Weed, cannabis, ganja, wrap, it comes in many names, but whatever name or form or shape it comes in, one thing is sure; this product is in high demand.

But the question is this, why do youths, and sometimes even the elderly spend so much money on this drug.

For one, it relieves stress and mental anxiety. Another reason would be that it puts its users in the state of ecstasy.

But for whatever reason, it sure is making an impression in the world. Not only is it the most sold herb, but it is also the most recommended by doctors for treating anxiety and stress issues.

Recreationally, the herb, weed or ganja, really does a lot in not only relaxing and soothing the feeling of aggrieved youths; but it also takes off the hooligans on the street. How is that possible, you might ask when these addicts (mostly thugs and gangs) take weed consistently; they tend to be immobile for a while, losing all control, making them less harmful to the society. Plus, when they take it in excess, it is only a matter of time, before it’s adverse effect takes place. It is, therefore, a good and bad thing when users of weed take this drug recreationally; one it takes danger off the street, but when these people are high, they may commit atrocious crimes they may not know.

I also mentioned earlier that the weed also has medical purposes. What it does to its patients are numerous, for one, it helps those with an eye problem; and for another, it helps to relax the anxious and depressed mind, making less prone to suicides.

Another thing we have to look at is the commercial revenue this drug produces.

Because this product is in high demand, so many persons have resorted to selling this drug. There is a rough estimate of about a billion dollar yearly on the purchase and sale of this product.

Many persons want to grow this product because of so many reasons; be it for sale or for vaping but for whatever reason, I’ll give you some tips on how to grow weeds indoor.

Kits for indoor weed farming

growing weed indoors

Some person may thing growing weed indoors may be very easy, some might even think it is a piece of cake; but what they don’t know is that there is a lot of intricacies to growing weed indoor for beginners.

First of all, you would have to consider the kind of soil matters a lot to the quality of the weed product. Another thing would be the right kind of kits; like gardening, using the proper toolkit will affect the quality and quantity of the product. You will also have to get other supplements to help the products, supplements like manure and fertilizers.

One thing beginners fail to realize is that cannabis smell is something, they don’t know that the more the growth, the more the stench; and this could lead to a lot of problems, with the neighbors; so another thing to look out for when you want to grow an indoor weed farm is how to deal with the stench.

Well now deal with all the steps to use when you want to grow an indoor weed farm:

Indoor weed growing kit

growing weed indoors

The first thing you need to do when you want to raise an indoor weed aside from getting the cannabis seed (which we will discuss later), is getting the right sets of kits and knowing how they work.

The kits consist of a tent and a growing light. These kits come hand in hand, and they are perfect for growing the weed.

Before we go into what the contents of the kits, how about we know what marijuana grow kit.

What is a marijuana grow kit?

The marijuana grows kit merely is the tent kit. It is a tent kit or room that you can cultivate the weed plant fast and better; and you don’t have to stress yourself so much.

Like you’ll get to know later, the marijuana grows kit is an all-in-one package, a complete tent that has all the equipment and accessories you may need to produce a weed plant.

The complete marijuana grow kit has a tent and grow-light as the main components; with other minor parts; including the fans, rod, filters, connectors, thermometers, beam; as well as other accessories you may need.

How about we examine some of the kits, and the first on my list is;

Another reason why the makers of the tent are because, starting fresh marijuana grow room from the bottom to top is not only exhausting but daunting and expensive to do; it is so costly, even the experienced weed growers find it discouraging.

So the tent is a handy tool, for persons who want to grow weed plants for life.

The LED grow light

growing weed indoors


The amazing about the tent is that it comes with an LED grow light, as a sub-component of the tent.

Just like the sunlight effects on the plant, causing it to be fresh and green, so does the LED grow light.

Like you’ll need the sunlight to make the plant green and fresh, which is why you have the LED growth light. It makes the plant grow faster and better.

It is a technologically concentrated Light that has the effects of photosynthesis on the plant, making it grow a lot faster and better. And it is also the best light for growing weed.

