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Amazing Look with 100% Virgin Human Hair Styles

While some people are blessed with gorgeous thick, full, bouncy and healthy hair, some are not. And, in the bid to give your hair that extra boost and look, weaves/wigs help to rescue you out.  

There are human hair weaves that can give your hair a more natural look, such as Brazilian human hairs, Indian human hairs, Peruvian human hairs, Malaysian human hair and so on. These hairs are mostly virgin hairs collected from real human donors and processed for your use. During processing, they could sometimes be colored and often get sorted before packing. But real virgin hairs should come naturally and not dyed.

Human hairs are quite simple to maintain, just as you will support your natural hair. They rarely tangle or shed if well managed.   


Features of a real 100% virgin human hair

100 virgin human hair

There are some significant things to look out for in your human hair, which will help you know if it indeed is a virgin hair or not all natural.

Firstly, a real human hair should not have been dyed to other colors. It should have a natural glow as it was for the original owner since it is claimed to be real human hair taken from someone in India or Brazil. So, upon receiving your purchase (if you are buying online), or while inspecting your hair to be purchased, check the color of the hair and try to see if it was dyed or not. A dyed human hair will have evenly perfect color.

Secondly, it is expected of a human hair to have pale ends than the roots of the hair. To be sure if you have bought the real human hair or not, you can try washing the hair to see it will lose its color or not. A real virgin hair should still maintain its original color while a dyed one will change its color.

Furthermore, you should be able to dye your virgin human hair to any color you want. Natural hair has more vigor and should be able to withstand different types of dyes, ranging from light to dark colors.

Also, durability is one key thing about natural hairs. If your virgin human hair cannot last for a year or two (with proper care) then maybe it is not a virgin hair as claimed to be. Because non-virgin hairs have undergone acidic and chemical treatments, they don’t usually last as much as virgin hairs do. They only go few months, maybe two.  

It is also essential to go for hairs with hand sewn or hand-tied wefts. There also are some machine Weft wigs that are of reliable quality too. Now, let us look at some advantages of human hair or why people often go for it.

Advantages of human hair weave

100 virgin human hair

These various types of human hairs are gathered from different parts of the world such as Africa, Europe, China, Asia, etc. Therefore, they cost more than the synthetic types of wigs will cost. The higher the quality, the more it will cost you to pay.  

With that being said, here are some of the benefits or reasons people go for human hairs.

  • Human hair wigs offer a higher quality hair texture, better than synthetic wig types. One won’t expect less since the hairs are gotten from humans.
  • It gives you the freedom to style as you will. Just as you will manipulate your hair and frequently change its style, you can do the same with human hairs. You can switch from one hairstyle to another from time to time.
  • Another thing that makes human hairs stand out is their durability. Some can last for over a year and still look good. The price and quality will determine the durability; nevertheless, human hairs last longer than other hair extensions.  
  • Human hair wigs or weaves offer you desirable lengths. Be it shoulder length or beyond, you can get it from it.

Virgin Human Hair Reviews  

VIPbeauty Hair Good Quality Cheap Hair 9A Grade Brazilian Body Wave Hair Weave

100 virgin human hair

100 virgin human hair

If you want top quality weaves of different kinds and shapes, VIPbeauty Hair has them available in quality. Let’s talk about one of the hairs they have. With a low cost, you can buy their 9A Grade Brazilian Body Wave Hair Weave. The hair is a 100 percent Brazilian virgin human hair with good bounce. It is thick, full and doesn’t tangle or shed.

Also, this soft hair has a very high elasticity and has no chemical and free from smell. You can style the hair the way you want it; curled, straightened, dyed, bleached and in other ways you will design your hair. It has a natural color so the hair will look perfect on your just like it’s yours.

How to use and care for this weave

  • Wash regularly
  • Use only quality shampoo and conditioner
  • Air dry only. Avoid electric dryers
  • Finger detangle or use wide tooth comb  


  • Sufficient four hair bundles
  • 100 percent human hair
  • Highest Elasticity
  • No chemicals
  • Less shedding

QTHAIR 10A Indian Straight Virgin Hair

100 virgin human hair

100 virgin human hair

Are you a lover of Indian hair and you will like to have it on your head too even though you’re not Indian? QTHAIR has a 10A Indian Straight Virgin Hair which you can rock as you wish. Since the hair is a virgin straight hair, you can have it styled to suit you. You can have it curled, dyed, permed, highlighted, bleached, or designed as you will have your hair styled.

