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As shaving comes with painful ingrown hair and dark areas, tweezing and waxing bring about pain. So, what other ways can you remove hairs from your skin in peace without having to deal with those issues? Laser hair removal machines might be what you need to consider now.

Many hate shaving or waxing but only tolerate it because they have to. But with laser treatment, the story might change. This hair removal treatment is prevalent, and the good news is it can help remove those hairs permanently. If you have heard of lasers before, now you have. Also if you have heard about it but do not know what it is all about, you may want to read this article to the end.

What is Laser Hair Removal?

laser hair removal machine

Laser hair removal is a hair removal process whereby the hair follicles are exposed to laser light. As these laser light pulses beam into the hair follicles, the pigments absorb the light and destroy the hairs therein. This process may also permanently reduce hair growth (especially when frequently done). In the mid-1990s, this hair removal method was made available for commercial purposes after it was experimented for about twenty years. Today, you can do your laser hair removal at home because it has grown that much.

Lasers can be used to remove hairs on the underarm, arm, leg, face, the bikini areas and so on. There are no limits as to where you can use lasers on.

Is laser hair removal permanent forever?  

laser hair removal machine

When frequently used for about three to seven sessions, you may experience a kind of permanent hair loss in the area you use it on. However, it can be referred to as a semi-permanent hair removal method. It doesn’t take off the hair forever hundred percent, but it can drastically reduce your hair growth. With the rate at which the hair growth decreases, you may decide to stop shaving.

Laser hair removal benefits

laser hair removal machine
  • Reduces hair growth: Laser hair removal offers a semi-permanent hair removal. This means that it is capable of giving you a drastic reduction of hair growth; therefore you may never need to shave again.
  • Minimal limits: It has no little limit as to where you can use it on. It can work on any part of the body except a few places, (i.e., genitals) and it covers large areas at a time, making the process fast.
  • Goodbye to ingrown hairs: With the laser hair removal method, you can say goodbye to the ugliness and pains of ingrown hairs. If you shave often, you will understand what I mean! What’s more? The treatment can even serve as a remedy to existing ingrown hairs.  
  • Reasonably painless: It is common for people to ask: “is laser hair removal painful?” When compared with waxing, laser process is very much less painful. Operators use cooling gels or ice before/after the laser treatment to make the process less painful. While you might still feel some sensations, the process is bearable. The little discomforts you may feel is some sorts of prickle because the hairs are being zapped. However, it is not expected to hurt you. As you progress with the treatment, it gradually becomes much more painless.
  • Reduced side effects: Although there are side effects to using this hair removal method, the side effects are minor ones and do not last for a long time.
  • Cost Effective: It may appear expensive at the beginning, but eventually you will realize it is better than your frequent waxing or constant purchase of razors and hair removal creams. Eventually, you may not need the hair removal procedures anymore or for a very long time since laser treatments are semi-permanent. It is what I call “a beauty investment.”
  • No surface hair required: For waxing, you need to wait for some amount of hair to grow before you can wax. Diverse is the case for lasers. It is, in fact, better to shave when your next session is close by. That way, your skin will be protected from scorching.
  • It works!: within three to seven laser hair removal sessions, you can begin to witness “permanent” hair loss.

Laser hair removal disadvantages

  • Upfront expense: Compared to other forms of hair removal, lasers could be costly. Clinics or spas may charge very high amounts for the processes.  However, this is only for a while because you will eventually save some money, thanks to its semi-permanent effect. To save yourself from this expense, you may buy a laser hair removal device for home use. It is relatively cheaper and produces the same results as the spa machines.   
  • Requires patience: Unlike shaving or waxing where the hairs come off instantly, laser process requires several sessions before you get noticeable results, the hairs die gradually and will only fall off after a while i.e. weeks. Plus, you have to wait for six weeks before going for another session. While you’re waiting to see results, you can keep using the shaving method.   
  • Not for everyone: Laser treatments may be more effective on those with dark hair against fair skin while it might not really work on fine, peach fuzz hair. Those with fairer hair may have to go for more sessions to get results. Also, this hair removal treatment is not suitable for the genitals, eyebrows and the men’s facial hair.  

Laser hair removal side effects

Laser hair removal is safe to use. Its side effects are mostly minimal and short-lived such as:

  • May cause short-term irritation: Temporarily, your skin pigment may change by getting darker or lighter in color because of its exposure to light. The irritation may also be in the form of itching, swelling, redness, tingling or swelling. This is not an issue to worry about as it is a temporary thing. These are normal and should not cause worry; they will go away with time.
  • In rare cases, the side effects could be burning, scarring, blistering or crusting. These mostly occur when the operator is not well trained. Also, going over an area twice or more may lead to those too.