Requirement When Selecting the LED Grow Light

growing weed indoors

To cultivate the perfect and healthy weed farm, you’ll need to get the perfect tool. One of these tools is the LED grow light. The LED grow light is the perfect tool you’ll need when you’re about to forge on the task of growing a weed farm. The Grow light even comes in handy when you want to consider planting in the winter because the plant will need all the heat they can get. So when you want to get a LED grow light, you should consider the following;

  1.       Budget

This aspect of the work is one of the most crucial aspects thus far. Therefore, you’ll need to know the cost of your LED grow light. How much you want to invest in the business, will to a large extent affect your overall outcome/yield.

  1.       Grow Area or room

When you want to consider the budget for the lights, you’ll also need to look at the coverage area of your grow room or tent. Where the room is relatively large or do cover a large mass; then it is inevitable that the budget for the LED light will be higher too.

This factor is surely considered when drawing out a concrete module of the entire expenditure for the weed farm.

  1.       Phases for the Growth of the Plants

Once you figured out your budget for the light and the appropriate grow area, then the next step will be to evaluate what time would be best to set the light it to better nourish the plant. Thus would it be ideal to set the LED light throughout the tenancy of the growth; or would it be only during specific times, like maybe the flowering phase or the germinating phase? It is better that you use the LED light throughout the tenancy of the growing season.

  1.        The angle of LED Grow Light Lens.

Setting the LED light at the right angle is of utmost importance; it should be treated as such and given the much-deserved attention. Since you’re going to be using LED bulbs, you’d need to put the light in an area that can disperse the light well. Thus you’ll need to use the angles in your room to achieve your aim.


Prerequisite Gadgets for Grow Room

growing weed indoors

Manage Odor/AIR From Marijuana Grow Room

The overall safety and health of both plants and humans should be considered when you want to install a LED light with full spectrum. So when you’re using the LED light, you’ll need to wear what we call a protective glass. What it does is that it reflects the very harmful UV ray to the plant, which needs it mor

You could consider using a grow tent when you’re cultivating your cannabis. They are very useful and are suitable for enclosed spaces, which means that the light rays are usually protected, and all you’ll need to wear is an overall, preferably rubber, which is almost the same as the protective glasses. Plus, it helps to keep in the offensive smell that the cannabis plant would normally give off.

Other important gadgets you’d need when growing your crop will be;







The fan

growing weed indoors

The fan helps to supply air (although not natural) to the plant to make it growing process faster. The atmosphere the fan produces is usually much, to ensure that the plant gets sufficient air supply

The filter

growing weed indoors

Like I said earlier, the odor the marijuana plant produces is so bad that you’ll need to find a way to get rid of it. Thanks to the filter, you don’t have to worry about the smell anymore. It completely removes every scent from the building.

The thermometer

The thermometer helps in regulating the heat of the tent, and it ensures that the tent has the right amount of heat to make the plant grow effectively.

Rather than bore you with the details of the tents, how about I give you a rundown of the guide in getting the perfect marijuana growing kit.

These are the rest of the accessories you’d need for your garden;

Light Meter


Grower’s Hydroponic Accessory Tool Kit

Fertilizers for Marijuana

Buyer’s Guide to buying the marijuana grow kit

When you want to get a grow-kit, you would have to consider some things first, so that you can cultivate the ideal marijuana plant.

you should also note the following:

Tent size

growing weed indoors

4X4 Grow Tent Setup

Most people may not know this; but the size of your tent will to a large extent determine your output, what you’ll reap after your cultivation.

Size should be the foremost and most important consideration because it is indispensable when cultivating the ideal marijuana plant. The size of the tent is the determinant of the numbers of plants you’ll grow per season, thus determining the turnout of your harvest.

Minus the fact that you need a large tent, you’ll also need a large space at home as well to fit your tents. Because the types of equipment on the tent are somewhat large, it would be prudent to have an entire room dedicated to growing the weed

During a survey in the US as well as Canada, there was an observation as to the fact that patients use about 1 g to 3 g a day. To produce enough to last for a year, (about 2.5lb) you’ll need a huge room, that can grow up to 2-3 plants.

Grow lights

People sometimes forget that plants need light to grow and that they are cultivating the plants Indoors, so the stimulation of the LED light has to match the sun rays.

This exact reason is where the grow light comes in. This light helps the marijuana grow well and fast like it’s directly under the sun.

The two major kinds of light weed growth experts use the LED growth light and the HPS growth light.

