With a variety of medicinal benefits of marijuana, coupled with the fact that a lot of countries around the globe, now recognize the importance of marijuana and endorses it, a lot of people now grow marijuana. The marijuana market, which experiences an in-depth expansion have more customers than a lot of weed growing industries. Now that the demand for marijuana dramatically increases.  The realization of that vastly shows that we need to have people who meet up with the demand for supply. Hence, the need for people who grow marijuana seeds.

A lot of people have ventured into growing weed indoors and are making a profit from them. However, with an increase in demand and the advancement of technology, other protective and more efficient ways of growing marijuana seeds are now used. If you’re starting up or you want tips based on professional experience, this updated guide would tutor you on how to grow marijuana seeds in 2018 effectively. Regardless of the hectare of land you want to use for planting marijuana seeds. Or the number of seeds you want to plant, this guide would help you when growing marijuana, especially in modern times.

How do you get marijuana seeds really?

marijuana seeds

Many people might want to get marijuana seeds, but they may not know how to go about it for a variety of reason. For one, because they are new to the business, they don’t know which seeds works best or what to look for when going for marijuana seed. Another reason would be that, there is a high level of illiteracy amongst farmers on what seeds produce the best results. We know that they are male and female seed. So which one is suitable for planting? Is sativa seeds best for me or do I stick to what I know? All these questions are only but a few, you are to expect from illiterate farmers. And when I say illiterate, I mean, not having knowledge as to the kinds of cannabis seeds available.

So down to the question, how to get a marijuana seed, that will produce more yields. Before you go into the business of planting marijuana, first of all know one thing, that marijuana seeds are both male and female (as mentioned above); and that the gender of your seeds will affect your yields at the end of the day. Surprisingly, there are also hermaphrodite seeds too; but we don’t know for sure how that will affect your yield; but most definitely in a positive way (we’ll find that out during the course of the article).

Male and Female Seeds; their effects and benefits

marijuana seeds

Female cannabis pre-flowers – these wispy white hairs are pistils at the first sign

Before we go on, it will be pertinent to note that it is the male seeds that pollinates the female seeds, but in most instances, the weed smoked today are usually from seedless marijuana plants, thus its name senmilla (which translate to without seeds in Spanish).

Both the male and female seeds are a product of their respective plants, thus a male plant for a male seed and a female plant for a female seed, but there are some plants that are hermaphrodites and self-pollinate and fertilize themselves and grow. These plants are to a large extent preferable (when it comes to their seeds) to either. Just this isn’t the only criteria for choosing the best seed.

All in all, we have come to realize that male seeds are not useless per se, but there don’t really do much; all they do is pollinate the female plant; consuming them will have no effect on you. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t and shouldn’t cultivate male seeds, because without them, you wouldn’t have marijuana seeds.

How to Tell the Male and the Female Seeds Apart?

marijuana seeds

When you surf the web, you will find ways in which you can actually tell both the male and female seeds apart; but one thing that works is just for you to watch how it grows, you’ll definitely know which is make and female.

Although this method of checking which seed is male and female for the purpose of buying it for the first time, it will help you to get to know your plants better.

You tell the male seeds from the female during its pre-flowering stage, which will occur about six weeks after cultivation. By that time, you will be able to tell that a plant is female when you see a small bud at the core of the plant, that is, the fledging branch and the main stock of the plant.

Still on how to tell males from females during growing stage; on the female plants, you see a white pistil hair growing on the bud of the plant. The pistil hairs are two, and when the plant matures, it turns red or orange.

For male seeds, you can tell them apart from the male when you see the pollen sacs they create during growth. The sacs are tulip shaped and do not have hairs growing round it.

You should be careful of one thing; avoid the male and female seeds being together, because the male plant will pollinate the female plant, without giving it time to flower, rather, it will start developing seeds.

Other than for consumption, make plants are very useful for other thing, including hair treatment, making body lotions and things like that.

Clones Over Seeds (COS)

marijuana seeds

What are clones? Clones are basically a cut off from the mother plants. They are cut-offs that can still grow roots. So why choose the clones when you could just plant the seeds? Isn’t there some kind of special procedure involved?

