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Hair loss can be a source of worry for so many people. Lots of people who experience hair loss begin to worry that losing their hair can make them less physically attractive and so most people who find themselves in this situation naturally begin to look for remedies. Most times, hair loss happens for a variety of reasons which include disease, genetics, hormonal changes, age and even a deficiency in some body nutrients such as protein and some vitamins. Keep reading to learn about foligen, best product for hair growth review.

Some people who suffer hair loss experience a kid typically called Androgenetic Alopecia which is a progressive type of hair loss affecting the crown, the front hairline as well as temporal areas of the scalp. People who experience this would notice that their hair follicles begin to produce fine, thin, light coloured hair over a period of time. This fine, people usually call thin hairs are villus hairs and it happens because of a process called miniaturization. During this process, dihydrotestosterone (DHT) chokes healthy hair which shortens the cycle of hair growth. Over time, follicles which DHT have affected may close. This closure would stop the growth of hair and then the scalp at that point becomes noticeable.

What is Foligen?

Foligen is a hair regrowth product which help your hair grow back naturally. 100% natural ingredients formulated it to ensure that your hair grows healthily. Here’s a product that can very well stimulate the growth of strong, healthy hair and works for both men and women. It works against baldness and repairs receding hairlines as well as helps areas that may be thinning. Foligen also contains peptides, which are usually very valuable in the stimulation of hair growth. This product is also helpful in regaining lost eyebrows or eyelashes.

Dihydrotestosterone, a by-product of testosterones produced by the body, can also have negative effects on the growth and health of the hair. Foligen is, however, formulated to combat this and ensure that your hair doesn’t suffer from its effects.


Benefits of Foligen


  • Ensures the healthy growth of hair
  • Good for both men and women
  • Prevents irritation of the scalp
  • Repairs receding hairlines
  • Stimulates hair follicles
  • Gives radiance to the hair

How to Use Foligen

Using Foligen is a very easy process that does not require any special techniques. You simply need to rub it on the area of the head hair has been lost. You can also choose to apply it all over the hair. Foligen would get into your hair better when it is damp so it is advisable to use it after washing the hair, before it dries.

If you want to apply Foligen to your eyebrows, simply dip a Q-tip in the mouth of the bottle until it is soaked and then apply it to the part where you want more brows. For eyelashes, you can use this product just as you would use an eyeliner. Only be careful enough to not hurt yourself.


Foligen contains the following beneficial ingredients:

  • Biotin: This is also vitamin B7. It is a part of the vitamin B complex which is a group of nutrients responsible for a lot of health benefits such as good nerve, digestive and cardiovascular functions. This vitamin performs metabolic functions and also helps to keep a youthful appearance. Biotin is great to ensure the health of your hair.
  • Fo-Ti: This ingredient is native to China and is usually used as an anti-aging tonic in most traditional Chinese medicine. It is used too to reduce the loss of hair as well as to restore colour to greying hair.
  • Saw palmetto: This ingredient performs the specific functions of reducing the actions of enzymes which cause hair loss.
  • Peptides: Foligen also contains copper peptides which help to stimulate the hair follicles and enable healthy hair growth.
  • Aloe Vera: This skin-friendly ingredient is present in Foligen to prevent any irritation upon the use of Foligen.
  • Beta-sitosterol: This inhibits the action of dihydrotestosterone (DHT) which shortens the cycle of hair growth

Foligen also contains other beneficial ingredients such as vitamins A, C, E, D3, B1, B6, B12, B5, folic acid, magnesium oxide, iron ferrous, zinc oxide and calcium carbonate, all of which could help strengthen, repair and stimulate the healthy regrowth of your hair. You can therefore, look forward to having thicker hair and getting your hair line back intact with this amazing product.

Check out more details on the official Foligen website, you will love it!