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Distress in the joint, muscle, arthritis and other forms of chronic pains, are various means of severe discomfort for a lot of people. Also, getting enough energy from sunlight can help the body absorb enough infrared energy and stay healthy. However, pains may not go away with the regular painkillers, also, we might not get enough of the daily sun our body needs to function well. Thus, infrared light therapy is an effective means to solve these problems.

How does the infrared light therapy help us soother our body pains and absorb enough of energy? Read on to know more. As you do, you will come across other benefits of infrared light therapy such as helping with weight loss, eliminating depression and improving the mood, and many more.

PictureDevice NameShipping WeightDimensionBest Price
Far Infrared Amethyst Mat33 pounds59 x 24 x 2 inches
HealthyLine - Infrared Crystal 7 Chakras Rainbow Mat32.3 pounds74 x 28 x 1.5 inches ; 21 pounds
HealthLine Infrared Heating Mattress Pad

62.2 pounds80 x 76 x 1.2 inches ; 40 pounds
MediCrystal Far Infrared Amethyst Mat

37.8 pounds 71 x 31 x 1.5 inches ; 34 pounds
Far Infrared Amethyst Mat Queen Size

98.6 pounds75 x 59 x 2 inches ; 66 pounds

What is infrared light therapy?

Infrared light therapy is a light treatment used to soothe chronic pains. It is a more straightforward term for the science of photobiomodulation. It is the same as red light therapy but, it is a little different being that infrared energy is invisible. Also, the body absorbs the infrared light farther than the red light; t goes as far as the joints, soft tissues, muscles and even the bone.

This light therapy is quite simple and painless. It does an excellent job of benefiting various health conditions. Infrared light therapy is also known for its potential in fighting cancer.

A combination of the infrared light therapy and the red light therapy is under research for the fantastic results they can bring. Such things under study are if these light therapies can reverse traumatic brain injuries, revitalize separated spinal cords and impaired nerves and cure the weakening effects of stroke and heart attack.

Near-infrared light therapy wavelengths

Infrared light energy is in three groups, and they are:  Near Infrared, mid-infrared and the far infrared.

  • Near Infrared: The wavelengths for infrared-A (IR-A) (another name for near infrared) is 760 to 1,400 nm. These wavelengths are popular with most home therapy devices.
  • Mid Infrared: The mid-infrared device (infrared B (IR-B)) are those wavelengths utilized in many household electronic devices.
  • Far Infrared, or IR-C or thermal infrared (thermal-IR): is the most substantial portion of the IR spectrum that is employed to use in infrared saunas. Longwave infrared is also another name for far infrared.

700 mm to 1400 mm wavelengths are the potent wavelengths as far as near-infrared light therapy is concerned. Although, the entire range of wavelengths offers the same therapeutic results, however, a long wavelength will penetrate the body more profound than a short one. So, the longer a wavelength, the more in-depth it goes into the body. For surface wounds, 620-700 mm wavelengths will suffice, but for deep wounds like joint or muscle pains, 850-980 wavelengths are mostly put to use.   

Types of Infrared Light Therapy and their benefits

The demand for infrared light therapy in recent times varies since individual needs differ too. For this reason, many companies now offer different devices to meet the demand of users. Even though these devices sell mostly at high prices to health practitioners who have licenses, now, there are available ones for consumers and priced for them as well. A significant percentage of these devices are often the infrared saunas or cold laser devices

  • Infrared Saunas

The infrared Saunas are more expensive than the cold laser devices. The former has similarities with the traditional saunas. The traditional saunas are known for centuries for the health advantages they offer.

As an improvement on the coal/wood-burning stove used traditionally to produce infrared wave radiation, modern saunas emit infrared wave radiation through carbon fiber heating elements to provide the radiation at a molecular level.

The advantages of the modernized versions are that they allow for easy transporting, assemblage and can be put to use in almost any home. The modern infrared saunas eliminate the safety hazard that comes with the traditional saunas. Infrared saunas mostly serve as a solution to muscle pain and high blood pressure. They are also helpful with the detoxification of toxins from deep tissues and for weight loss purposes too.

  • Cold Lasers

Cold laser devices are usually very cheaper than the saunas, mostly below 100 dollars. However, they are capable of treating only a minute and focused area of the body. Numerous chiropractic doctors and physical therapists use the cold lasers to heal damaged tissues non-invasively. Compared to the infrared saunas, It works more as a targeted treatment option. The medical grade cold lasers are still highly expensive; they are most times set aside for organizations or medical practitioners.  