Soil or soilless

As you can’t grow plants in just any kind of ground, the same goes for Marijuana. Because cultivating marijuana is such a delicate matter, the tent comes with its particular type of soil; the hydroponically growth soil, the best soil for growing weed. They are also tents that are soilless that run on the hydroponic system as well.


Last but not least thing on my list of consideration is the equipment. You need to select the best gear if you want to grow the perfect weed. These accessories come with the tent, but you can also get the accessories individually.

So what’s the benefit of the kits

growing weed indoors

Like every innovation, the grow kits are not without benefits; benefits that are or utilitarian value. Some of these benefits include;

  • You have a Complete setup: the moment you get a weed to grow kit, be assured that you get all you need to start up a good marijuana growing farm.

You have the fans for airflow ventilation, the light, and reflectors for efficient growth, beams, rods, thermometer, and all the other accessories.

  • Saves you a ton of green bucks: before now, marijuana growth experts would make an entire room available for growing marijuana, which was not only time-consuming but also costly, as they would have to get all their accessories individually.

With the innovation of the Marijuana grow kit, people started spending less on making a greenhouse from scratch. If you’re a small-scale weed vendor, you don’t need an entire room, all you need is the grow kit, and you’re good to go. It is considered cost-effective.

You might think the price of the kit is high, at the first instance, but when you consider the price for all the accessories collectively, to when you would have bought it individually, you’d be happy that you got the marijuana growth kit.

  • Reduces risks: it is not new that having a weed farm or greenhouse is very risky, talk less about making it an indoor business; it is hazardous. They are hidden traps lying around, and if you’re not an expert in the growing of marijuana, you may fall into that trap, for instance, if all the accessories like the light, filter, the tent and all the rest are a match to one another.

The way these kits are is that they have to match with their perfect accessories. These matches are done by experts who have used the different kinds of tents available. And because there have used the different types of grow kits, they know what is right for raising the perfect farm.

  • Balancing the Optimal space-light: the grow kits for Marijuana comes with a tent that has the exact and right size of optimal internal reflectivity, this is added to the lighting

It has a specific Objective: one great thing about grow tents is that they perform their particular purpose; to grow plant fast and efficiently. This kits’ design also has a sole purpose, which is growing weed.

Plus, it can be used in cabinet space, basement, kitchen, room or any large space. Any area that you can convert to grow this complex and peculiar product will do provided it is spacy.

You Control Your Environment: what so amazing about cultivating your weed with the tent kit is that you have absolute control over your environment.

You get the control the lighting, ventilation, humidity, temperature and even the air flow. Why? Because you’re in an enclosed environment, where everything will run according to your favor.

Absolute discretion is also encouraged: when you’re growing your marijuana with the tent kit, one of its significant advantages is its discretion. Because it is indoors the neighbors will not interfere in your business. If you are a stealthy grower, it ensures that you have all the privacy you want, warding off prying persons and eyes that want to know all about your business.

No smell or odor: one disadvantage of growing marijuana back then, was the fact that it had and still has a very pungent and offensive odor. Not anymore, with the carbon filter and the state of the art ventilation system in the tent, be assured that all the smell oozing from the Marijuana is completely gone. When you use the tent to grow your weed, your living space will stay fresh, and the marijuana will be undetectable.

  • Most minute need for maintenance as possible: unlike the room or greenhouse weed growth, the marijuana tent kit doesn’t require so much support, because it is portable and sufficient. All you will need is a reliable source of energy.

Everything about this machine is automated, with single and compact spaces. You also have a monitoring device that helps you to monitor your plant’s progress as well as the strength and nature of the machine.

  • Your yields will be high: When you use the marijuana grow kit, you control your returns. How is this possible? Well when you control the conditions of the environment, you invariably are controlling your level of yields.
  • The environment is Insulated: using the marijuana grow kit, create an environment conducive and insulated enough for the plant to blossom and flourish.

First thing this insulation does is that it keeps insects out; so that unlike conventional farming conditions, the tent makes the place uncomfortable for insects to say in.

Another way these insulation works is that it lights up the place well enough for the proper growth of the plant. The interior is reflective, which causes triple functions; one, it enhances the grow light rays, two, it prevents any light from leaving the tent when your grow lights are on, and, three, when the views are off, no lights from outside sleeps in, which provides the cannabis with a much-deserved rest.