It might also interest you to know that the hair is a bouncy hair with high elasticity. It is tight, neat, shedding and tangle free. The hair Weft is Machine Double Weft. Each piece of the hair weighs approximately 100 grams and only requires usual hair care methods to keep it long lasting. The package comes with three bundles of the hair.


How to use and care for this hair

  • Regularly shampoo and deep condition the hair with quality products.
  • Before you wash, you should detangle with your hands.
  • Use clean water at room temperature.
  • Avoid dryers, leave to dry naturally.
  • Only use wooden combs on the hair and avoid metal or plastic combs.
  • To prevent tangling,wrap hair before you sleep and do not sleep with wet hair.


  • Doesn’t tangle or shed
  • 100 percent virgin hair
  • Can be styled as your hair
  • High elasticity
  • It is bouncy


ISEE Hair 8A Malaysian Virgin Straight Hair

100 virgin human hair

100 virgin human hair

Malaysian virgin hair is well known for its soft, silky and thick nature. ISEE Hair 8A Malaysian Virgin Straight Hair is not short of these qualities. It has a natural black color #1B, and it produces no smell. This high quality three bundles of real Malaysian hair doesn’t tangle or shed so much. It comes with a hair Weft of machine double Weft for more thickness.

Its manufacturers promise you a 15-day full refund if the product does not meet your expectations. You can style your 100 percent Malaysian human hair as you want it. You can also dye it to any color you wish to or bleach too. It promises to last between 6 to 12 months.   

How to use and care for this hair

  • Give the hair a wash twice per week.
  • When washing, do not scrub your scalp so it doesn’t go all out.
  • Always comb first before you wash.
  • Conditioner should only be applied on the ends of three hair and not the roots.
  • The water temperature for this hair should not exceed 95℉.
  • While combing, hold or press against the roots to avoid pulling out the hair.


  • 15 Days refund policy
  • Less tangling and shedding
  • Can be dyed or bleached
  • Durable hair
  • Has a natural black color

VIPbeauty Malaysian Hair Straight Human Hair Wigs 36

100 virgin human hair

100 virgin human hair

Here is a high-quality hair product from VIPbeauty Hair.  It is the Malaysian Hair Straight Human Hair Wig. It does not tangle or shed anyhow. The product is also free from lice. Even, you can wear your hair in ways that suit you. You dye or bleach it if you wish, and you can style as your normal hair too. Dying could be into any color but should not be a frequent activity. The hair is 100 percent Unprocessed and of 10A Grade.

This black human hair is thick and also soft as well. The hair density is 130 percent. The wig is half handmade and half machine made. Although it may shed as even your natural hair will sometimes shed, the shedding for this wig is at the very minimum. How you handle could also determine. If you have any dissatisfaction with the product within seven days, you can return the product.

How to use and care for this wig

  • This natural black hair can be dyed to any variety of colors, but avoid dying it frequently.
  • You may see Weft before you use to help with shedding.
  • If any smell, wash with quality shampoo and conditioner.
  • Wash hair twice weekly and only air dry


  • Thick and soft hair
  • Has high hair density
  • Minimal shedding and tangling
  • Seven days return policy
  • Can be dyed or bleached


VIPbeauty Malaysian Body Wave Remy Virgin Human Hair

100 virgin human hair

100 virgin human hair

Here is another 100 percent human hair from VIPbeauty. It is a Malaysian Body Wave Remy Virgin Human Hair that has no mix and will last for a reasonable period. The hair quality is a firm and soft Swiss lace high-quality texture that is gentle on the skin.

It comes with a natural hairline that will make the Weave look like your natural hair. The hair is smooth, soft and very full. It has no lice and does not tangle or shed unnecessarily. It also has no smell. The product comes with a 7 Days return policy while it is still in good state.

This Malaysian hair has an invisible hair lace closure. The hair color is natural black while the lace color is medium brown. You can flat iron the hair, dye, color or style as you wish.  

