With the growing and ever-changing trends, most ladies have devoted their effort in staying glam, painting their nails with trendy SNS nail designs and some of the best SNS nail colors out there. I mean it’s a frenzy, the way SNS nails products are flooding the market. With a heatmap color palette or even the python color palette, you can experience the glamorous world of spring 2018 nail trends. What’s even more, you could get involved in this trend by simply purchasing some of the SNS nail kit, that comes packed with all the goodies that you would need to beautify your lovely nails.

What are SNS Nail colors

 SNS nail colors

Before we go into how to use some of the nail polish and colors from SNS, why not we know what SNS nail polish is?

SNS is short for signature nail system, and they are a brand that deals with dip powder nails. One of the reasons why the SNS brands are thriving very well in this very competitive line of business is because they produce some of the most dazzling nail colors and their finishing is durable and can last for a long time. Another reason behind their huge success is also the fact that, they make the nail dips in such a way that it doesn’t have any odor, and it doesn’t damage the nails. Not only are they protective, in that they protect the nail from damage, they also have nutritious properties (if I may add); they have calcium and vitamins that can strengthen the fingernails. Talk about a useful trend.

Benefits and Disadvantages of Using the SNS Nail Polish

SNS nail colors

Like every good thing, there has to be some detriment to its usage. However, more often than not, for you to experience some of the disadvantages of using a product, it would be that you may have abused the product.

Some of the benefits of the products include:

  • The finishing on it is resilient, and it could last you for weeks (say 2-3 weeks).
  • The nutrients in the dip powder are good for strengthening the nail.
  • If you are planning on using their offers, then you will enjoy the SNS training, plus their nail tech workers are certified in their techniques.
  • The SNS color chart has more than 100 colors to choose from; ranging from the glittering holiday to the French manicure.
  • The SNS nail colors and dips do not have pungent smells when you use them
  • Also, the dipping technique of the SNS dipping powder makes it less damaging to nails.

Some of the disadvantages of using this product include:

  • Because of its perfect finishing, you cannot refill it when it has a scrap; you would have to clean it off and reapply it, all over.
  • Removing the polish may expose the nail to sand and nail polish.

It is quite apparent that the benefits outweigh the disadvantages, therefore, if you want to use the SNS nail polish, you definitely will be one the benefiting side than on the losing side. What better way to show off your beautiful nail than doing it safely?

History Behind Dipping Nails

It was back in the 80s, where hair raging and afros were in the “in thing,” nails were usually damaged when they were stuck in the hair. This problem gave nail tech an idea that they could repair their damaged nails by dipping them. So what they did was that, when their client’s nails were damaged or split, they would use adhesives to gum it back together and then use a special powder, which gave a unique finish, to cover up the adhesive. Just like that, nail tech was in business, and in 1990, SNS company finally began to market their dipping powder.

Although there was a dry season for the sale of the dipping powder, there was a full comeback in 2010; and till today, the SNS dipping powder is revolutionizing the nail polish industries. With more than 100 different colors, one could say that the SNS nail colors are painting the nail polish industries red.


The process involved in dip powder manicure

You might want to consider a salon to get a dip powder manicure; you might end up disappointed if you feel you’ll find some new ways of doing it. For those who have been to a salon for a dip powder manicure, they may understand what I am talking about.


So here is the typical process:

The nail techs start with removing the nail polish you might have one. The removal is mostly gentle (if the previous nail polish was SNS). The nail techs soak your nails in acetones, for up to 20 minutes, after which they proceed to sand and cuticle trimming. Using this process to cleans your nails will help make the nail stronger.

The next step is to apply the costs of powder. The nail tech may get one or two base coat (usually of different colors), then use the powder on the nail. When that is done, the nail tech will then take out the excesses (of the paint); and then paint the polish on top of the coats. By the time they are done, your nails are the best and trending manicure you could ever have. Because of its nature, the SNS liquid polish dries up in healthy air, dispensing with the need to sit under a UV light.

What are the essential components of SNS nails?

SNS nail colors

For those of you who may want to try out dip powder, I would opt for the SNS nail manicure. The method of cleaning and applying the polish is advantageous on its own; you don’t have to go through the rigor of hard clean.

One of the essential components of the SNS nail products is the vitamins it has in the nail that aids in strengthening them. Another important part (or rather feature) of the SNS product, is the fact that the ingredient in them is not as toxic as other polishes.

Since you need not put polish under a UV light for it to cure like you would other polish, you end up having a lot of time in your hands (literally); another important feature of the SNS nail polish/color.

Most people would also be interested in the fact that you could get as many colors as you want; as the SNS nail color comes in several color palettes. If you see a salon with SNS products, then be assured that the workers are certified by SNS; as they ensure that only specially trained techs would be able to use this product correctly.

Other essential components in the SNS powders are. VITAMINS A, D, E and B5, as well as calcium; all of these nutrients help to strengthen the nail.


More on components

Some of the ingredients the SNS company avoid is the formaldehyde, for one reason, it is acidic, and can destroy your nail. Trust me; you do not want to use an acidic primer coating on your nail, before using a polish. The dip, on the other hand, has components like the milled acrylic (and the adhesive used is cyanoacrylate, which is like super glue). Using super glue adhesive may sound scary, but you don’t have to fret, doctors use similar products to close wounds.