Some products that are good for use

These kits are only a few of the good kits out there, take a pick and have fun.

Step by Step Process on Growing Weed Indoor for Beginners

growing weed indoors

If you have read up to this point in this article, then you must be interested in raising your weed farm. So rather than stall any further, how about I lay down some rules for making your indoor weed farm.

If you’re a beginner, like if this is your first time in growing an indoor weed farm, then there are some steps you should follow diligently. Like you saw at the beginning of the article, most people might think it is easy, but it is not it takes more effort than you think. It is a unique procedure that not only takes dedication but passion as well.

So without further ado, here are the steps (a rundown of the guides as it were) to take to grow a proper weed farm.

  1. Designate a room space for cannabis growth

growing weed indoors

This step is an indispensable step when starting an indoor weed farm. You need to designate a lot of space to grow your weed. It not only helps the marijuana grow well and fast but also increases your monthly yields.

Now, because you’re probably going to use the tent grow kit, you don’t need an entire room per se, a closet or portion of the room will do. But if you want to use a full room, you’re free to; it’s all up to you. One thing to guide you when you’re trying to get the perfect space should be the quantity of weed you want to cultivate.

As a beginner, it is rather advisable to start small, see how things go, before you consider going full scale. Starting small means spending less, plus you can conveniently monitor your plant’s progress. People make mistakes on their first try, so when you try the first time, and you make a mistake, the cost will not be as high. Things to consider when looking for space should not only be the plants stall, but other accessories like the lights, the fan, the ducts, ventilation and all the other equipment crucial to making the plants grow well.

Other things you should consider when looking out for space is; it should be light tight, the room must be clean, so try to avoid getting materials that are hard to clean, articles like, wood, rugs, drapes should be avoided.

You should also locate your room where you can conveniently monitor the plants, and the place has to have the right temperature and humidity, an environment that you can control basically. Finally, you’ll need to get a room that people won’t barge in on, unknowingly. All those prying eyes should not know your business.

  1. Choose the grow light for your cannabis

growing weed indoors

Like I keep on reiterating, light is essential to any plant, plus, its make its synthetic photosynthesis more efficient; thus it would be prudent to choose your lighting. Lighting matters, if you want your weed plant to grow well and fast.

The type and quality of your light in the tent or grow room, well to a considerable extent determine both the quantity and quality of your Sativa (weed) yield. That is why choose the best light is best for you. The lighting must be something you can afford, something within your spending limit.

Some grow lights for your grow tent or room that are good and available in the market include;

The HID Grow Lights


HID means high-intensity discharge. These kinds of light are industry standard light, with a reputation for their output, value, and efficiency.

They are a bit more expensive than the regular incandescent light as well as the fluorescent light, but one this is for sure, there produce more light than the energy they consume.

You could get the MH (Metal Halide) HID grown light (which gives off a blue-white light for the weed), or the HPS (High-Pressure Sodium) HID grow-light, with the red-orange light.

While the former is for any stage, the later, are most convenient for the flowering stages of the plants.

Sometimes it may be hard to afford the MH and HPS together; you could get the HPS; they are more active, as they produce more light for the plant.





The Fluorescent Grow Lights

growing weed indoors


The Fluorescent grow light are very common amongst weed hobby growers, (those who do it small scale). The kinds of Fluorescent grow light favorite are the ones using the high-output (HO) T5 bulbs fixture, and they are famous for some the following reasons:

  • They are easy to and cheaper to set up, you can set it up as a reflector, bulb, ballast, as they all come as a single package.
  • Because the light is not as intense as HID light, they don’t require a cooling system

The major setback about this light is that it is less effective, producing only about 20-30% less light when using electricity. You will also need about a 19 of a four-foot long bulb (T5 HO to be precise) if you want an equal amount of power outage the HPS bulb gives.

LED Grow Lights

growing weed indoors


The LED grow lights are merely a Light Emitting Diode technology, but it has been around for a while, so don’t think it’s some new invention.

But it has only now been designed in such a way to create an energy that is super sufficient and efficient to make indoor growing easy and better.