How to use and care for this hair

  • Wash regularly
  • Use only quality shampoo and conditioner
  • Air dry only. Avoid electric dryers
  • Finger detangle or use wide tooth comb  


  • 7 Days return policy
  • Invisible hair lace closure
  • Comes with a natural hairline
  • Soft and full hair
  • Less shedding and tangling


Eayon Hair 6A Virgin Hair Glueless Human Hair Full Lace Wigs Brazilian Silky Straight Hair

100 virgin human hair100 virgin human hair

The Eayon Brazilian Human Hair is a soft and full hair with a lace front wig. It is a strong and healthy hair that doesn’t tangle, shed or smell. You can handle it as you will your hair; straighten, dye, curl, bleach or style as you wish. It has 130 percent density, and the length is 16 inches. With its natural medium brown color, the hair will suit you perfectly, looking like your hair.

If you are a lover of side parting, the wig has a free part so you can have your parting by the side or middle, any way you love it! The product has a return policy. You can return the product within 7 Days of purchase, provided the hair is in its original condition, as well as the excess front and back lace still intact.   


How to care for this wig

  • Upon receiving your order or upon purchasing, you need to give the wig a pretreatment before using.
  • You need to wash and finger style the hair gently.
  • You do not want to comb, brush, rub, twist or wring the hair, some hairspray will help keep your hair long-lasting, and some hair oil will be useful to maintain it from drying.  
  • If you must comb before use, it should be with a wide tooth comb and then shake the hair lightly to have it fall in its original place.


  • Tangle and shedding free
  • Hand-tied lace closure
  • Can be dyed or bleached
  • Smooth and soft hair
  • Has a return policy

Cici Collection 250% High-Density Lace Front Human Hair  

100 virgin human hair

100 virgin human hair

What we have here is a massive 250 percent high density Brazilian Virgin human hair wig. Thanks to Cici Collection, you have a high-quality product Here that you can wear with pride and confidence. It has a natural black color which you can choose to dye to any color you like.

The cap size is average; hence will most likely fit you except you wear large. You can adjust it smoothly too. It is a half machine, and half lace made. There are four combs in the cap to ensure it stays on your head firmly without moving.

This Brazilian Hair with lace front has a natural hairline that has been pre plucked. The knots are slightly bleached to minimize shedding.  


How to use and care for this hair

  • Wash regularly
  • Use only quality shampoo and conditioner
  • Air dry only. Avoid electric dryers
  • Finger detangle or use wide tooth comb  



  • 250 percent high density
  • Slightly bleached knots for less shedding
  • Comes with four combs
  • Can be dyed to any color
  • Lace front human hair


In Conclusion

You can give your hair a boost and improved look even if you naturally do not have the best hair in the world. You can have a Brazilian Hair on while you are an African lady. This is the wonder of hair extensions for those who love it.

Fortunately, you do not have to look far to search for quality hair extensions. I have reviewed seven different hair extensions for you. I have from Brazil, India and Malaysia, if you are an admirer of their hair, then get yourself one of those.



Following the regular ways of styling, the hair could be very boring. It is even more boring when you have to repeat the same old styles every day. Then, when you choose to try new things with your hair, coming up with new and different style ideas every day could be stressful and tiring too.  

Due to these challenges, we have decided to come up with home hairstyling tips that will be useful for you daily. It’s time to move from the dull, regular old styles and embrace a new beginning. Shall see begin!

1. Know your hair  type


Knowing your hair type is essential to get the right hairstyle and products as well as the right way to handle your hair. Knowing your hair type will serve as a preventive measure against damaging your hair. The hair can be of two kinds; fine and thick.

Fine hair types are those kinds of hair that have volumes hard to maintain. There fewer strands and even the strands are skinny. Thick hairs often feel coarse and have more weight. To hold down styles with bobby pins on this type of hair is often difficult. To control frizz with coarse hair is also another problem.

2. Understand and manage your hair type properly


Since you now know if you have thick or fine hair, it is vital to understand what the hair needs to handle it properly. Those with fine hair type have more advantage when they have to choose hairstyles; chignons, messy ‘dos, low buns, etc. are styles you can wear. You can even decide to straighten or curl the hair. For volume boost, you can try soft layers, face trimming layers and short. The choice depends on your taste.  

For thick hair, controlling them requires extra attention because of their heaviness. So, styles like high buns, side ponytails and braids are ways to keep your gigantic hair under control. Also, doing a  blowout is a good idea as it lasts longer. You can occasionally straighten the hair with heat but ensure you apply a heat protecting spray to help you prevent damage.