Cold lasers heal wounds, muscle tissues and stimulate new cellular growth.


The benefits of sunlight to humans are significant. Even the Earth derives nourishing warmth and energy from it. The sun gives us infrared light when we expose ourselves to its warmness. Our bodies absorb energy from the sun efficiently when we find a little exposure to it during summer. Thus, staying in the sun is a means of getting infrared energy.

How Infrared Light Therapy Works

Nitric Oxide is highly beneficial to the cardiovascular health, and this is what the Infrared light has shown to increase sharply. Other benefits of Nitric Oxide is its ability to calm the vascular system while also providing a valuable oxygen content.

For the above reasons, the light therapy is of a unique benefit for those at higher risk of heart attack. It is helpful for athletes in their bid to boost their physical performance as well as beneficial for everyone at large. Compression socks and infrared saunas are kinds of products that athletes use for blood flow stimulation during their performances. The bodybuilders also benefit from L-Arginine which is a primary component of Nitric Oxide.

The infrared light activates a reaction on a cellular level when you expose it to your body. The reaction communicates with your body for it to begin the production of Nitric Oxide on a large scale which results to increase in blood flow.

In time past, Nitroglycerin has been in use as a preventive measure against heart attacks for heart patients. Nitroglycerin converts into Nitric Oxide side the body, thus, providing all the benefits such patient needs.   

Just as the red light therapy works, in infrared light therapy, the photoreceptors in each of your cells absorb visible red and invisible near-infrared energy. Afterward, metabolic events start which energizes the natural processes of the body on a cellular level. Blood flow increases to increase the body’s reception of oxygen and other nutrients for better performance and effectiveness of the body. Thus, pains and inflammations reduce while regeneration also receives stimulation as well.   

Infrared light therapy mats reviews

Far Infrared Amethyst Mat


Four different sizes of the infrared mat equal four different mats of wonders! Just the best way I can describe this Ereada Mat which comes in four sizes. The formats are the Queen (with an Amethyst Pillow that matches), the Single, the Pro and the Compact Pro sizes. They all come in Purple color.

With its advanced status, this product has three new functions that other similar products may not have. These functions are Red Light Bio Photon, PEMF (VLF), Static Magnets and PEMF (VLF).

One of the device’s significant features is the 21 pounds of Korean Amethyst. This Korean Amethyst is of grade A; the most expensive of its kind, non-painted, untreated and 100 percent natural. Further, the mat also features a Titanium heating system of 68-158F seven intensity levels, double silicon and is EMF free.   

Another excellent feature of this device is the digital controller which allows you set the session time and heating level as will suit you. Also, the feature allows for the activation of Bio-Photons, active magnetic pulsation, and anions.

These mats are a Korea make, and they assure you of optimum quality. The manufacturers, Hyundai Medical, are  FDA registered.


  • 93% efficiency release of FIR and Mid-infrared rays
  • Designed to penetrate the body at a depth of eight inches
  • Produces intense heat to enhance blood circulation
  • Good for metabolism and the immune system
  • Features a wavelength range of 4-16 µm

HealthyLine – Infrared Crystal 7 Chakras Rainbow Mat


If you wish to energize your body, and even your soul and mind, then there is a way to achieve that level of strength. HealthLine 7 Chakras Rainbow Mat is the way to accomplish those. Not only can it energize you in and out, but it also cleanses your body, mind, and soul. So, whenever you need revitalization, rest and tranquility, few minutes lay on this mat will give them to you. It offers the power of the seven Chakras, an Eastern Belief that has been a focus for them for a century.

This therapeutic mat can allow you get a good night’s sleep. It also promises to soothe anxiety and panic, enhance self-esteem, and helps with general well being. For the physical part, it promotes healthy sexuality, aids a sore throat, helps with weight loss and also stimulates metabolism, etc.  

Despite that the mat is made of 16 layers, it gives a soft and comfortable experience to users. The mattress is foldable into three and can be done easy and fast, with this, you can have this well stored when not in use.

The manufacturers of this device promise a full money back guarantee if you are not satisfied. Only a well-made product of high quality will have its manufacturers offering a money back guarantee. It is a quality product, right for you.