Like all the other Lights, this LED grow light is not without its setback, being that it costly; you spend ten times the amount you would have paid in setting up an HID light, to set up the LED grow-light.

Although setting up this particular LED grow-light may cost you, you’ll enjoy the benefits of using this light. For one, it is the best light to grow indoor weed, it lasts a whole lot longer than the HID and fluorescent light, it’s electricity usage is not so much, it doesn’t generate as much heat, plus the light spectrum is fuller and brighter than the other Lights. It leads to the overall increase in yield and quality of your product.

Unfortunately, there are many shoddy LED lights being produced and marketed towards growers, so do some research and read product reviews before laying down your hard-earned cash.

Induction Grow Lights

growing weed indoors

The last on my list would be the induction grow light or the induction lamp/Fluorescent lamps. They are old technology, but there are suitable for indoor plant growth.

Like the Fluorescent lights, they are more efficient and use less energy than the fluorescent lamp, plus they last much longer, and they are a better version of the fluorescent light bulbs.

You might, however, have an issue with their price, as there is no particular fixture of the cost.










  1. Supply your weed with natural air

growing weed indoors

Yes, the tent comes with air giving fan for the plant, but one thing to look out for is to provide your plants with a pleasant atmosphere. Locate your room or tent close to natural air, because it is essential for the plants to receive natural air.

The carbon dioxide (CO2) in the air is an essential ingredient for the process of photosynthesis. Yes, without this component, your plants may not be able to thrive well.

If you can’t locate your room or tent near a more natural source of air, then you can get an unending flow of air through the exhaust fan, which you will install at the top of your room. What the exhaust fan does is to remove warm air, giving the plants a more cooling air to grow. The exhaust fans work with an inlet for filtered air, which you’ll locate at both ends of the room or tent.

Make sure that you maintain a proper temperature in the room. A temperature within the range of 70°F and 80°F (when the light is on) is conducive for the plants. When the lights are off, you need the room to be about 58-70°F.

Now because of the different strains of weed, they may need the different temperature to survive, that is why you’ll need to know more about your cannabis seeds.

You will need an exhaust fan that matches your grow space, nothing too big, nothing too small, plus you’ll also take the heat generated by your lighting system to account. You know that HID lights produce the most amount of heat, so it would be a good idea to make it more refreshing than the rest.

It’s advisable to set up your lights, turn them on for a while, and then determine how much airflow you’ll need to maintain a comfortable temperature for your plants. This will allow you to choose an exhaust fan suitable for your needs. If the odor of cannabis plants in bloom, will cause you problems, add a charcoal filter to your exhaust fan.

You could make another alternative, which would be to create an artificial environment, that is sealed, using air conditioners and humidifiers and a CO2 supplemental system. It would work for you as well. But because it is expensive, beginners should not try this one.

It is good that you have the best and perfect set up if you want to have good yields in your farm.

  1. Pick a means of control and monitoring

growing weed indoors

After choosing the perfect lighting and controls for lighting, the next phase would be to have an automated system, where you can control your farm.

Although quite expensive, you’ll need a monitoring and control unit, where you can control the temperature, lights CO2 level, humidity, as well as control to all the other equipment you may be using.

As a beginner, however, all you’ll need is a 24-hour timer for the lighting and a thermostat, adjustable with a switch, which will control the exhaust fan.

When you consider growing weed indoors, one of the significant things to come to your mind is the control and timing of the light and dark cycle.

Lighting usually is not for 24 (especially for experts), it is a 16-20 hours a day thing. This timing is during its vegetative period. You’ll then reduces the hours to half a day (12 hours) when the plants are about to bloom.

Manually turning the light every day is not only exhausting for you but also the plant, that is why the timer is essential. You can also use the timer on the exhaust fan as well.

You can use a prevalent model to set your thermostat. This way, you’ll regulate your temperature and at a very cheap rate too. Connecting your exhaust fan to the thermostat helps to regulate the temperature; when the heat is high, the fan cools down the heat. Because there work together, you end up saving so much energy and dollars.

You might probably not spend so much time thinking about your grow space, so a combination hygrometer and a thermostat with high and low memory feature are handy in monitoring the rooms condition. There is a small device, not so expensive, that controls not only the current humidity and temperature level but also the lowest and highest readings during the period since the last time you checked.

