When the word ‘marijuana’ is mentioned, there is a certain reaction that follows. The truth is, there is a widespread stereotype about marijuana and its use. But marijuana is a natural plant that grows like several other plants. The fact that some people are abusing it does not make it entirely bad or harmful. There is a growing weed knowledge about the substance, and there are several facts and benefits of medical marijuana that you should know about.

Marijuana is so easy to grow that it was simplistically tagged “weed”. It has been grown for centuries in several parts of the world, and yet is shrouded in myths and mystery. In the words of Jasmine Collier, the National Institute of Health posits that people have used cannabis (marijuana) in the last 3,000 years or more to treat their illnesses and diseases.

This post will take you into the world of medical marijuana. What it is, how it works, the legalities, the benefits and every other thing you need to know. Hopefully, by the time you’re done reading this guide, you will understand why medical marijuana can be an important health resource and remedy for many people across the world. But first, what is medical marijuana?

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