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Growing old in life comes with many challenges and changes. Have you looked in the mirror recently? Maybe one of the changes you’ve noticed is that you have gained weight. Unfortunately, this phenomenon is very common amongst individuals as they age. The challenge with this is that not everyone has the luxury of time. By this I mean that not everyone has enough time to be able to spend five days a week at the gym. Most also don’t have the energy after the long workdays. Lucky for you, technology is evolving and there are ways that you can lose unwanted weight without having to spend countless hours at the gym. Fat freezing has become a popular weight loss regimen incorporated into the daily lives of busy individuals. You can do this treatment in the comfort of your own home! Read below for the best fat freezer belt reviews so that you can see what product is right for you.

What is Fat Freezing?

Before we get ahead of ourselves, lets discuss what fat freezing is. This treatment is a non-surgical option that freezes fat cells in problematic areas such as the stomach, thighs, waist, buttocks, and arms.

Fat cells are more sensitive than skin cells. Fat freezing products get cold enough to trigger a process of cell death without damaging the surrounding skin tissue. The human body will then naturally clear out the dead fat cells within the upcoming weeks and months. This FDA approved method is being used by men and women all over the world to get rid of fat on the body.

How Much Does This Treatment Cost?

Fat freezing treatments can take place either at home or in clinics. As you can imagine, it is much cheaper to treat at home. You can purchase products on the market today that range anywhere between $200-$600. These products can be reused for treatments long after purchase. In clinic treatments cost up to $625 per treatment which can get extremely expensive after a few visits.

At Home Fat Freezer Reviews

Below you will find the ultimate fat freezer reviews and products for at home fat freezing.

Blue Fat Freezing System

blue fat freezing kit
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Blue consists of two engineered advancements that make up its fat freezing products. These cold packs consist of an inner layer and an outer layer that each performs a different task. The outer layer essentially extends the cooling by insulating the inner layer. The inner layer contains a formula that allows it to drop to very cold temperatures. Both of these packs are so technologically advanced that they are able to reach temperatures up to 22 degrees lower than other fat freezing products and maintain their temperature for up to six times longer.

The compression wraps that come with the product are used to insulate the cold packs so that they can stay colder for a longer period of time. After using these products for a minimum of one hour a day, three days a week will result in visible fat loss in only ten weeks! Users have also said that they have seen an improvement in cellulite and also with tightening of the skin. The most outstanding feature of these products is that they can be used on individuals with all different body types! There has also been no known reports of negative side effects and treatment is pain free.

Slim-Easy Fat Freezing System

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This at home fat freezing system is quite possibly the most affordable option on the market. The gel packs that come with this product are able to get as cold as the temperature of dry ice. This makes them the coldest/longest freezing packs on the market today. With this being said, your fat cells have no chance at survival against this technology.

Slim-Easy offers a sixty-day money back warranty so you can be assured that this product will work for you! It also comes with a neoprene compression belt to make sure that those ice packs stay cold for long periods of time while getting rid of your unwanted fat.

Sharper Image Fat Freezer

sharper image fat freezer

The Sharper Image ultimate fat freezer is a system that dissolves fat cells while using a non-surgical fat freezing system. It can be successfully used by both men and women in either a thirty- or sixty-minute treatment session. Choose the thirty-minute session for toning and the sixty-minute treatment for fat reduction.

The velcro belt that comes with the product fits waists up to fifty inches wide so that all body types can benefit. It also includes a diet plan to follow for maximized weight loss results and a fat measuring device so that you can track your progress along your journey.

Igia Fat Freezer Platinum

This fat freezing product is very competitive to others on the market in terms of price. The device utilizes two advanced technologies: fat freezing and therapeutic theralight. Optimal results have been seen in as little as 4 weeks!

You can expect a thirty-day money back warranty when you make your purchase. The fat freezer platinum reviews that we have seen on this product have all been relatively successful. This treatment can also be completed in either thirty minutes or sixty minutes, whatever you feel will yield the best results.


Overall, Blue Fat Freezing System blows all other at home fat freezing products out of the water. Because of its convenience, top notch products, and measurable results from customers, you can’t go wrong. Hopefully with the information portrayed within this article, you can make the appropriate choice on the fat freezing product that will be best for you.

Fat Freezer Belt FAQs

Do fat freezer belts work?

Yes. Fat freezer belts are clinically proven to freeze off fat in wanted areas. These products are made for both men and women.

Can you really freeze fat away?

Yes. With bat freezer belts, the temperatures are cold enough to not harm the skin and effectively freeze fat away.

Can you freeze your fat off at home?

Yes. You can use at home fat freezing treatments to freeze your fat off in the comfort of your own home.

How often can I use my fat freezer?

It is recommended to use your fat freezer one hour per day.