  1. Know the medium to grow your weed

There are so many ways of cultivating marijuana, and so many methods to pick from; so how about we consider a few. Naturally, a good old-fashioned pot with soil would go, but nowadays, we have the soilless planting.

You could also use the rookwool slabs, which you put in hydroponic trays, but one thing is sure, all these medium have both benefits and setbacks.

How about we talk about the two most popular methods of growing weed indoors.

The Soil Medium

growing weed indoors


The Soil is traditional and recognizes medium to use when growing weed indoors. Because soil is also the most forgiving means of planting grass, most customers and first-time weed growers make it their no.1 choice.

You can get the best soil for growing weed anywhere; but you also have to find a potting soil, one that is of high quality and that will work. When you’re getting the potting soil, ensure it does not have any extended release fertilizer, as weed would grow well with these.

For beginners, a good choice would be the organic pre-fertilized soil (also known as the “super-soil”). It can grow weed plants from start to finish without you adding any additional nutrients, provided you use it correctly.

You can make it yourself, all you need to do is mix bat guano, worm castings coupled with other components and good soil. When you mix them up, you let the soil sit for some weeks.

You could also purchase a pre-made pot from selected suppliers

The Soilless (aka Hydroponics) medium

growing weed indoors

The Indoor weed growers are exponentially resorting to the soilless or hydroponic trays, to cultivate the weed plants. This means of growing the weed need feeding with the grass with a concentrated dose of mineral salt nutrients, which are absorbed directly through the roots by the process called osmosis. This technique is for a quicker nutrient uptake, which leads to a much faster growth plus bigger yields.

But because it is soilless, you may need a higher level of precision as the plants may quickly to react to either over; or underfeeding plus they are more prone to nutrient burn or lockout.

Materials for soilless Indoor grows are rock wool, vermiculite, perlite, coco coir, pebbles and expanded clay. You can also get an automated hydroponic system.







  1. Decide as to where to grow your weed in

Now that you have chosen a medium, it would be prudent also to take account of where you would want to raise your marijuana. The containers for planting will largely determine the size of your plant, the system, and the medium.

Getting a tray-style hydroponic system (the flood-and-drain system) would mean using smaller net pots that are filled with either clay pebbles or one big rockwool slab. With this, you can grow many plants, (but little ones though). But if you use “super-soil” medium, your indoor grow could probably use at least 10 gallons for nursery pots where you can produce some large plants.

  1. Know start to feed the weed plants with enough nutrients.

growing weed indoors

When your organic cannabis flowers of high quality, you may need more fertilizer, nutrients, or manure, than other commonplace crops.

The cannabis plant is a delicate plant and will need some of the following primary nutrients (when mixed is referred to as macronutrients):

Phosphorus (P), Nitrogen (N) and Potassium (K)

The following micronutrients are also needed as well but in a much smaller quantity

Calcium, Magnesium, Iron, Copper

If you are not using the pre-fertilized organic soil, then it is advisable that you feed your plants a minimum of least one time a week, using the appropriate nutrient content.

The nutrients are commonly sold in a concentrated liquid; or you can as well get it in a powdered form (that you’ll mix with water); amazingly, they are generally formulated for both the vegetative and flower growth.

Most of these macronutrients come in a two-part liquid; the sole aim is to prevent precipitation of some aspects in the mix. The moment to you purchase the nutrient products necessary for the weed growth; then you can go on and mix them all with water, following the instructions on the labels, for the proper concentration of the solution.

It is ideal too with a half-strength measure of the because weed plants can quickly get burnt. Overfeeding is worse than underfeeding them, trust me; they get deficient a lot faster that way.

  1. One of the most vital steps, which is to water the weed plant

growing weed indoors

Most people are just starting out as weed growers may not think twice when they want to consider the kind of water to use in watering their plants; they have this attitude that if you can drink the water; then you can use the water for watering the plants.

In some locations, water may not be an issue; but some other regions have contaminated water, where minerals that have dissolved in the water over time, may cause damage to the root of the plant, thereby affecting its nutrient uptake.

Sometimes the water may also contain fungus, which is not so good for the plant.

Plus, some regions usually have a high level of chlorine in their water; and this could be harmful to the beneficial soil microbes that are supplying nutrients to the plants. It is because of this that people filter their water before they use it for gardening.

