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How to Set up Growing Cannabis Indoors for Beginners – Comprehensive Guide for Your First Grow Room

For all the weed lovers out there who want to start up a weed farm or build up a cannabis tent, then you will find this article very instructive. Cannabis has existed over the years, even before Christ; which is why the growth and cultivation of marijuana are genuinely transcendent. Over the years also, the cultivation an upward turn; technologically, there are lights, grow tents and other technological machinery that has enhanced the growth and cultivation of weed.

So I’ll be taking you through a journey of how to grow weed indoors, the necessary equipment (light tents and grow lights) as well as how to grow a marijuana seed.

Steps in Growing Cannabis Indoors

Growing Cannabis Indoors

First of all, I would like to commend your zeal to start up a weed farm, but one thing you should know is that growing a weed farm is not as easy as you may picture. It is not like caring for a little garden, nor is it a piece of cake; there are so many things you would have to consider when you want to start up a weed farm. Some things you have to take into consideration, is the height of the plant (which is dependent on the kind of weed), the smell (odor) control; and other nutritional factors like, light, soil, fertilizer, watering, amongst other things.

So here are some steps to take, to start up an indoor/outdoor weed growth;

  1.    The place to grow the cannabis (indoor or outdoor)
  2.    Select the perfect light
  3.    Get the right growth medium suitable for you (the soil kinds)
  4.    Provide nutrients for your cannabis plants
  5.    Locate a cannabis seed vendor, where you can get your cannabis
  6.    Germinate your seed (start cultivating your clones
  7.    The vegetative stage; the growth of stems and leaves
  8.    When your plants start budding and flowering
  9.    It’s time for harvest
  10.   Drying and Curing of bud for consumption

When you follow these steps tenaciously, then you should have an excellent yield. I’ll explain all the actions, so you can have an in-depth knowledge on the cultivation method. Before you go on to consider the steps, always remember that you will work on a budget, and you should make your plans according to your budget.

Location for Cannabis Growth (Indoor or Outdoor)

Growing Cannabis Indoors

The first step to take in starting your cannabis cultivation is to find a spot, where you will plant your cannabis seed. As simple as this step may be, it is essential, as method and equipment you will adapt and use will be dependent on your location. Two common locations for growing cannabis are indoors or outdoors.

In this article, however, we will be looking at growing weed indoors, because it provides a more private means of cultivating this (stigmatized) product, plus it gives you control over your yields and crop.

If you are growing a few plants of cannabis, then the budget is surprisingly minimal and affordable (to maintain). But to make the work more comfortable, you could get an indoor grow journal, to help you make growing easy.

Some of the indoor places you could use (if you don’t want to get a grow tent) are; the storage (or garage) a closet or spare room, or a bathroom. These are just a few places you could use for your indoor cannabis growth. These enclosed spaces enable easy to control and your ability to keep tabs on your cannabis.

Lighting is Everything

Growing Cannabis Indoors

Have you found the perfect room? If you have, then you have to consider the next thing, (which is very important); grow lights. Grow light are the alternative for sunlight if you are cultivating your weed plant indoors; and as such, it is imperative that you know which light to use.

You could plant your weed in an open-roof house if you want the sunlight nutrient on your plant, but where that is impossible, then you would want to consider using some of the following lights;

There are the fluorescent grow lights (the CFLs), and other fluorescent grow light (the T5/T8). We also have the LED grow light; the LEC (CHM) grow light, high-pressure sodium (HPS), and the metal halides (MH), to mention a few.

Let’s see how some of these lights work;

  •         The Sun

The sun is a natural source of light and the most affordable of them all. If you’re giving your plants the sunlight, then you would need to provide eight hours of daylight, from 10 am to 4 pm, when the sun is most effective.

Cannabis need excess sunlight, so it will be a bad idea to put your cannabis plant in the window; direct sunlight is the best.

  •         Compact Fluorescent Light Bulbs

Using this light is conducive for beginners, because, it is cheap and effortless to get a hold of; and most importantly, provides an adequate amount of light for your plants, (do not as strong as dedicated grow lights). As “semi-effective” as the fluorescent bulb is, it is more effective than some LED light; because they come with shields that hamper their effectiveness.

