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Top Infrared Light Therapy for Healing At Home Reviews 2018

Distress in the joint, muscle, arthritis and other forms of chronic pains, are various means of severe discomfort for a lot of people. Also, getting enough energy from sunlight can help the body absorb enough infrared energy and stay healthy. However, pains may not go away with the regular painkillers, also, we might not get enough of the daily sun our body needs to function well. Thus, infrared light therapy is an effective means to solve these problems.

How does the infrared light therapy help us soother our body pains and absorb enough of energy? Read on to know more. As you do, you will come across other benefits of infrared light therapy such as helping with weight loss, eliminating depression and improving the mood, and many more.

PictureDevice NameShipping WeightDimensionBest Price
Far Infrared Amethyst Mat33 pounds59 x 24 x 2 inches
HealthLine 7 Chakras Rainbow Mat32.3 pounds74 x 28 x 1.5 inches ; 21 pounds
HealthLine Infrared Heating Mattress Pad

62.2 pounds80 x 76 x 1.2 inches ; 40 pounds
MediCrystal Far Infrared Amethyst Mat

37.8 pounds 71 x 31 x 1.5 inches ; 34 pounds
Far Infrared Amethyst Mat Queen Size

98.6 pounds75 x 59 x 2 inches ; 66 pounds

What is infrared light therapy?

Infrared light therapy is a light treatment used to soothe chronic pains. It is a more straightforward term for the science of photobiomodulation. It is the same as red light therapy but, it is a little different being that infrared energy is invisible. Also, the body absorbs the infrared light farther than the red light; t goes as far as the joints, soft tissues, muscles and even the bone.

This light therapy is quite simple and painless. It does an excellent job of benefiting various health conditions. Infrared light therapy is also known for its potential in fighting cancer.

A combination of the infrared light therapy and the red light therapy is under research for the fantastic results they can bring. Such things under study are if these light therapies can reverse traumatic brain injuries, revitalize separated spinal cords and impaired nerves and cure the weakening effects of stroke and heart attack.

Near-infrared light therapy wavelengths

Infrared light energy is in three groups, and they are:  Near Infrared, mid-infrared and the far infrared.

  • Near Infrared: The wavelengths for infrared-A (IR-A) (another name for near infrared) is 760 to 1,400 nm. These wavelengths are popular with most home therapy devices.
  • Mid Infrared: The mid-infrared device (infrared B (IR-B)) are those wavelengths utilized in many household electronic devices.
  • Far Infrared, or IR-C or thermal infrared (thermal-IR): is the most substantial portion of the IR spectrum that is employed to use in infrared saunas. Longwave infrared is also another name for far infrared.

700 mm to 1400 mm wavelengths are the potent wavelengths as far as near-infrared light therapy is concerned. Although, the entire range of wavelengths offers the same therapeutic results, however, a long wavelength will penetrate the body more profound than a short one. So, the longer a wavelength, the more in-depth it goes into the body. For surface wounds, 620-700 mm wavelengths will suffice, but for deep wounds like joint or muscle pains, 850-980 wavelengths are mostly put to use.   


Types of Infrared Light Therapy and their benefits

The demand for infrared light therapy in recent times varies since individual needs differ too. For this reason, many companies now offer different devices to meet the demand of users. Even though these devices sell mostly at high prices to health practitioners who have licenses, now, there are available ones for consumers and priced for them as well. A significant percentage of these devices are often the infrared saunas or cold laser devices

  • Infrared Saunas

The infrared Saunas are more expensive than the cold laser devices. The former has similarities with the traditional saunas. The traditional saunas are known for centuries for the health advantages they offer.

As an improvement on the coal/wood-burning stove used traditionally to produce infrared wave radiation, modern saunas emit infrared wave radiation through carbon fiber heating elements to provide the radiation at a molecular level.

The advantages of the modernized versions are that they allow for easy transporting, assemblage and can be put to use in almost any home. The modern infrared saunas eliminate the safety hazard that comes with the traditional saunas. Infrared saunas mostly serve as a solution to muscle pain and high blood pressure. They are also helpful with the detoxification of toxins from deep tissues and for weight loss purposes too.