3. How to achieve a perfect curl  


  • To give your hair those pleasing curls, you first of all need to get a curling rod for the job.
  • You may look out for that with a 1 ½ inches barrel. Note, the smallness of the barrel the will determine the tightness of your curls.
  • Ensure it has a heat setting gauge too. The heat settings are essential because coarse hair often requires more heat than fine hair. So, you should go for a rod you can control. If your rod has heat setting from 1 to 10, then six will do an excellent job for your hair while 10 for thick hair.
  • The next step is to add heat protector spray to detangle your hair.
  • Section your hair in bits and apply your hairspray on each before you roll the hair around the wand for about five seconds. Do the same with the remaining sections.
  • For the edges of the hair, be careful not to burn your skin. Tilt your head and keep a distance. You can put a towel around your neck to prevent burns.
  • For a natural finish, finger comb and pull the curls gently.
  • You may spray over some hairspray to add shine and a perfect finish to the curls. 

4. Straightening your hair       

HOME HAIRSTYLING TIPS                                                                  

Just as with curls, you need a high-quality flat iron to get perfectly straightened hair.

  • Ensure the flat iron comes with ceramic plates. Ceramic plates encourage a more evenly distributed heat which helps prevent damage.
  • It is also crucial to get one with heat setting display. For fine hair, do not exceed 300 degrees while thick hairs need about 400 degrees. Average hairs should get between 300 and 380 degrees.   
  • Spray in a heat protectant and detangle your hair. Allow it to dry.
  • Apply a light hairspray section by section as you straighten the hair out. You may begin from the nape of the neck. Run from end to root.  
  • Maintain an average speed. Being too slow with it might damage your hair, going to fast might also not give you an entirely straightened hair. Therefore, maintain a balance.

5. Achieving the Perfect Blow Dry

To achieve a perfect blow dry, you should:

  • Work your hair in sections with the help of alligator clips to hold them separated as divided.
  • Dry your hair if wet with a dryer while fluffing your hair with your fingers.

6. Using the right brush


  • Before choosing a brush for your long or short hair, check out the brush shape, bristles, and the barrel size. There are several brushes one can use to smooth out long, short, frizzy, and flat hair. But before proceeding, make the three B’s your mantra: Bristles, Barrel size, and Brush shape.
  • For your brush not to give you hair breakage, you should get one with flexible and padded bristles. You should also look for that with a cushioned back.
  • When brushing, start from the ends to avoid stressing the hair.

7. Invest in your hair

  • You should invest things like good shampoo, serum, conditioners, etc. in your hair.
  • Take time to comb your hair in the morning to eliminate grease.
  • Have a wide tooth comb in your arena; it may come in handy to brush through wet hair with ease.
  • Protect hair from direct sunshine, so it does not damage. You can cover with scarf or cap when going under the sun.
  • Drink a lot of water and stay away from junks.

8. Hairstyle tips to slay and look good


  • Bobby pins are used to keep the hair in place; you should use this when need be. A goody pin is an alternative if there are no bobby pins.  
  • Use the curved part of your ponytail to roll it around your hair tie.
  • You may want to use an eyeshadow that rhymes with the color of your hair; this will add a thicker look to your tresses.
  • For a straight and tight fishtail braid, tie it sideways.
  • For a quick and stylish hairstyle, even when in a rush, you can have your hair tuck inside a headband.  

Here are five hair products that you should have at home to help you achieve that fantastic hairstyle you want to have a nice day!

ghd V Gold Nocturne Styler & Dryer Gift Set (Hair Dryer and Straightener)



For top-notch and sleek hair styling, you need a good hair styler that will do the job well from start to finish. The ghd V Gold Nocturne Styler & Dryer Gift Set is suitable to achieve the best when styling your hair. It comes with a Hair Dryer and a Straightener.

Among the features of the gdh V Nocturne Styler is its ceramic heat technology giving 185°C temperature. It provides fun waves and curls as well as perfect pin-straight locks; the choice is yours. Whatever your hair type is, this hair-styler will still perform well. It has smooth purple plates shaped to move smoothly over your hair without effort.

The ghd AIR® Nocturne Hair Dryer ensures you get a silky finish. It has an advanced ionic technology that helps avoid frizz and flyaways. The control allows you to switch settings according to your hair needs. You can blow dry as quickly as you want, thanks to the AC motor it features.  