  •         LED Grow Light

LED grow lights are also good alternatives for your lighting systems. They are very powerful, even more than fluorescent bulbs and the other kind of fluorescent lamps, but they are also more expensive than the regular CFLs grow lights.

Because of their effectiveness, the LED light has been around for months, but many dubious persons have tried to make gain from selling defective LED lights, so if you want to get the LED to grow light, then ensure it is from a reputed company.

  •         LEC (Light Emitting Ceramics) Grow Lights

This light is a brand of the CMH (Ceramic Metal Halides) grow lights. They may not be as popular as the HPS, but they sure are useful (not as much as the HPS as well). And they do not give out EMI (electromagnetic interference), like the HPS, which would cause complications to the plants.

  •         High-Pressure Sodium (HPS) & Metal Halides (MH)

These lights are like “golden standard” lights, and perfect for indoor growing of cannabis. They are cheap to get, easy to set up and very powerful and effective. They are very hot, but they consume a lot of energy, and it will surely show on your bill, so you will need to follow your timing schedule, faithfully.

The light is suited for small farms indoor, and grow tents. But no matter how hot they are, they are not as hot as their cousins the HID grow lights.

What Growing Medium is Preferable

Growing Cannabis Indoors

Growing medium are mediums that facilitate the effective growth of the cannabis plant. And the foremost medium for the plant is the soil, then the soilless mix, and another growing medium we will presently talk on

  •       Soil

The soil is the most organic medium for growing weed indoor, and the compost super soil is the best kind of soil planting. The nutrients in this kind of soil can last for months.

  •         Soilless Mix

If you do not want to get your hands dirty, the soilless mix is one of the many options for your growing mediums. Mediums like coco coir, vermiculites and perlites are some examples of soilless mix. They are a kind of hydroponics because they are soilless.

  •         Hydroponic or Put Directly in Water

Putting the weed directly in water will produce a high yield, but then again, it might cause some serious maintenance. So if you want to use this medium, then be prepared to exert much energy on maintenance.

The best option for you would be the soil medium, that is of course if you want the best yields from your cannabis farm. If you finally have agreed on the kind of medium you want to use (and if it is the soil), then you might want to consider some soils that will be good for you;

Fox Farm Ocean Forest Soil

Epsoma Organic Potting Mix

Black Gold All Organic Potting Mix

Miracle Grow Soil

You can find all these soil mix brands in the US, and you can get them at an affordable rate.

Nutrients for Your Soil

Growing Cannabis Indoors

The next thing you would get is the right nutrient for growing the perfect cannabis crop. The only time you would not need to worry about nutrient for your crop is when you’re using compost soil, other than that, you will need the kind of nutrient made for the cannabis plant. Even the FFOF soil will need nutrients because they do not contain the required nutrient for the soil.

For those of you who would want to use the hydroponics (or direct water medium), there is a perfect kind of nutrient for your plants. There are so many nutrients you can try out, some of which include; general hydroponics nutrient trio, or a less expensive nutrient, the Dyna-Gro. When you are using the hydroponic system of nutrient, ensure that you don’t overfeed your plants, so you don’t burn the plants.

If the PH is hard on the water you want to put your plant, then you might have a problem, that may significantly affect your yields. Now, I’m not saying that PH is not needed, but you have to check your PH level in your water or reservoir before you but your crop in it. Soil compost usually has a PH neutralizer, (if there is anything as such); the micro-organisms in the plants ensure that the PH is comparable to other nutrients in the soil.

It is crucial that you give the plant the right amount of PH; if it is too small or too high, then your plant will not be able to absorb the nutrients in the water. If you don’t see the effect during its vegetative stage, you will see it during the cannabis budding/flowering stage.

So here’s what your PH level should look like;

For soil; 6.0 to 7.0 PH

For hydroponics; 5.5 to 6.5 PH

It’s Time to Choose Your Cannabis Plant

Growing Cannabis Indoors

Getting the right cannabis plant will take a lot of deliberation, ranging from the kind of cannabis (including indica, sativa, and even the hybrids); and the way you want it (either as a seed or as a clone). If on the other hand, you already know someone that can help you select the perfect seed for beginners; then you’re good to go. But for the benefit of those who don’t have a clue as to how to choose the right kind of cannabis plant; then you might probably want to read between the lines.