I personally think that seeds are more beneficial to clones, and I think you should agree with me too. I’ll base my conclusion on the following grounds;

  •         Seeds haves tap roots which clings onto and anchors on the soil, clones do not have these. With tap roots, you have a healthier plant.
  •         They are a variety of benefits to choose from when you cultivate with seeds; control and choice of seed. You are deprived of that benefits when you go ‘clone”.
  •         More yields from seeds plants to clone plants, for one reason; they experience lesser stress.
  •         With seeds plants you can reduce the level of diseases and pests.
  •         Since this is a beginner’s guide, it will be pertinent to help you with tools you can work with. Seeds are easier for beginners to use. For you to successfully clone a plant, you’ll need to be an expert in the field.

Now there is no gainsaying it, seeds are better in every way to clones, a thousand times over. If you want to be smart and clone your plants, for any reason, get someone who can handle the matter; someone who can help you achieve a successful cloning.

Growing Marijuana

marijuana seeds

For some people, growing marijuana could come off as a hobby for substance use. But for others, it comes off as a business venture. However, you choose to build your marijuana, you could get a great deal of profit from it. You could use it as business and earn cool cash from it.

The outdoor growing of marijuana gets ventured primarily with people who do it as a hobby. Indoor growing of cannabis gets used by those who are into professional marijuana growing. With indoor marijuana building, you get a significant yield and a more efficient scalable production.

With the use of hydroponics grooming for your marijuana seeds, traditional methods, and gardening, you can progress and maximize the full potential of your marijuana production.

This year, 2018 have significantly advanced the growth of cannabis, mainly due to the advance in technology. This technology further makes it easier for the advancement in the yield of production.  With the use of expert technological equipment, one can efficiently operate smoothly and manage the workflows, optimize and automate the natural flow of production. All of this influence can lead you to grow marijuana seeds for efficient commercial output and purposes.


Why You Should Grow Marijuana Seeds Professionally

marijuana seeds

Growing marijuana seeds professionally involves setting up an indoor facility or room where you would groom the seeds.

You also have to invest a lot in the necessities for the seed plants. You would have to give them the crucial they need which include airflow, light, water and a good supply of nutrients. Paying excellent attention to your marijuana seeds makes progressions to enable you to grow, harvest, dry and a full-blown profit and yield.

This article would further answer your questions about maximizing your production yield.

Although you have to invest some resources when growing marijuana seeds, you are so to reap an abundant amount of profit.

Before we begin the ultimate updated get started guide, we would share with you the influence of the essential factors such as Hydroponics on the growth of marijuana seeds.

The Different Kind of Weed Seed

To achieving great yield and increase in your marijuana business, is by choosing the best kind of weed for you. They are basically three (3) kinds of seeds to choose from, or at least, these are the three I know of, and they are;

  • The regular weed seed
  • The feminized weed seed
  • The auto-flowering weed seed.

We will consider them serially, and then we’ll go on to differentiate them

The regular Seeds

marijuana seeds

These seeds are a sort of a hermaphrodites, in that they produce both male and female seeds, they are not chemically altered and they are purely natural, meaning, you would not find those defects that you would find in altered seeds.

Like I said when I started, these seeds are sort of hermaphrodite, but they are need for you to choose which of the seed you’ll need; there is a need for identification of the seeds. But the good news is that, this seed is perfect for beginners.

When using the regular seeds will mean you have to be very attentive to the growth of the crops because, the male seeds may fertilize the female seed, so you need to separate the crops. But even when you separate the plants, always ensure that you keep close watch on them because, the female seeds may still become a hermaphrodite.

Feminized seeds

marijuana seeds

These kinds of seeds are purely female, in that when planting the seeds, you can be sure that you have no males in the mix.

Feminized seeds don’t just happen naturally; it happens through a specialized process called feminization.

Feminization is achieved through a process called, RODELIZATION. Rodelization, is a process of spraying chemicals solutions of either colloidal silver or gibberellic acid on the crops.

