. It’s unfortunate that most people don’t usually notice the damage they are doing to their hair.

Solution-for-Trichotillomania: The treatment for this cause is often based of self-consciousness. Try and stop immediately you see yourself twisting your hair. However, if this becomes severe, then it is advisable that you see a psychologist or therapist for medical treatment and counseling. Antidepressant or antianxiety medications can help but it better to go to clinic for proper recommendations. No self-medication.


  • Tinea Capitis (Ringworm)


Tinea capitis is an infection of the scalp mostly visible or known among school-age pupils. This fungal infection set on attacking the hair follicles and shaft which causes hair loss. Ringworm is mostly common among blacks-African/American scalps. It looks like a bald spot with kind of black spots from where the hair have broken off Tinea-capitis can as well affect adults but it’s very uncommon. This condition is rare in healthy adults. . Note: It can be contracted by sharing of head wears (hat/cap, brush and comb) with the person that has it.

Solution-for-Tinea-Capitis: Oral antifungal antibiotics is a good way to get to the root of the hairs and remedy the infection that caused the hair loss. Your hair should be able to grow back after this. This can help to eliminate hair loss


  • Alopecia Areata


Another reason for hair loss is Alopecia areata. It usually occurs as a one-rounded shape of a smooth-bald skin. This is an autoimmune condition where the body tends to fight against its own follicles. These patchy hair loss usually grow back between 3 to 6 months without any treatment. In a situation where the alopecia covers the whole scalp it is referred to as alopecia totalis –this is more disturbing. When it affect other parts of the body like eyebrows, beard or pubic hair then it’s referred to as alopecia universalis. In most cases, Alopecia areata is often blamed on stress.

Solution-for-alopecia-areata: This hair loss can be eliminated by injecting a little amounts of steroids such triamcinolone in the affected areas in other to enhance growth. Then other hair loss solution like oral steroids will also help to eliminate or slow down the hair loss.


  • Traction Alopecia


Constant pulling or traction on hair-roots often cause this hair loss . Most hairstyles that put tensions on hair follicles like tight braids & ponytails can cause hair loss. This kind of hairstyles can pull so hard on the hair enough to cause it the break-off. You can avoid such hair loss by putting an end to tight hair style. Over tight hairstyle can also cause severe headache on the carrier.

Solution-for-traction-alopecia: Wear loose hair to avoid so much tension on the roots of your hair. Or you can just adopt new hairstyles that won’t cause any pressure on the root of your hairs.


  • Lack of protein in the body


Protein is a bodybuilding nutrient that can really affect the body if it’s lacking. According to American Academy of Dermatology (AAD) your body system may ration by shutting down hair growth if you don’t get enough protein in your diet. This condition can become visible if withdrawn from intake of proteinous food in 2 to 3 months. To avoid this, always eat a balanced diet that’s rich in protein. Just make sure to always have a balanced diet, because balanced diet is very important to build our immune system. It also helps the body to fight against some infections.


When you’re treating hair loss, it is very crucial to first find out what is the root and the cause of a particular hair loss before you take measures. It is also imperative to make sure that an-underlying medical condition doesn’t cause the hair loss. That’s it is right to visit your doctor and explain especially when it is severe. However, if there are no medical reasons for the hair loss then you might consider other treatment options such wearing wigs, hairpieces or hair grooming techniques. Surgery can treat permanent hair loss . For more information on grooming technique, Read more: Natural Remedies to enhance Hair Growth.