Most cannabis seller will happily give you clones, but then, when it comes to selling the seed, they may not be so liberal. Getting clones and seed from trusted sources will help validate the genetic buildup the seed.

Luckily, for those first-time weed buyers, it is safe to buy marijuana seeds from an online market, thanks to the convenient U.S laws that allow the online trade of cannabis seed. If, however, you are getting your seeds online, then ensure that you ask questions about your seeds (or clones, whichever one you may choose).

To get good seeds from online stores, go through the easy grow cannabis seed sellers’ list

For good clones, you could also find good clones online, following the same list above. But you could also learn how to make your clones, but to make clones, you will need to find someone who has female cannabis or get one online; it is only when you have gotten your female cannabis plant, that you can make your clones.

Germinating the Cannabis Seed

Growing Cannabis Indoors

Have you gotten your seeds yet? If yes, then we move to the next stage (which is the sixth stage) which is planting and germinating your seeds; it’s not as hard as it sounds or may seem.

One of the simplest ways beginners should start a cannabis plant is with a nursery. This nursery is no ordinary nursery; it is a cube called the rapid rooter (a specialized starter). Planting the cannabis seed directly into the rapid rooter sure does the work. The cube is constructed to keeping the cannabis moist and warm, (not soaked and heated up with water and excessive sunlight).

The best part of the rapid rooters is that they work well with any medium you may choose and gives you good results. Once you seed the seedlings emerging, you take the cube and put it directly into your medium, either the soil or hydroponics.

If you don’t think you can do the rapid rooter method, then you could use another way, the paper towel method; and amazingly you can do this in the comfort of your home. The tools to do this are common place and can be gotten anywhere.

It’s Vegetation Time

Growing Cannabis Indoors

When you have transplanted your nurslings from the nursery to your medium, then the hard work would have begun. The vegetative stage of your plant will happen faster if you have longer days when the temperature is warmer than the average temperature (the become hot-headed teenagers). The cannabis leaves will thrive when the environment is above room temperature between 70-85oF (equivalent to about 20-30oC). Just ensure that your plant doesn’t get too cold or too hot if you want beautiful vegetation.

During this stage, you don’t have to worry about budding or flowering, and your primary concern should be the plant getting bigger and stronger. Don’t feed your plant the nutrient at full strength, always start with a half strength to avoid your plant from burning; at a young age, they are susceptible to burning from anything that is hot.

You feed the plant according to its growth; when the plant has developed a little, and you see that the plant need some extra nutrient; then it would be wise to add nutrients to the soil. PH is proper, but always remember not to overfeed your plant, it might look that you’re doing good for them; but the truth is, you are destroying their roots. When the plant looks like it needs the nutrient, only then will you feed it the nutrient in full strength; this will help it regain some flesh and thickness.

The summary of what I’m telling you is that it is safe to start small when it comes to feeding your plants. This way, you know when to apply nutrient to the soil, you can salvage a malnourished plant, but there is little or nothing you can do for a plant destroyed to its roots.

So the basic things your plants will need is;

  •          Light

Which will be given 18/24 hours light daily; this is where the grow tents and grow light comes in handy. The 18-hour light is ideal for beginners, 24-hour light is for those experimental farmers, who are probably doing some research or something.

  •         Water

The idea is not to soak your plants in water, depending on the size of your farm, the ideal thing to do is to know when to water your plant. Ideally, the best times to water your plants is in the morning, noon time and later in the evening. You will only have this watering issue when you are using the soil medium, and the hydroponics medium dispenses with the need to care for the water level.

  •          Nutrient

I mentioned the level of nutrient you could need for the different medium; and if you follow it judiciously, then you should not have a problem with your growth.

The Flowering Stage

Growing Cannabis Indoors

Hurray, its flowering seasons (budding); for those who want to make the most out of your cannabis plant, then you should pay more attention to your plant when it starts budding/flowering.