Laser hair removal side effects- cancer

Sometimes, people believe that laser hair removal can lead to cancer, but this is not true. The light produced by laser machines is different from some other types of radiation. Because laser’s light energy is non-ionizing radiation; it does not affect cells on a molecular level. Thus, it cannot break molecules apart and of course, cells mutations.

Laser hair removal side effects – infertility

Laser hair removal treatment is sometimes misconceived to cause infertility, but it does not. Even when you use it on your bikini line, it does not have anything to do with infertility. The light does not get deep into the tissues to the point of reaching the ovaries. Its target does not exceed the hair follicles. With the thickness and strength of the abdominal wall, it cannot possibly pass through.   

Nevertheless, not having a laser hair treatment during pregnancy, while breastfeeding or when trying to conceive is a wise thing to do.

Will Hair Grow Back After Laser Hair Removal?

laser hair removal machine

Laser hair removal treatment is not a permanent treatment; rather it is semi-permanent. That is, it reduces hair growth on a long-term basis. You will occasionally need to go for maintenance sessions. Still, a lot of people have highly benefited from this treatment and witnessed 80 percent hair growth reduction. When the hair begins to grow back, it comes very slow and very thin in a less obvious manner.

Laser hair removal cost

An amount of $235 per session is the average cost for Laser hair removal as stated by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. Nevertheless, the cost of having a laser hair removal treatment will vary based on some factors such as the amount of skin you’re doing and where you are having the procedure. Some skincare salons and clinics charge as high as $1050 for female underarm treatment for eight sessions, around $1400 for the full bikini for eight sessions. Also, the chest area can cost over $2400.  

Laser hair removal home cost

Doing your laser hair removal treatment at home is cheaper than having it at clinics or skincare salons. A laser hair removal device for home use could be around $500, and they are equally safe and effective as the commercial machines. This is a perfect option for those who are not comfortable opening their bodies to strangers.   

Our #1 Pick For At Home Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal machine reviews

PictureDevice NameShipping weightProduct DimensionsBest Price
IPL / SPTF Machine Hair Removal
50 pounds40 x 40 x 40 inches ; 60 pounds

95 pounds 53*48*104cm
Project E Beauty E-Light Skin Hair Removal IPL66 pounds
Project E Beauty Pro E-light IPL70.5 pounds26 x 24.8 x 20.9 inches
Vansaile IPL Laser hair removal machine145 pounds106*54*63(cm)

These are highly recommended machines for laser hair removal treatments as a skincare salon owner or a dermatologist with a clinic.  

IPL / SPTF Machine Hair Removal


The IPL / SPTF Machine Hair Removal is a recent phototherapy technology. It is safe to use as it features energy storing element which helps prevent accidents as a result of excess heat. It is a very ergonomic product because it is easy to install and maintain. Its modular design also makes it very user-friendly.

Also making this product ergonomic is its consumer-friendly computer interface, the touch screen input and the color liquid crystal display. Further, this patented PTF features an intellectualized controlling technology of charging and discharging which helps regulate and ensure accurate energy output.

Additionally, this hair removal machine comes with 400 nm~1200 nm wavelength 2Hz 800W and 12-60J range of energy. It comes with one handpiece and features large spot size area of 21mm- 47mm. Also, this device exports a wide spectrum energy and filters harmful spectrum UV.  Unique B-lamp tube technology.

Other features embedded in this machine are multiple treatment application, fast rate repetition, and changeable lamps on site. For all it entails, this device is ideal for hair removal.


  • Removes hair adequately
  • USA FDA registered
  • Unit comes with one handpiece
  • Rejuvenates the skin
  • Backed by one year warranty  



If you want to buy a permanent laser hair removal machine, you might want to check the DIODE laser permanent hair removal machine. It uses concentrated light and heat to remove hair, all you need do is direct the light and heat into the hair follicles. The melanin, therefore, absorbs the laser energy and as a result, hinders further growth in the hair follicles. This process is painless, and the laser energy protects the skin around the follicles from damage too.   

This painless hair removal machine is highly safe and very useful. It ensures a total hair removal from the hair follicles. All thanks to the Diode laser golden standard hair removal light 808nm. Also, it features an epidermal cooling system to keep your epidermis safe and protected. It does this without limiting the effectiveness of the high energy density laser action. The cooling system is possible because of the powerful sapphire contact cooling of -10°C~0°C.