One critical thing to bear in mind during this time of the cultivation is to prevent overwatering the cannabis. The weed plants are very prone to fungal root diseases when the conditions are very wet.

So these my friends, are the steps to take, but you’ll have to follow this steps to the latter if you want a good result.

How to select good cannabis seeds

growing weed indoors

One thing that is essential to getting good yields in your weed farm is to consider the kind of cannabis seeds you purchase. Buying good marijuana seeds is crucial to the overall performance of your weed farm.

Now there are many things to bear in mind before you buy a marijuana seed. The first on my list is the price. Many people think the most expensive seed should be better than the rest; but the truth is, it is not always so. For you can get seed for £12 that is far better than the seed of £20. The better thing to do is to get in touch with an expert as a beginner. You might think that you’ve read all there is to know about weed seeds; but you may need an expert to help you work out the intricacies.

As a beginner, it is also advisable to get an Indica seed; it is preferable to the Sativa seed, because of its relative ease and safety in usage. You should also consider as a beginner whether your seeds are feminized or regular. You’ll know this from the label. Female seeds are preferable to regular seed. Also look for a seed that is auto lowered. There are cheaper, feminized, Indica predominantly and most of all, they can grow anywhere. Also, consider where you’ll be planting the seeds. Indoors or outdoors? You should bear that in mind.

When you follow these few steps, you begin to cultivate good seeds in no time and experience so much harvest.

Getting high for the first time

Getting high for the first time is a bit scary because it’s human nature to feel scared when they are trying something new for the first time. But there is nothing to be afraid of; it’s just like feeling sleepy; everyone loves sleeping, so getting high for the first time should be a problem.

Some person takes weed to get high and forget their pain; but honestly getting high is just another way of appreciating nature. It is not ideal that you get high and become half-conscious on the couch; you should see weed as an extra limb, essential for a particular task and not to be taken irresponsibly.

Getting a good high is all about 90% vibes and 10% marijuana; so really getting high for the first time is not something that should be scary but enjoyed. So rather than felt paranoid and scared, feel relaxed.

Stages of getting high

So many people have given their evaluations on the steps of getting high; but I believe getting high how not be as complicated as it sounds. Here are the levels of getting high.

The first stage would be wondering what just happened ten seconds back. It will be like you’re just entering a new universe.

The second stage will be euphoria. Here, you begin to feel free and unstoppable (even though you are stoppable). You start to feel nature at it’s best

The third stage will be deep contemplation. You become more aware of the universe. You begin to think about some absurd things.

The fourth stage will be the feeling of paranoia and anxiety. You begin to bite your teeth like there is a conspiracy on your life. You become paranoid.

The fifth stage is the stage of getting the munchies. You feel hungry all of a sudden, and right then you can devour anything.

The sixth stage is just repeating the first five stages but at a much intense level.

The final stage will be to fade away. Doze off, waking up hours later, remembering almost nothing of the previous night.

The CBD oil

growing weed indoors

The CBD oil is the oil gotten from cannabis seeds and not only do they have practical value; but they also have the required approval for being used.

The meaning of the CBD itself is Cannabidiol, a natural component of the cannabinoid that Constitutes the cannabis. It is mainly used for medical purposes.

  • Effects of the CBD oil

Some of the effects of taking the CBD oil in excess includes

Nausea, vomiting, anxiety, depression, diarrhea, loss of appetite, dry mouth, dizziness and the rest.

  • Benefits of the CBD oil

Some of the benefits of the CBD oil is that;

* It helps in pain reduction

* Taking the oil reduces the anxiety and depression eating men up.

* It gets rid of symptoms relating to cancer.

* Applying the oil on the face, increases your chances of getting rid of acne.

* It has neuroprotective features which help to protect the brain from brain-related problems

* It is also beneficial to the heart.

* Has other benefits like prevention of tumors, it has anti-psychotic properties. Etc.


Starting up a weed farm is not child’s play. It is an intentional vocation, that needs all the attention and focus as far as your strength can take you. For those beginners who may be considering taking on weed farming as a full-time job, it is pertinent that you follow all the instructions to the letter. You have to go intensive research on how to grow weed, if you feel this review is not enough.