So you can get a feminized seed by following this process, and when you’re done, you can experience an all-female planting season.

You can however grow the feminized seeds in a particular area and in an appropriate condition, which will make them resistant to becoming hermaphrodites.

Planting feminized seed will help you to a large extent, from going through the tedious process of identifying seed sex, which also reflects on the yields of the plants positively.

Auto-Flower Cannabis Seeds

marijuana seeds

This seeds works according to time; they flower during a certain period. Thus the auto-flower cannabis seeds flower as soon as they reach a certain age. It is immaterial whether the plants get adequate light, or whether there are big enough, or whether they are mature, (unlike other strains of marijuana seeds), as soon as it reaches the particular age for flowering, it does so automatically.

The good thing about this kind of seed is that you can purchase this seed as either feminized or regular seeds.

As a beginner, this light will be perfect for you, because when you’re starting off, one of the things you’d probably care less for would the lighting schedule, so as beginners, with other things to do, if you do not want to get an auto grow-tent to control your environment, you could get the auto-flower cannabis seed.

This particular seed has more props for a greater yearly yield than the normal flowering cannabis seeds.

For beginners, the first six weeks are very crucial; the result of your yield will depend on how well you look out for your crops during that period; it follows therefore that when you diligently frame and nurture your crops, you won’t have a problem and vice versa

Selecting Good Seeds Matters

marijuana seeds

You have to choose the right seeds, very essential. Bad seeds equal terrible yield. Based on the type of production you want; you should be able to select the seeds that would work best for you. The market you would want to get into significantly influences the type of seeds that you would invest. If you are operating on the medical marijuana or recreational marijuana, choose your seeds accordingly.

Depending on the results you want and the market you decide to niche on, researching the best plant and purchasing good seeds should not come off as confusing or difficult for you.

The seeds are the foundation of the growth of the plant. Once you have edible seeds, navigating to optimize airflow, water, light, and

nutrients, should not be a problem.

Kinds of Seeds to Choose from

marijuana seeds

There are several kinds of seeds to choose from, and choosing the right kind of seeds will to a large extent determine your harvest.

These are seeds available; ruderalis, indica, sativa and the hybrid seeds.

We well now look at them individually, but before we do, I’d like to add that the effects of all the seeds vary considerably.


marijuana seeds

Compare from Indica to Sativa Strains

This plant is short and sturdy, they carry a lot of aroma, in that, they ooze, and they grow wide, or rather, they have wide branches, but since they are short and small, there are the perfect strain for indoor planting.

Compared to the sativa strain, they have thicker buds and flowers, and you can know the difference when you feel the buds.

They use about 8-12 weeks to bud and flower, and their seeds contain more resin than usual which makes it more hashish

They are more sedative than usual, and is perfect for body pain relief. Thus this strain does more with sedation than boosting activity.


Unlike the indica, sativa grow really tall and are really thin. So tall that they can stretch up to twenty (20) feet tall. Because of the enormous difference in height, the sativa plants are better planted outside.

Flowering takes about 10-16 weeks, twice the amount of time it takes for the indica takes to bud and flower. Even its flowering makeup is loose and hairy, as opposed to the indica.

Sativa is more of a head game, in that it works in your head to make you more energized and creative; it is the perfect anti-depressant.

marijuana seeds

Sativa vs Indica vs Ruderalis – Strains and Varieties of Marijuana


marijuana seeds

I’m fairly certain that most of you out there have probably not heard of this strain of wed before, but it out there, and it often confused for sativa, but it is not. In fact, this strain of weed is perfect for cross breeding and making hybrid weed plants because of its resilient nature; it is strong and can stand cold weather and climatic conditions.


Hybrids are just a cross breeding of more than one strain marijuana. When this cross breeding occurs, the result is that you have a more intense strain and kind of weed plant. When weed plants are hybrids, what happens is that the yield and potency is increased exponentially.

With a hybrid plant, you can retain all the favorable features of the “parent plants”, thus making the perfect plant.