Like I said about the curing, you would not need a UV light because the curing process can be done with natural air; but how it works is, the adhesive used for the polishing, activates the powder, which then enables the curing process.

One last thing, if still want to know more about the components in the SNS as well as their training courses (the ones they offer), you could check the SNS website for yourself. It will give you all the information you need.

Some sanitary steps to take when you want to use a SNS-certified salon

Visiting an SNS salon for the first time could pose some problems. For instance, you may not know the methods to use, which is why you would need the nail tech to help you out. When you get into the salon, you could verify the methods they use in applying their powder and polish. This process would then call for the need to be sanitary. They may sprinkle, dip or pour the powder on the clients (your) nail; but whatever method they use, ensure that each client has a different receptacle where they would dip their fingers into. When you do this, you rest assured that you are not carrying anyone’s germs.

If perhaps you don’t want to go to the salon, you might as well do the manicure yourself, at home; you can easily do your nails using the SNS products.


Doing your manicure at home

First things first, purchase your own SNS Gelous dip powder(s), your seals and your bases; if they’re yours, you wouldn’t mind how you use them. Having a set of SNS manicure tool is good; I mean, you wouldn’t have to worry about the harsh odors and using the UV light. Plus, using only the acetone, you can take off the polish.

There are at least 400-plus colors you could try out; and although the powders may not look or reflect their exact colors at first; when you set them (finishing with polish), then their colors will come out. Sometimes it would be best to look at samples off the internet or in the SNS salons; so you can know what you want to do or get.

Steps on how to apply the GELOUS dip powder

SNS nail colors

For those of you that are considering using the dip powder at home, there are some steps you need to follow so that you can get it right.

  • The first thing to do is to trim your cuticles, then gently buff the nail surface. After that, you then paint a thin base coat layer on the nail
  • You let the painted coat layer dry for about one minute. When it is dry, you apply the medium gel base coat, and then dip your nails into the colored powder, one by one.
  • You repeat the first two steps again for each nail.
  • When you have done that, you then brush off the excess powder; you then apply the sealer, shape the nail and buff it one more.
  • You will then paint on the original sealer, a second layer of the sealer and apply two thin gel top coating afterward.
  • The nail should be fanned so that it can dry (do this for 30 seconds); then you can apply the nourisher, as well as message if you want to.

Perhaps you got tip extensions for your nail; you can still follow the same process, but rather than do the first two instructions twice, do it three times.

One of the bad things about using the GELOUS color nails is that you cannot refill it when it is old; instead, you would have to sand of the shine, soak your nails in acetone for at least ten minutes; then brush it off, and go through the same process again.

Some Questions You Might Have about the SNS Nail Colors


A: not just two weeks, but up to eight weeks. The only downside is that your nails would have grown by then.


A: yellowing of the SNS nail product is caused when the nail is exposed to excess sunlight (UV light), or even rubbing hand lotion, and using bleaching products. To avoid it, you would have to avoid certain things like the sunlight or bleaching product. My best suggestion would be to wear gloves when you are under the sun or when you want to use these products.


A: what SNS product are trying to make you understand, is that is safer and healthier to do a new manicure than to refill it. Plus, since the manicure lasts up to four weeks, then it wouldn’t cost so much.


A: not only is it acrylic, but it is also “diet acrylic”; yes, the ingredient is acrylic, the finishing does not make the nail look like press-on or fake nails.


A:  other chemicals used in making the SNS powder include the titanium dioxide, the acrylic ester polymer, and the benzoyl peroxide.


A: the problem usually is from the start. Always ensure that you remove the excess cuticle before you apply anything on the nail


A: you use more than three medium gel coating, plus the sheer powder makes the bonder stronger and prone to breakage.


A: SNS is of the suggestion that wiping the brushes on a paper towel after usage will be good for the brushes. The paper towel should be moistened in acetone.


A: you could use accessories like the FRENCH DIP MOULD, where you take out the lot of powder you need into a container, away from the powder itself.


A: now this is a big question right here, and the answer is also significant. SNS has many perks; first off, it has non-toxic chemical and ingredients, which makes it one of the safest manicure kit to use. They are odorless, meaning you don’t have to go the whole day breathing in manicure smell; plus they don’t cling to your skin like some other nail polishes, and sealants do. What’s more, they don’t need to be put under a UV light to dry off, saving you a lot of time. The finishing with this product feels right plus it can last for a minimum of two weeks.

I sure do hope that these answers clarify some of the questions you might have about SNS nail colors products.

Final words

SNS nail color and all its other products are indeed a delight. With this product, you will look glamorous and healthily and safely. You would not need to go through all the trouble trying to look good. Some of its great qualities like; being odorless and having nutrients (like calcium and vitamins) sure does make it a lot better to use than some other nail products.

Because of its finishing, you not only have a complete and perfect finish; you could also carry that fine finishing for as long as 2 to 8 weeks (the only reason you may not carry it for as long as eight weeks is that your nails may begin to grow).