During this stage, the first thing to do is to change the lighting schedule of your plant. Instead of 18 hours, make it 10-12 hours daily. It is also during this time you will get to know the gender of your plant, which will come in handy if you plan on cloning your plant during the next cultivation season. When you finally distinguish the males from the female, dispose of the males.

To get your vegetative plants to start budding, you would need to provide the plant with a constant and uninterrupted supply of darkness, gotten mostly at night. The auto-flowering will only commence when the place is dark, making it conducive.

By reducing the hours of light delivered to the room (which you control), the plant will get more darkness; thus at this stage, the 12-12 schedule is advised. If you plan to grow cannabis outdoor, then doing it by winter will work for the cannabis, as the winter has a long night and shorter days.

The reason why most people would prefer to buy feminized seeds or female clones is that they don’t want to get half of their yields to be male and the other half female. You will know a male by its pollen sac; it most often than not, have no white pistil/hair on it. The more reason why you should remove the male from the female is that it may impregnate the female, causing it to produce more seeds and less bud. The females are the money bringer, so you have to treat them delicately.

Harvest Time

Growing Cannabis Indoors

You will know when it is harvest time when your plants stop growing new white hair on their bud and start releasing that pungent smell (which reminds me; you will need to do smell control). After the hairs stop growing, you will wait till as least 40% of the hair start turning dark or brown (may vary); and then start curling in.

Growing Cannabis Indoors

When you harvest the crop at this point, it will have more potency and will work very fast. If you want the plant to be high in THC however, you should harvest the plant when this darkening and curling have reached 50-60%. For an anti-depressing, harvest when the plants have reached 80-90 darkening and have a couchlock look.

To cut down the plant, you would need a scissor or sickle and just cut the plant. There is no particular procedure for this part.

Drying and Curing Your Buds

Growing Cannabis Indoors

For those who want to commercial your weed; or go into producing medical marijuana, you would have to do this part. After you have cut down the bud, hang the bud upside down in a room that is dark and ventilated; so the water in it may dry out thoroughly. Drying the plant slowly would give you a very potent effect; but always look out for mold on your buds and make sure they don’t over-dry, that may reduce their effectiveness.

One sure way to cure your plants is to put the buds in a quart-sized mason jar, then store it in a cool, dry place. You could fill the jar (loosely though) till it’s about filled up to ¾ of the jar. During the first couple of weeks, it would be good to let in some air into your bud; so they can get some fresh air and take out the moist. To feel if the buds are moist is by touching it; if that is the case then you have to let the jar open for a while, afterward, you can close the jar when you are sure that the buds are dry enough.

Lighting for Cannabis

Growing Cannabis Indoors

There are so many lights that you could use for your cannabis tent or room, but they vary in intensity, price, and effectiveness, which is why you would need to know what you want to get.

For instance, the fluorescent bulb could have a dim light or a really bright light (depending on which one you get); but one thing is this, it is not as effective as the High-Intensity Discharge (HID) light; or even the LED light, but the reason why people like the fluorescent bulbs is that it is useful and it cost friendly.

So in this section, I’ll be giving you some great options you could choose from (the kind of light I mean).

The Fluorescent Light

The fluorescent light is the ordinary light that you see everywhere, it is affordable and works well with your plants. There are two kinds of fluorescent light, which is

  •         The Compact Fluorescent Light (CFLs)

Growing Cannabis Indoors

CFL Lights For Growing Cannabis Indoors

This grow-light comes as twisted bulbs, and they produce enough energy for your cannabis, especially when you’re growing the plants in small rooms. You can get this bulb in any electronic store, that is how easy they are to get.


  •         The T5 Grow Light (including fluorescent tubes)

Much like the CFL, the T5 grow light is very available and can be used for any plants. You could get this light in any garden or home improvement store. They are somewhat more significant than the regular CFL bulbs and comes in panels. Therefore, you would have to keep them some inches away from the plant to avoid burning the plant.