From the above list, it is very important that you pick the best kind of weed that would work for you. You can’t take the ruderalis, because it is only ideal for hybrid mix. The sativa on the other hand may be tall and energizing, it can only be cultivated outdoors. Indicas’ are short and sturdy which means they can be planted indoors, but what you may fail to consider is their smell. Thus it would be of utmost importance that you find some sort of smell reducing mechanism to keep the stench from getting out.

Hybrids are good, but can’t possibly be used by beginners because the level of concentration for the plant will be very demanding; but this shouldn’t discourage any beginner out there from using the hybrid seed; if you are up for the task, then by all means get the seed to start up your own business farm.

When the time to harvest your cannabis arrives, you should know how to collect them. When your plants have grown into a full-blown plant with buds which are heavy, then you know that you can now harvest them. To harvest your buds, you need shears; you start by neatly cutting out the plants. After that, manicure the leaves out of the plats neatly. When you have successfully done this, collect the buds of the plants, and store it in a cool dry place.

How to Identify and Choose the Right Cannabis Seeds

marijuana seeds

Getting the best out of your cannabis seed pick can be pretty easy if you know what you’re doing; but for those of you who are just entering the business of selecting cannabis seeds, then maybe, you’ll need to know this.

The first thing you’ll need is to have a reputable seller; one that you know sells the good stuff. But we’ll dispense with the need to discuss that as a prudent farmer will know where to get his seeds

Since you probably already know the different strains of weed, let me just go on ahead and tell you what to look out for in a weed seed.

First of all, you’ll need to know what a healthy seed looks like; they are either dark brown or gray, they have a tiger striped or mottled pattern, and they are fat and round. If it’s too small and brittle, with green sprout, it may not germinate, as they are still immature. The same goes for overly gray ones.

One way you can know for sure that your seeds are healthy is by doing the sink test. The sink test is a simply procedure. All you have to is to put the seeds in water, after an hour, what stays on top or floats on the water is probably too immature or old, while the rest of the lot that sinks to the bottom of the water are good and healthy seeds.

How to Store Cannabis Seeds

marijuana seeds

People may proffer different ways to store your seeds, for those of you that have already gone outsourcing ways to store your seeds. But if the method of storing seeds does not have the dark and cold mix; then you probably got the wrong info.

The first thing you should know when storing any kind of seed is that, it needs to be in a cool dry place, and preferably out of direct contact or any contact with sunlight, it is what they thrive on to survive.

The same goes for cannabis seeds; you would need to prevent any damp place, any place wet and sunny is out of it, unless you decide to plant your seeds in which case, that is exactly what they need.

You can probably store your weed seed in the refrigerator, but the storage must be in an opaque and desiccant pouch; this pouch is usually airtight and it keeps out the moisture and light from getting in the container.

Another tested and proven way of storing your seed is through freezing. When you want to freeze however, ensure that you put the seed in a small desiccant pouch then freeze. It helps keeps the moisture and air out. This last method of storing, may however pose some danger to the seeds, are they are susceptible to cell damage, due to the lack or moist.

The Legal Implications of Purchasing Marijuana Online

marijuana seeds

People are usually skeptical when they are getting this kinds of things from the internet, and I usually don’t blame them, they possibly could not know any better. They are countries where the purchase of marijuana won’t pose a problem, but in the United State, it is not so simple. Although many state have legalized the purchasing of weed, either medicinally or recreationally, it is still illegal federally.

So while you might feel the indifference of a state from investigating the purchase of weed is widespread, to covering even the federal level, I’d advise you take a serious caution when purchasing the cannabis online, because the feds aren’t smiling.

One of the major hindrances for the purchase of weed seed is that, when the transaction is done within American state soil; then you could be in for some serious time; and it is immaterial that the transaction was done between two state that have legalized the purchase and use of the weed.

They are a couple of marijuana seed bank online that help with discreetly and safely delivering the seeds to you, without having to involve any other party. These seeds banks are probably the safest means of purchasing the weed as they come in handy for a secretive means of seed changing hands. It’s not as creepy and cynical as it sounds but it’s really something.

