The Best Laser Hair Growth Devices In 2022 Reviewed & Compared

How We Chose the Best Laser Caps For Hair Loss In April 2022

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How We Chose the Best Laser Caps For Hair Loss In 2021

You will find the best laser hair growth devices chosen by the three top-rated models of laser combs and the four best-selling models of LLLT caps. Each type of technology comes with its own advantages and

disadvantages. However, both devices use the same low-level laser technology that makes them effective. Of course, we’ve also taken into consideration treatment length, average growth results, ease of use, and versatility. This results in a total of six laser hair growth devices that are currently dominating the market for a variety of reasons.

Best Laser
Hair Growth

These hair growth LLLT devices are a popular option because they feature hands-free operation. This means you can multitask while undergoing hair restoration treatment. However, this type of convenience often comes at a price. While not the most affordable option, many people who choose LLLT caps or helmets do so because they believe they provide even treatment. In contrary, the laser comb devices require the user to apply treatment evenly throughout the scalp. Below you will find our top four laser cap models, starting off with the Kiierr272Premier Laser Cap.

Our Top Choice For 2021 – Kiierr272Premier Laser Cap Bundle(FDA-Cleared For Men & Women)

Brandon shares his
success story of
how Kiierr worked for him! 

The Kiierr laser cap, specifically the 272 Premier Laser Cap Bundle, is a fantastic option. This is largely due to its specs (272 medical grade laser diodes) and affordable pricing. This cap is designed to promote hair regrowth through the use of low-level lasers (laser diodes) that stimulate the scalp. These diodes increase blood flow, collagen and proteins to the hair follicles which improves the cellular health.

Unlike some other models, this cap only uses medical grade laser diodes which are more effective for hair loss. Light emitted from LED’s occurs in a spread out fashion which does not allow as much penetration to the scalp and hair follicles. On it’s website, this model by Kiierr has received an impressive amount of positive consumer feedback. This is the result of impressive aesthetics, comfort and most of all fast hair regrowth.

Kiierr’s laser caps are completely portable and provide extreme convenience when it comes to hair growth. You can choose between three: Kiierr 148Pro, Kiierr 272Premier, Kiierr 272Premier-MD. These caps contain 148 and 272 medical grade laser diodes. This treatment is able to be done in the comfort of your own home whenever is convenient for you.

The caps are equipped with an installed timer, keeping track of your 30-minute treatment for you. This allows you to complete other tasks while successfully growing your hair!

With the purchase of your Kiierr laser cap, you can expect a free 2-year warranty and a 7-month growth guarantee. This means that if you have any problems with your device, Kiierr will replace it for free. The 7-month growth guarantee guarantees hair growth success after 7-months of use.

If you do not see successful hair growth results after consistently using your Kiierr hair growth device for 7-months, you can receive your FULL money back. This allows customers to purchase with ease and have confidence going into your hair growth journey!

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2021 Update (new cap launched in late 2020): Kiierr272Premier MD Laser Cap For Hair Growth (FDA-Cleared For Men & Women)

The Kiierr272Premier MD is the premier cap from the very popular Kiierr hair growth brand which was launched in late 2020. This high end Laser Hair cap is a portable, LLLT device that uses 272 medical-grade laser diodes during treatment time. This cap is approx. 25% larger than the original premier model for even more coverage and hair growth!

Treatment Process Timeline

DAY 30-90

Stops hair loss in its tracks

DAY 90-180

Stops hair loss in its tracks

DAY 180+

Enjoy thicker, fuller hair!

Kiierr smart laser cap uses only high end medical grade laser diodes are preferred over LED lights as the light emitted is more focused and transforms to more hair regrowth. The light is emitted at the 650nm wavelength to treat hair loss and help restore thinning hair. For all these reasons we LOVE the Kiierr272Premier MD laser cap for hair growth.

This revolutionary laser cap gives you everything you love about the uber popular Kiierr272Premier cap in a premium (more coverage) version! It is the “Cadillac” of laser caps.

KiierrPremier272-MD Benefits/features include:

Hardwired portable battery for increased treatments per charge

Programmed sensor technology. Cap will not turn on if it is not on your head

Longer, wider and deeper base to promote thicker hair even on sides of scalp

Approx. 25% larger than the original for more scalp coverage. Fits up to 24.5″

Includes Kiierr hair growth bundle (shampoo, conditioner & vitamins)

Used in doctor’s offices and hair restoration clinics

Enhanced laser panel with individual diode lasers

Includes 3 year product warranty

Includes laser cap carrying case

Upgraded battery

The KiierrPremier272-MD is currently available to the general public for a limited time. This product is typically only available through physicians.

This product is FDA cleared, making it both safe and effective for women and men over the age of 18. It’s extremely lightweight at only 2.9 pounds. It features a nicely designed baseball style cap, which provides a comfortable fit, unlike some of the more “uniquely” designed laser helmets.

The portable nature of this laser cap (comes with a rechargeable battery pack clip worn on your waist) allows you to comfortably perform household chores and other activities while performing your treatment. The lightweight design makes it extremely comfortable for the 30-minute treatment period.

Kiierr products adhere to strict ISO manufacturing standards:


Hours of use at least


Product warranty


Money back guarantee

Operation is simple

The cap will even turn itself off after the 30-minute treatment period. You’ll use this device just 30 minutes every other day until achieving your desired results. Like most LLLT devices, you’ll typically see results within 6-8 months of use.

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iRestore Laser Hair Growth System

iRestore offers two different laser caps to choose from at purchase. These caps consist of the iRestore Professional and iRestore Essential. These devices differ in the number of laser diodes and LEDs they contain. The iRestore Pro contains a mix of 282 laser diodes and LEDs while the Essential contains 51.

The dome is designed to promote hair growth through the use of low-level lasers that stimulate the scalp. This increases blood flow, and in turn transports essential nutrients to the scalp that are designed to encourage new hair growth.

Why Your Hair is Falling Out and How LLLT Hair Growth Devices Can Help

Hair shedding is completely normal and part of everyday life. Hair can be found in your hairbrush, your couch cushions, and it can even clog the drain. On average, a person can lose up to two hundred strands a day, and it’s totally normal. But if you start shedding significantly more than you used to, or you begin to notice your hair becoming thinner, then it’s time to take action.

When it comes to hair loss, the truth is there are so many potential triggers. It can be difficult to pinpoint why your hair is falling out or how to treat the situation. Despite the fact that we mainly hear about men and hair loss, it’s also common in women. In fact, one in three women will suffer from reduced hair growth or hair loss at some point in their life. So, if you start losing strands, don’t panic. The best laser hair growth device can help boost hair growth in no time.

In order to help you to determine if LLLT treatment will be effective for you, we’ll take a look at some of the leading causes of hair loss in both men and women.


Hormonal Imbalances




Taking Action

Hair loss doesn’t happen overnight. Hair grows in cycles which means it can take several months for your hair to fall out after a hair loss trigger. If you start to notice excessive shedding on a daily basis that lasts longer than three months, it’s time to make an appointment with your physician. In some cases, it can be an underlying factor that requires medical attention. For others, it could simply be a matter of genetics. It’s very important not to panic during this time. Doing so will only increase hair fall since stress is a major factor that can affect the hair growth cycle. | Copyright © 2022

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