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Your hair is an attribute noticed by everyone and can be attractive only if it is well groomed. Having a good hair growth cycle has become a huge part of the society, everyone is perceived by how they keep their hair and how he/she styles them.

The sad thing is, not everyone is born with a beautiful hair. While some are born with full hair, others are not. Several people suffer from hair loss from a young age or as they age. This condition often times cannot be helped. People that suffer from hair loss often feel embarrassed therefore they seek solutions to their condition. Things like hair plug, surgery, etc most times make the problem seem a little bearable, but they do not give us the beautiful and gorgeous hair we want.

There are other ways to grow your hair right back like use of creams and shampoos. Most people go a long way to use almost all the recommended products in stores,  but do not get the desired results. This leaves them more embarrassed than ever.

Well, that chapter of your sad hair journey has come to an end as you go through this post. One ideal solution to baldness or hair loss is using Capillus laser cap. If you search for this product, you will notice they are two types of Capillus caps in the market. On amazon they are sold with a little price difference.

PictureDevice NameShipping weightBest price
Capillus82 5 pounds
Capillus202 5 pounds

Benefits of Capillus 82 and Capillus 202

I am going to review both the Capillus 82 model and Capillus 202 model. Get to know the difference and which one is suitable for your hair problem.

The common features they share are; FDA clinically tested and approved both 82 and 202 model of capillus cap; they use the low level laser therapy (LLLT) technology.

Instead of led lights, they have tiny laser diodes. The red laser beams on both models help stimulate the thinning scalp hair. The wavelength of the laser light is 650 nanometer. It can easily penetrate the scalp and reach the follicle tissue level and stimulate heat. They start to work from inside out. Like every other laser hat on the market, the red laser doesn’t hurt and people use it to zap the hair. It stimulates the hair to create more hair.


Capillus is a portable hair growth hat. It is one of the most sort after hair growth products on amazon. Compared to other LLLT caps which are bulky, the CApillus is convenient that we can use outside the comfort of your house. They are designed to be discreet enough that they can fit under any other head gear like bike helmet or baseball cap. This is suitable for people who are too busy to spend a lot of time treating their hair at home. They can now carry it all round, while the go on their daily hustle. It is so convenient that no one will notice anything.

Another plus to the Capillus is , it is more affordable than any other product Capillus Inc offers.  It is very effective in hair growth. Clinical studies tested and proved the mold to be effective as earlier said . And it increases the hair count by 51% too. Knowing this, several persons recommend this device to anyone who wants to treat their hair problems.

It has no side effects; and FDA has approved it for safe use. As earlier mentioned, the lasers promote hair growth and over time, help increase the production of cellular energy on the scalp. When the cellular energy increases, the hair grows more therefore stopping the hair follicles from shrinking. For visible results, we advise to make you of the Capillus 82 on a regular basis.

The struggle of several people when it comes to using LLLT devices is that they are often bulky and requires indoor treatments. With Capillus 82 the restriction has been overcome. As the device is portable and lightweight that we can place under a scarf. Therefore making use of the Capillus 82 on a regular basis will not be a challenge. As users can use it all through the day even when they go for their daily duties without feeling embarrassed.

Capillus 202

The more the quantity the better. The Capillus 202 model has proven to work with its laser coverage of the Capillus 202. This hands free device is also discrete and stimulates your hair for a better hair growth. Results are very over a short period of time, this is because some people clinically tested it to work 2.5x faster . Its LLLT technology stimulates your hair follicle for the easiest most discreet hair growth experience. This model comes with a battery case and 3 other clinical hair therapy bundles. The bundles include a Capillus shampoo, conditioner, activator and revitalizer.

It also comes with a Capillus branded sports cap which you can put over the hat to cover up the device. And it is most effective in energizing the hair follicle to spur new natural hair growth and reverses hair loss. It also targets thinning and brittle hair and make them thicker and healthier.

This device poses no harm and has no side effect, FDA has clinically tested and approved it for maximum results, wear for 6 minutes every day under any head gear. It is suitable for both men and women. It treats hair loss at the comfort of your home or on the go.  For those suffering from genetic hair loss, there is no need for medication or surgery. The capillus 202 can stop any hair loss symptom and regrow your hair.


You should know that it takes time for hair to grow. We advise you take pictures of your hair before you start and after to keep track of the hair growth. You should use the Capillus hair growth cap for 25 minutes every day for at least 3-4 days a week for several months. Because the device is portable, there will be no problem wearing it for that amount of time. At home or outside while working. Reasons for hair loss are different and they vary depending on individuals. Most people may see better results with Capillus 202 or Capillus 82 laser hair growth hat. Approved by FDA, this hat has been very effective in gaining fuller and thicker hair, thus making it high in demand on the market today.