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After using laser hair growth devices to trigger and grow your balding hair, it would be wise practice to use some supplements for further hair growth and maintenance. That approach is the best way to ensure lasting hair growth and maintenance. It was quite a relief when my balding hair started to show great improvement after using a laser hair device. But upon using hair growth supplements and products, the effect was amazing. It spiked my hair growth under a very short period of time and for the first time in a very long time, I considered getting a haircut. These supplements ensure sustenance after the laser hair device has served its purpose.

Tried and tested, I happily present the eight best hair products to use after using hair laser devices. Each of them has their own unique differences and benefits to offer, but there are all very great and you would find out why in this review;

TRX2 molecular hair growth supplement

Natural hair supplement proved clinically it that maintains healthy hair growth by providing healthy hair follicle function.

How it works

It works by providing the hair with the nutrients that are vital for healthy and lush growth. Hair follicles contain channels called potassium channels. Their duty is to transport potassium and other necessary nutrients needed by the hair to the hair follicles membrane. The potassium channels wear out gradually as we age and grow old. As this happens, the nutrients needed for hair growth are not able to get to the hair follicles. This leads to thinning of hair and hair loss.

What TRX2 does when applied is to reactivate the weak and worn out potassium channels. A combination of potassium, nicotinic acid, and L-carnitine made up majorly it. These major ingredients in combination with other minor ingredients work at a molecular level to enhance and maintain hair growth.

It takes about 12 weeks for significant improvement and changes to show on the users. TRX2 is also easy to take, safe to use, very effective and affordable. Moreover, it is a unique blend of healthy and natural ingredients guaranteed to promote healthy hair growth without any threat of side effects.

Laser Hair Growth Devices

Revivogen scalp therapy

This advanced hair loss formula is a one stop solution that facilitates and maintains hair growth. It also prevents hair loss and breakage. And the design of this is from top American dermatologists using clinically approved natural ingredients. These makes it safe for use by anyone.

How does it work?

It works quickly to fight the DHT hormone, the hair loss causing hormone. What makes this hair loss formula so special is its unique ability to both long-term and short-term benefits. While it combats the DHT hormone, it also cleanses the scalp and provides an ideal condition for new and thicker hair growth.

You can see the results usually within a period of 4 months to 12months depending on the severity of your hair loss condition. Powerful hair combating ingredients also made up it such as SD alcohol 40, oleic acid, ethyl laurate, beta-sisterol, octyl gallate etc. These ingredients are safe, and do not smell bad.

Revivogen scalp therapy is quick acting, safe and inexpensive.

TRX2 Hair revitalizing foam

Like TRX2 molecular hair supplement, this topical formula is just as great. Natural and safe ingredients made it in a solution that work at a molecular level to slow down hair loss and balding and to restore hair thickness and growth.

How it works

The TRX2 hair revitalizing foam works in under just 12 weeks using a unique blend of high quality natural gluten-free ingredients to boost hair health. It is also suitable for vegetarians, animal free and dermatologically tested; and it contains no dyes, synthetic fragrances and it is suitable for men and women.

It stimulates and kick starts follicle potassium channels so that the basic nutrients the hair needs can get to the hair easily.Moreover, its design is special to not alter hormonal levels and cause any adverse reactions. So it is a great product that anyone can use it.


This female nutritional program for hair loss was created after over 20 years of research and investment. It is a long-term solution for thinning hair. It is also very popular and becomes the most choice for hair loss all over the world by women.

The hair nutrition program design is special for women with the key ingredient being a marine-derived extract.  FDA (Food and Drug Administration) and EFSA (European Food Safety Authority) approved this ingredients.

Powerful ingredients design made the Nourkrin to work with the female body to bring sustainable and nourishing hair growth. It takes only 3 months for results to emerge. Nourkrin female nutrition program is side effect free and is indeed a breakthrough in female hair loss.


This hair support system is specially made for advanced levels of thinning and uses a nanosome technology to allow its selective ingredients work and last longer. Some of the key properties include;

  •        Azelaic acids and Palmitoyl pine bark extract  which combats DHT
  •        Peptide complexes which helps in keratin production which induces hair growth
  •        Malus domestica extract organizes the stem cells and to facilitate follicle generation

The spectral>DNC-s is well known for its exceptional ability to cleanse the scalp, enhance hair growth and regrow balding hair.

Laser Hair Growth Devices

Nuvo Origins

Nuvo has been in the market for a long time and it uses natural based ingredients in convenient capsules and serums that focus on regrowing lost hair and repairing the scalp. And you can see meaningful improvements within the first three months of usage. It is completely save to use and has no recorded adverse reactions or side effects.

Revita shampoo

This gentle sophisticated high performance shampoo stimulates hair growth, maintains hair, sustains scalp vitality and prevents hair shedding in both men and women.

It has anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory properties that combats hair loss effectively and quickly. It feels and smells just like your regular shampoo, but its unique blend of carefully selected ingredients offers so much more. After using for a short while, you start to notice a fuller and cleaner hair growth.

It is safe to use and affordable to purchase. People even who have no hair growth problems for prevention purposes can use it.

Laser Hair Growth Devices

Hairgenesis Trichoceutical Activator Serum

This hair activator serum acts to suppress hair loss and triggers hair growth and at the same time rejuvenate and nourish the scalp.

The activator serum is a next generation foam made up of vitamin D, lysine and pygeum. It has no recorded side effects and helps to restore highly advanced cases of balding, thinning and poor hair growth.

Laser Hair Growth Devices