Requirements for Buying Marijuana Seeds Online

For all the beginners that want to order weed seeds online; it might seem scary and hard to do at first but when you understand some of the requirements for getting the seeds from the online seed bank, you’ll see that you were just worrying for nothing.

There is really not special procedure for buying seeds online; it is just like shopping online, no special procedure at all.

Before you go on however to buy the weed seeds online, you’ll need to confirm that your local laws legalize the purchase of cannabis seeds online.

Choosing a reliable and trustworthy seed bank online will determine the mode of the stealth shipping, as well as the quality of the seed.

Some reliable seed banks include;

Crop King Seeds, Seedman, the Nirvana Shop and MSNL amongst many others. If you’re outside the United States, you might want to try the Amsterdam marijuana seed online bank, they give you some amazing seeds to pick from.

The Best Strains of Seeds for Beginners

marijuana seeds

Having said all that I’ve said, how about I intimate all you aspiring weed farmers the kinds of weed strains you can start with that probably won’t pose so much problems to you.

The truth is, you now know all the strains and types of seed out they (if you diligently read the article), but in other to gain the experience you need for next time, you will have to know how to select the right seeds.

When you want to choose a seed, ensure it is a robust and strong seed, one that can cater for itself, one that would need little effort on your part.

For beginners, the seeds that is usually recommended for you is either the feminized or auto-flowering seeds, for obvious reasons; they produce high yield and are very strong. When you want to start cultivation, it is important that you start small, so that you’ll understand the dynamics of the seed and how to cultivate them.

These are some of the seeds you could use.

The Northern Light Marijuana Seed

marijuana seeds

Northern Lights Auto (Feminised)

These seeds are also one of the perfect seeds for novices and beginners alike. Not only is the seed a potent and classic hybrid and an auto-flowering seed, it is also easy to grow. The plant contains about 11 distinct traits from cross breeding, and trust me when I say that it is the most desirable plant on the Amsterdam market. Not only is it recreational, it is also medically suitable, as it contains a high level of CBD and THC which is good for the eyes and other bodily ailment. The yield from this plant is very high as it takes about 9-10 weeks to mature.

You can get this strain of seeds from the Amsterdam seed bank.

The Blue Dream Marijuana Seed

marijuana seeds

Blue Dream Seeds – Feminized

This seed is an auto-flowering feminized seed that performs well in almost all kind of weather. They are very easy to grow and they mature on time; it takes about 8-10 weeks to mature. Their harvesting rate is high, and they are potent, both in effect and other benefits. It is the perfect seed for novice and those who want to start up a weed farm. There is also a hybrid version of this seed, thus you can get both the indica and sativa mix and get amazing results in your first season.

The best place to get the seed is in the MSNL seed bank; they are popular for selling this strain of weed seeds.

Super Skunk Marijuana Seed

marijuana seeds

Super Skunk seeds

What comes to your mind when you hear the name super skunk? I don’t know, but what I do know is that this strain of marijuana seed is one of the holy grails of marijuana seeds.

It is unique hybrid of just the skunk family; the skunk #1 and the skunk special. It is an indica dominant feminized seed, that not only gives you the high yield you’ll need, it is also very easy to grow. The flowers it produces are usually very large, which accounts for the speed in yield.

All this strain need is the basic growth you’d normally give a regular plant; cultivate the strain for 9-10 weeks and you have yourself a mature plant.

This strain is basically a relaxing weed strain that reduces anxious and stressed up behavior, which comes as a result of the day really.

Just like its name, it odor is not one you can stand, which means that you’d have to make provision for smell control.

Nirvana shop is the perfect online seed bank that you can get this strain from, it may even be the only online seed bank with this strain in stock.

Wonder Woman Marijuana Seed

marijuana seeds

Wonder Woman Feminized

Every wonder what it feels like to think you have all the happiness in the world? I think about that all the time, too bad that can’t happen, but if you Take the wonder woman seed, then you might just feel that way.