  • Cold Lasers

Cold laser devices are usually very cheaper than the saunas, mostly below 100 dollars. However, they are capable of treating only a minute and focused area of the body. Numerous chiropractic doctors and physical therapists use the cold lasers to heal damaged tissues non-invasively. Compared to the infrared saunas, It works more as a targeted treatment option. The medical grade cold lasers are still highly expensive; they are most times set aside for organizations or medical practitioners.  

Cold lasers heal wounds, muscle tissues and stimulate new cellular growth.

  • Sunlight

The benefits of sunlight to humans are significant. Even the Earth derives nourishing warmth and energy from it. The sun gives us infrared light when we expose ourselves to its warmness. Our bodies absorb energy from the sun efficiently when we find a little exposure to it during summer. Thus, staying in the sun is a means of getting infrared energy.

How Infrared Light Therapy Work

Nitric Oxide is highly beneficial to the cardiovascular health, and this is what the Infrared light has shown to increase sharply. Other benefits of Nitric Oxide is its ability to calm the vascular system while also providing a valuable oxygen content.

For the above reasons, the light therapy is of a unique benefit for those at higher risk of heart attack. It is helpful for athletes in their bid to boost their physical performance as well as beneficial for everyone at large. Compression socks and infrared saunas are kinds of products that athletes use for blood flow stimulation during their performances. The bodybuilders also benefit from L-Arginine which is a primary component of Nitric Oxide.

The infrared light activates a reaction on a cellular level when you expose it to your body. The reaction communicates with your body for it to begin the production of Nitric Oxide on a large scale which results to increase in blood flow.

In time past, Nitroglycerin has been in use as a preventive measure against heart attacks for heart patients. Nitroglycerin converts into Nitric Oxide side the body, thus, providing all the benefits such patient needs.   

Just as the red light therapy works, in infrared light therapy, the photoreceptors in each of your cells absorb visible red and invisible near-infrared energy. Afterward, metabolic events start which energizes the natural processes of the body on a cellular level. Blood flow increases to increase the body’s reception of oxygen and other nutrients for better performance and effectiveness of the body. Thus, pains and inflammations reduce while regeneration also receives stimulation as well.   


Infrared light therapy mats reviews

Far Infrared Amethyst Mat

infrared light therapy


infrared light therapy


Four different sizes of the infrared mat equal four different mats of wonders! Just the best way I can describe this Ereada Mat which comes in four sizes. The formats are the Queen (with an Amethyst Pillow that matches), the Single, the Pro and the Compact Pro sizes. They all come in Purple color.

With its advanced status, this product has three new functions that other similar products may not have. These functions are Red Light Bio Photon, PEMF (VLF), Static Magnets and PEMF (VLF).

One of the device’s significant features is the 21 pounds of Korean Amethyst. This Korean Amethyst is of grade A; the most expensive of its kind, non-painted, untreated and 100 percent natural. Further, the mat also features a Titanium heating system of 68-158F seven intensity levels, double silicon and is EMF free.   

Another excellent feature of this device is the digital controller which allows you set the session time and heating level as will suit you. Also, the feature allows for the activation of Bio-Photons, active magnetic pulsation, and anions.

These mats are a Korea make, and they assure you of optimum quality. The manufacturers, Hyundai Medical, are  FDA registered.


  • 93% efficiency release of FIR and Mid-infrared rays
  • Designed to penetrate the body at a depth of eight inches
  • Produces intense heat to enhance blood circulation
  • Good for metabolism and the immune system
  • Features a wavelength range of 4-16 µm

HealthLine 7 Chakras Rainbow Mat

infrared light therapy

infrared light therapy


If you wish to energize your body, and even your soul and mind, then there is a way to achieve that level of strength. HealthLine 7 Chakras Rainbow Mat is the way to accomplish those. Not only can it energize you in and out, but it also cleanses your body, mind, and soul. So, whenever you need revitalization, rest and tranquility, few minutes lay on this mat will give them to you. It offers the power of the seven Chakras, an Eastern Belief that has been a focus for them for a century.

This therapeutic mat can allow you get a good night’s sleep. It also promises to soothe anxiety and panic, enhance self-esteem, and helps with general well being. For the physical part, it promotes healthy sexuality, aids a sore throat, helps with weight loss and also stimulates metabolism, etc.  