One great thing about the fluorescent bulb is that they are cheap and they don’t use up a lot of energy. They are also suitable for small space, and since they are kept inches away from the plants, they work effectively on the plants, plus the spectrum covers the entire plant.


Growing Cannabis Indoors

Growing Marijuana Pro. T5 Fluorescent Lights

The downside of using this light is that you may not have a significant yield. Since the bulb can only be useful on little badges of crops at a time; it is just normal that the return would be minimal too. The light is also not strong enough to penetrate the far depth of the plant; it only affects the top of the plant, giving off little nutrient to the roots of the plant.

All said and done; the fluorescent bulb is excellent if you are looking to start small; or if you’re planting your cannabis for personal use.


High-Intensity Discharge (HID) Light

The next set of lighting you can get is the HID light. So if you’re planning on going wholesale on your product, you will need something with a lot more power. The name gives you a hint on the amount of energy this bulb may give off to your crop; high intensity. Which means that it gives off more energy than the fluorescent bulb. The bulbs are larger and comes oddly shaped; and is screwed to a hood, which reflects more light on the plants.

The heat that emits from the grow light is both good and bad; they are good to provide light for the plant; but because of the heat that it emits, you would need to hook up a vent to take out the excess heat.

Growing Cannabis Indoors

High Intensity Discharge (HID) Grow Light

Here are some of the HID lights you could get:

  •         Metal Halides (MH) Grow light

Using the MH will come during the vegetative stage of the plant because it is at this point they will need the light and heat this light will give off. The light is bluish, and plant loves it, which is why you can even use the plant through to harvest.

  •         High-Pressure Sodium (HPS) Grow Light

Using this grow light will come during the flowering stage. The light it emits is the yellow light which is conducive for the budding of the plant. Using the lights will yield more result, faster too.

  •         Ceramic Metal Halides (CMH) or The Light Emitting Ceramic (LEC) Grow Light

Both grow light are the same thing, just different names. They emit light from ceramic plates, with a halide bulb screwed with it, making them more effective than the HM bulbs.

Most people like the HID bulbs because they are very effective and are good for plenty of yields. They work well on the flowering stage and budding stage of the cannabis. Setting up the light is easy because all you have to is hang the light in a safe distance from the plant.

Because the bulbs are very hot, they may cause damage to your crops and; to avoid that, you would have to set up a vent so that some heat could go out, which could cost you. It will also leave a significant mark on your electric bill. Also, not all the bulbs are easy to set up, and sometimes, additional set up will be needed to make the light effect. With the HID light, you would have to get additional parts like cables, ballasts, and fixture; now that would cost you.

LED Grow Light

Growing Cannabis Indoors

Another light you could get that will work well for you is the LED grow light. They are an excellent alternative to the HPS grow light, making them popular amongst cannabis growers. One of the fantastic features of the LED grows light is that it comes with a cooler and a cooling system, which you can regulate, thereby producing the right amount of heat for your crop.

Setting up this plant is indeed a piece of cake; all you have to do is plug your grow light into the wall socket and hand the light over the plants where it can reach all the plants, making them easier to set up than HPS light. Plus, they also penetrate well into the depth of the crops (unlike the fluorescent bulb grow light), which dispenses with the need always to move the light around.

Although LED light sounds like the real deal (which they are), there are some things you would have to consider, which could take a toll on you, financial wise. Because, the LED light has both high-intensity lights and coolers; the amount of energy it would need to run both the bulb and the cooler will be high. Even with the cooler, the bulb produces as much as 300W+; meaning you would consider getting a fan; or a vent to keep the room warm.

LED grow light uses up a lot of space. Therefore, it would be wise only to use this light when you have an open space, big enough to contain the light; this way, the heat will be evenly dispersed. The size of the room as a decisive factor in starting a farm can be daunting to weed farmers who want to start small.

Some light you might want to buy (for those beginners going wholesale straight away, and all other cannabis farmers):

BESTVA DC Series 2000W LED Grow Light Full Spectrum Grow Lamp

King Plus 1500W Double Chip LED Grow Light Full Spectrum

LED Grow Light Full Spectrum 600W, Reflector-Series Plant Grow Light

HIGROW 1000W Double Chips LED Grow Light Full Spectrum Grow Lamp

VIPARSPECTRA Series V600 600W LED Grow Light Full Spectrum

These are just some few lights you could get to start up your weed farm. They are great at heat production and help in yielding increase.