The wonder woman seed is beginner friendly and can grow easily. But favorite thing is the perfect ratio of THC and CBD because this is marijuana that you’ll love smoking anytime in the day. This is good because her buds are wonderfully dense and large giving a heroic yield. It is a cross breed of the white widow and the super skunk, making it a hybrid. It takes about 8-10 weeks to flower, and produce buds that are trim. Because of the skunk trait in it, its effects last long, and as a dominant indica, it has a high level of THC in it, and is good for medical purposes. You can get the seed at the Nirvana online seed bank for a very flexible price.

Tip for the strain: Wonder Woman’s indica side really shows when she’s in her pre-flowering stage, also known as the infamous stretch period. Expect her to at most only double in size when flipping from veg to flower, with a more expected result of her only getting about 1/3rd taller.

Lowryder Marijuana Seed

marijuana seeds

Lowryder Autoflowering Seeds

This strain of seed is yet another strain of seed that comes in handy for those who wants to experience an easy grow. Thus, it is the perfect seed for beginners and novices. Just like its name, the lowryder is a short hybrid plant that is perfect for a fast and potent grow. Because it is short, it makes it easy to grow indoor and like I said earlier; it is fast to grow and takes about 8 weeks to grow completely, plus it is stable and reliable in growth. Although the lowryder seed is predominantly indica, it is a cross breed of both the Northern Light No. 2 and the Mexican ruderalis.

You get high and relaxed when you use this kind of seed. You can purchase the seed from the Seedman seed banks as well.

The Green Crack Marijuana Seed

marijuana seeds

Green Crack Seeds

This strain of seed is the most popular amongst sellers and purchasers alike; because it is one of the most potent and viable seed on the market thus far. For novices that want to start up a weed farm but don’t know which strain to start from, you can just use this one; it is a “legendary seed” amongst the other seeds.

It is a feminized seed that can grow rather easily and does not need much attention.

This seed is dominantly indica and takes about 7-9 weeks to mature and flower. It has the nicknames, mango perfume, citrus and sweet, because it gives its users the high spirited energy that you see in wild animals. People take the “citrus” during the day so that they can have the energy to carry on their daily task. Medicinally, it is the perfect recipe for curing chronic fatigue.

You purchase the seed at the Amsterdam marijuana online seed bank.

White Haze Auto

marijuana seeds

White Haze Auto seeds

The white haze auto may not be a genetic hybrid, but it sure does beat most of the genetic hybrids out there. It is solely a feminized genetic breed of the most intense sativa; so intense that it won an award, for the cannabis cup winner, now that has to blow your mind away, literally.

It may produce a decent yield, but this strain of cannabis seed not only auto-flowering; but also takes only about 6-8 weeks to mature, meaning therefore that you can cultivate the plants or crops a lot faster than the seeds mentioned above.

When fully grown, the marijuana is spicy and sweet, and is very popular in the medical field.

They use this weed strain to cure severe pain and it is also recreationally used for inciting that euphoric feeling.

You can get the seed at the Seedman seed bank.

Harvesting Tips for Cannabis

marijuana seeds

Now you have successfully grown your marijuana buds to a flower producing plant; you have to harvest and cash out on that money! However, collecting your plants wrongly, could end up in the destruction of the plants. Harvesting the cannabis comes as the tenth step in this guide.

You shouldn’t ruin your hard work. After you have successfully groomed your plant and given them the vital factors of water, light, and nutrients of which they need to grow in abundance and the right proportion.

Final Words

The rule to selecting a good cannabis seed is very direct. You have to know what you want, if you’re an already established weed farmer. But where you have no idea on what you’re doing; then the best idea is to select you weed seeds from the ones outlined above; and also following the rules and guideline above.

If someone has already given you a strain of seed, to cultivate; but you want to be sure that it is not only healthy; but that as a beginner you can cultivate the seed, then you should really consider using these guidelines posted above; not only will it help you identify your weed seed, it will also affect the yield and harvest of your farm.

Getting the seeds online may pose a little problem but if you can only follow the regulation of your state laws; then you won’t have a problem, you would however, follow the regulations of the state if you want to have a problem free shipment.