  • Styler automatically switches off after 30 minutes of no use
  • One year guarantee for the hair dryer
  • Hair dryer reduces frizz and flyaways
  • Styler heats up within 30 seconds
  • It comes with a heat resistant mat

ghd Platinum Nocturne Styler Premium Gift Set


ghd Platinum Nocturne Styler offers to give your hair more color integrity, and improved hair shine. You can confidently style your hair without worrying about hair breakage. The temperature throughout the plate is consistent to ensure no hair damage occurs due to hot spots.

With this product comes a matching heat-resistant bag so you can store adequately or travel with your kit quickly. Also, it comes with two nail polishes (coordinating limited edition OPI); shimmering white and a deep purple.

With your safety at heart, the styler features an automatic shut off function that allows it go off after 30 minutes of inactivity. With its 2.7  swivel cord, you can travel around with your styler effortlessly.


  • Two-year guarantee
  • Automatic switch off if left unattended for 30 minutes
  • Tri-zone technology to ensure healthy hair
  • Patented wishbone hinge for better control

ghd Curve Wand


Are you seeking a product that heats up quickly and is safe for all hair type? Well then, what you need is ghd Curve Wand designed friendly with all hair types. It features a Tri-zone® ceramic technology to ensure a quick heat up. As it heats up, the temperature regulates throughout the plate at 185°C.  

With your safety at heart, this product comes with a safety stand and a heat-resistant safety glove. If not in use for 30 minutes, the wand automatically shuts down for safety concerns. Go anywhere with this as it has a universal voltage. Also, as expected of a professional swivel cord, it has a 2.7m cable for flexibility.

There you have it; a product that will give you the most pleasing curls without stress. Who does not want to have an uninterrupted hair growth? Hence this laser hair growth product will allow you achieve the waves and curls while minimizing hair loss in the process.   


  • Two-year warranty
  • Delivers freely to the UK
  • Tri-zone® ceramic technology
  • Works well on all hair types
  • Leaves hair shiny and soft

Heat Protect Spray



Even with the use of heat in your hair, you still eliminate hair frizz. How? It’s simple! Apply the heat Protect Spray in your hair before the heating process, and you are good to go. The product is suitable for all hair types and can be applied to both dry or wet hair. You can use this spray before using hair dryers, stylers and tongs.

You can still have your hair flourish as you want it, this product will ensure your hair does not damage while using heat on it. So, hurry and get this. It will keep your hair nourished and soft despite styling with heat. Dull hair, split ends, or any other hair problems that develop from heat are out of the way.  


  • Protect hair from damage due to heat styling
  • Suitable for all hair types
  • Eliminates frizz and flyaways
  • Adds softness and nourishment to hair
  • 120 ml content in a spray bottle


KeratinMD® Fixing Spray for Hair Fiber Spray



Are you tired of your thinning and balding hair? Do you wish there is a way to hide this problem correctly? If yes, then I have a solution. KeratinMD fixing spray for hair fiber spray is the solution.

Hair thinning and baldness is a growing concern among men and women, young and old alike. It could occur due to changes in hormones, heredity, and so on. With a product like KeratinMD fixing spray for hair fiber use, you can confidently conceal the exposed places in your scalp.

When you have applied KeratinMD Hair Building Fibers, then spray on this fixing spray to help strengthen the bond between your hair and the hair fiber. The hairspray for hair fiber will let it stay well to appear natural on you. Another benefit of this fixing hair-spray is that it allows the keratin hair fiber last longer by protecting it from UV rays of the sun.


  • Ensures strengthened bond between hair and keratin hair fibers
  • Protects product from UV rays of the sun
  • Helps hair fibers last longer
  • No limitation of using other products along with keratin products


Final words

Having a perfect and appealing hairstyle is an achievement for a  woman who is conscious of how she looks. If you are that kind of woman, then I believe this article has been beneficial to you. Another special thing is , if you want to buy 1 of above products, I give you this code: ENHAPR to get 5% discount for your next order at Leluna. Note that it only effects within this month. If you buy lately, you need to have another code, so you can leave a comment below this article, I will send you the new code at that moment.

So, the above-reviewed products are also must-have hairstyling tools, why not check them out today?

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