To know more about the light set up, you could follow this link.

Cannabis Grow Bible

The cultivation of cannabis has been in existence, long before you and I, so it is normal for there to be a bible, getting up rules on how to go about the cultivation of cannabis. The bible is a usually a compilation of things to do, errors to avoid and cultivating cultures to cultivate. They are the guideline for the production of good cannabis.

The reason why they call the books bible is that of the hours and hours spent on it to edit, rewrite, design and publish the book, plus there are usually written by experts, a person that has been in the cannabis planting industries for a long time. The bibles also contain the uses each kind of cannabis (whether it is for recreational or medical purposes, it’s all there).

No matter how comprehensive a bible may appear to be, there are not always exhaustive, which is why you would need to get more than one bible.

So if this has been in the mind of my readers (whether the cannabis grows bible is helpful), it should be dispensed with; because, the cannabis grow bible give you cannabis grow guide to cultivating the best plants available.

Some cannabis grow bible that you could benefit from include:

The Cannabis Grow Bible, Second Edition, by Greg Green

growing cannabis indoors

In his book, Green gave a botany history and definitive guide on how to cultivate weed, care for them and how to harvest them. He also reiterated some of the major uses of weed, whether it be recreational or medical.

The book also has a lot of colorful pictures that would make reading fun and instructive. The information in it will help you understand each strain of weed, and to source their history.

The downside of the book is that it dwells more on the past than on modern trends of weed; and they don’t say anything about clones.

Marijuana Horticulture, The Grower’s Bible; by Jorge Cervantes 

growing cannabis indoors

One of the great things about this book is that it is up to date with almost all the things you would want to know about cannabis (all contained in a 500-page book) and to make it fun; it is filled with over 1,000 colorful pictures that explain how each process works. The book has a contribution of 300 experts, making it reliable, and trustworthy.

The downside to using this book is that, although it covers a lot of topics, it does not go in depth in the topic it will be trying to explain.

The True Living Organics: Growing All-Natural Marijuana indoors, by the Rev 

growing cannabis indoors

Using this Bible will help you understand some basic concepts, making your fertilizers for your weed farm, turning an existing grow op to a weed oasis. It also teaches you on how to organically grow your cannabis seedlings, with 200 plus colorful picture for illustrations.

What the book lacks, however, is not providing a topic on organic nutrients for hydroponics; and harvesting, curing or budding, which is something you would need to know.

Marijuana Grower’s Handbook, by Ed Rosenthal 

growing cannabis indoors

One of the great things about the book is that it was written by experts with over thirty years of experience. Thus it has credibility. It also is easy to read and cover a vast range cannabis topic. The 500+ pictures on it make it easy to understand as well.

The little hindrance for beginners with this book is that it may be too advanced for them. Also because of its far-reaching arms in the topics it covered, it did not take the time to cover most of the topics.

Homegrown Marijuana – Creating the Hydroponic Growing System in Home, by Joshua Sheets 

growing cannabis indoors

This book is the last book on my list; and is probably the best book for beginners; especially if you want to use the hydroponic medium to cultivate your plants. It covers a wide range of topics including the environmental factors, nutrient solution, media, watering and even troubleshooting.

This book was indeed well researched; and the language is easy to read and understand; and as much as 500 picture makes it fun to read.



Growing Cannabis Indoors

Growing a cannabis garden can be hard work, but it sure does pay off. There are guidelines you should follow and much other equipment you should get. If perchance, you want to go into the business of making a weed farm, it should be easy (not that hard work will not be involved); that is provided you use the guidelines. The cannabis grows bible is also there as cannabis grow guide, to guide you, on the different strains of cannabis and how to cultivate them.

For more info on growing weed indoors for beginners or growing weed indoors step by step guide details; as well as other things may want to know on cannabis grow tent, cannabis grows kit and even cannabis growing license…etc; you can follow my site.

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