With this permanent hair removal machine comes a power output of up to 600W or 1200W, making the energy density suitable for use on most skins. Its scanning frequency is a maximum 10 HZ. It also comes with an LCD 8.4-inch touchscreen which makes the operation of the device very easy. It Comes with dimensions of 53 inches D x  48 inches D x 104 cm H.


  • Works continuously for 18 hours
  • Can give permanent hair removal for some
  • Painless hair removal process
  • Comes with an epidermal cooling system
  • FDA approved

Project E Beauty Pro E-light IPL Laser Hair Removal Skin Rejuvenation Spa Machine  


What the Project E Beauty Pro E-light IPL Laser Hair removal machine seeks to do for you is to enable your tissues to absorb enough energy without hurting your skin. As the light hits the tissues, it helps remove hairs from your skin. Besides, it goes about this without injuring you because of its super cooling system. The safety system keeps you secure as long as the treatment is on. The cooling system contains water cooling + semi-conductor cooling + air cooling.

With its ability to continuously work for a long time, it is a reliable device and will not burn you all through. It offers an accurate and highly targeted treatment because it features different wavelength of equipped filters. Also, this product comes with a TFT True Color Screen (8 inches), which in turn features a menu. This screen is straightforward and convenient to handle.

The power of this device is 800W with IPL Energy 10-50J/CM2. Along with machine comes one handpiece and a handpiece holder, one power cord, two goggles; one each for customer and operator, one key switch, one mainframe and two water plugs.


  • Easy to operate
  • Safe on skin
  • Continuous performance for a long time
  • High quality
  • Comes with two eyewears

Vansaile IPL Laser hair removal machine



Beautiful machine and awesomely functional. Born out of creative invention, this device is what you need for your hair removal. Vansaile hair removal machine is designed to bring out the best from your skin. It removes hair from different skin types, including dark skins. It also works on tanned skin, plus this device is pain-free and very comfortable to use.

Apart from being perfect for hair removal, this machine is an ideal choice for those who suffer from pigmentation troubles, acne, age spots, sunspot, spider veins, couperosis and red nose to red faces. You, sure want to be rejuvenated and see what a brand new you would look like.

Vansaile beauty machine will make you look exceptional even as you age and under a pain-free and very comfortable process. This product is highly efficient as it features high average power with excellent results and a high repetition rate too.


  • The product is FDA approved
  • It works on any skin type
  • Good for acne removal
  • Rejuvenates the skin
  • Comes with instructions

Other attachment products you must have

Cooling and Coupling Gel 

The Cooling and Coupling Gel for Laser and IPL Permanent Hair Removal Machines, Systems, Devices is what you need to protect your skin when it is time to remove hairs from your the skin. It is a safe treatment, unique and highly recommended. As you buy a laser permanent hair removal machine, you might want to get a cup of this gel too.  

This cost-efficient product Improves the result you get as you work with your laser and IPL machines. It aids hair removal permanency and provides cooling effects too. Thus, cases of burns will not occur.


  • Soothes and moisturizes the skin
  • Protects the skin from burns
  • Softens the hair for the laser machine
  • Helps attain total hair removal
  • Affordable

Safety Glasses

As the saying goes; comfort and style drive compliance. So, every business owner must prioritize their comfort and safety as well as well as that of their employees and customers just as much as they prioritize profit maximization. Given this, Jackson Safety has come with this durable and stylish Nemesis eyewear. These safety glasses have polycarbonate lenses design that guarantees up to 99.9 UVA/UVB/UVC shield.

For those offering laser treatments, this eyewear is a must-have. Lasers could be hazardous, hence the need to protect your eyes and your clients’ from the light. This safety glasses will protect you right.

Similarly, It serves as a defense against critical occurrences like; retinal damage, cataracts that can result in temporary or permanent loss of Vision. Jackson safety nemesis Eyewear is professionally designed in compliance with the standard of ANSI/ISEA Z87.1+2010 majorly for personal eye protection.

Additionally, the Jackson nemesis safety eyewear comes with a neck cord that makes the product ready to use and protective at any point in time. It is flexibly designed in such a way that it channels sweats away from the eye and prevent sweat slippage down the nose. Hence, it enables long-term comfort.

The product comes with a black frame and blue mirror lenses ideal for outdoor or as a laser proof eyewear where sunlight or laser light can cause severe eye injury.


  • Comfortable to use for a long time
  • Enhances safety and prevents eye injuries
  • Top quality eyewear
  • Good during laser treatments
  • Flexibly designed