  • 100 percent money back guarantee
  • Foldable mat for easy storage
  • Great for yoga sessions
  • Soft and comfortable mat
  • Improves the mood

HealthyLine – Infrared Heating Mattress Pad


Here is another excellent heat therapy device that is capable of helping you solve your chronic body pains, arthritis and depression as well. The HealthLine Infrared Heating Mattress Pad promises benefits for both your body and spirit. It brings comfort to the pains in your body and mind. What more could you ask for comfort and ease?

For those seeking to burn some fats, an hour exposure to the Far infrared can help you lose up to 900 calories and also, you get to drop other kinds of toxic substances. Other benefits of Tourmaline apart from fat loss are: it helps with detoxification, promotes your mood, aids the liver and kidney, helps with improved blood circulation, and so on. Jade reliefs arthritis, back, and deep muscle tissue pain help with hypertension, good for the lungs, thymus, and heart.

Additionally, this device contains negative ions that produce beneficial biochemical reactions when the negative ions penetrate the cells in your bloodstream. It helps with depression and improves the mood. Also, negative ions can help bring relief to your daily stress, ensuring you have enough energy during the daytime. A high-quality product, highly recommended for you. You may want to give this a trial.


  • Boosts the immune system
  • Fights against diseases or infection
  • Comes with a year warranty
  • Helps with insomnia
  • The brand is US FDA registered

MediCrystal Far Infrared Amethyst Mat


Do you need an infrared light with rays your body can absorb up to eight inches depth? Do you want a light therapy device that can immediately soothe all forms of body pains you are witnessing such as soft tissues, joints and muscle pain and stiffness, rheumatism, arthritis, etc.? then I have a good suggestion for you. It is the MediCrystal Far Infrared Amethyst Mat.

The mat features red light photon therapy, natural agate gems, negative ion, FIR heat, and also, 10Hz PEMF Bio Magnetic Pulsation. Another significant feature of this mat’s purple Amethyst crystals is 100 percent natural, unpainted, and untreated. The mat also features a 20 layer system.

This FIR  therapy helps users fight sickness, control their weight as it burns fats, improves metabolism, helps with blood circulation, and is good for the immune system too. Furthermore, it can fight insomnia, minor strains or sports trauma. Manufacturer of this device is FDA Registered.


  • Penetrates the body at a depth of eight inches
  • Emits intense heat to enhance blood circulation
  • Good for metabolism and the immune system
  • Provides a range of 4-16 µm wavelength
  • Has a digital controller for users to set session time and heating level

Far Infrared Amethyst Mat Queen Size


MediCrystal  Far Infrared Amethyst Mat is a beautiful, intense brown colored mat. Proudly made under an FDA registered manufacturer in Korea. The mat comes in five sizes such as the Guest size, Single (XL) size, Pro size, Midsize, and the Mini size; there is a size to suit you.  

For the Queen size mat, it features purple Amethyst gems (44 pounds), of the highest value available in the industry. The mat also features a Titanium heating system of 68-158F seven intensity levels, double silicon and is EMF free. Therefore, this product is one of those you can rely on to be of optimum quality.   

Another worthy feature is its digital controller which allows you set the session time and heating level as want. Also, this mat enhances blood circulation with the intense heat it produces. The heat from this device can penetrate into the body up to 8 inches deep. Other benefits of this device are: it improves metabolism and helps the immune system, restores body cells and alkalizes the whole body. So, this is a highly recommended device; you may want to check it out.


  • 93% efficiency emission of FIR and Mid-infrared rays
  • Penetrates  the body at a depth of eight inches
  • Enhance blood circulation with its intense heat
  • Available customer service 24/7
  • Features a wavelength range of 4-16 µm


This article aims at revealing the powerful effects of infrared light therapy on attaining improved health. Cold lasers and infrared saunas devices are widely growing popular amongst people as they have been using it and still are utilizing it to treat and prevent various health conditions.

Furthermore, this therapy has also become a regular protocol many licensed health practitioners use. The benefits of the light treatment are indeed unquantifiable. It has been proven to work by various studies across the world. So far, it has no known side effects as it is 100 percent natural.

Therefore, if you seek a non-invasive, yet strong way of solving some specific health issues, then this therapy may be for you. Nevertheless, remember to consult the experts (medical practitioners) before introducing new things to your body. They will be in the perfect position to advise and guide you better.  

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