Despite that the mat is made of 16 layers, it gives a soft and comfortable experience to users. The mattress is foldable into three and can be done easy and fast, with this, you can have this well stored when not in use.

The manufacturers of this device promise a full money back guarantee if you are not satisfied. Only a well-made product of high quality will have its manufacturers offering a money back guarantee. It is a quality product, right for you.



  • 100 percent money back guarantee
  • Foldable mat for easy storage
  • Great for yoga sessions
  • Soft and comfortable mat
  • Improves the mood

HealthLine Infrared Heating Mattress Pad

 infrared light therapy

infrared light therapy


Here is another excellent heat therapy device that is capable of helping you solve your chronic body pains, arthritis and depression as well. The HealthLine Infrared Heating Mattress Pad promises benefits for both your body and spirit. It brings comfort to the pains in your body and mind. What more could you ask for comfort and ease?

For those seeking to burn some fats, an hour exposure to the Far infrared can help you lose up to 900 calories and also, you get to drop other kinds of toxic substances. Other benefits of Tourmaline apart from fat loss are: it helps with detoxification, promotes your mood, aids the liver and kidney, helps with improved blood circulation, and so on. Jade reliefs arthritis, back, and deep muscle tissue pain help with hypertension, good for the lungs, thymus, and heart.

Additionally, this device contains negative ions that produce beneficial biochemical reactions when the negative ions penetrate the cells in your bloodstream. It helps with depression and improves the mood. Also, negative ions can help bring relief to your daily stress, ensuring you have enough energy during the daytime. A high-quality product, highly recommended for you. You may want to give this a trial.



  • Boosts the immune system
  • Fights against diseases or infection
  • Comes with a year warranty
  • Helps with insomnia
  • The brand is US FDA registered

MediCrystal Far Infrared Amethyst Mat

infrared light therapy

infrared light therapy


Do you need an infrared light with rays your body can absorb up to eight inches depth? Do you want a light therapy device that can immediately soothe all forms of body pains you are witnessing such as soft tissues, joints and muscle pain and stiffness, rheumatism, arthritis, etc.? then I have a good suggestion for you. It is the MediCrystal Far Infrared Amethyst Mat.

The mat features red light photon therapy, natural agate gems, negative ion, FIR heat, and also, 10Hz PEMF Bio Magnetic Pulsation. Another significant feature of this mat’s purple Amethyst crystals is 100 percent natural, unpainted, and untreated. The mat also features a 20 layer system.

This FIR  therapy helps users fight sickness, control their weight as it burns fats, improves metabolism, helps with blood circulation, and is good for the immune system too. Furthermore, it can fight insomnia, minor strains or sports trauma. Manufacturer of this device is FDA Registered.



  • Penetrates the body at a depth of eight inches
  • Emits intense heat to enhance blood circulation
  • Good for metabolism and the immune system
  • Provides a range of 4-16 µm wavelength
  • Has a digital controller for users to set session time and heating level


Far Infrared Amethyst Mat Queen Size

infrared light therapy

infrared light therapy


MediCrystal  Far Infrared Amethyst Mat is a beautiful, intense brown colored mat. Proudly made under an FDA registered manufacturer in Korea. The mat comes in five sizes such as the Guest size, Single (XL) size, Pro size, Midsize, and the Mini size; there is a size to suit you.  

For the Queen size mat, it features purple Amethyst gems (44 pounds), of the highest value available in the industry. The mat also features a Titanium heating system of 68-158F seven intensity levels, double silicon and is EMF free. Therefore, this product is one of those you can rely on to be of optimum quality.   

Another worthy feature is its digital controller which allows you set the session time and heating level as want. Also, this mat enhances blood circulation with the intense heat it produces. The heat from this device can penetrate into the body up to 8 inches deep. Other benefits of this device are: it improves metabolism and helps the immune system, restores body cells and alkalizes the whole body. So, this is a highly recommended device; you may want to check it out.


  • 93% efficiency emission of FIR and Mid-infrared rays
  • Penetrates  the body at a depth of eight inches
  • Enhance blood circulation with its intense heat
  • Available customer service 24/7
  • Features a wavelength range of 4-16 µm


This article aims at revealing the powerful effects of infrared light therapy on attaining improved health. Cold lasers and infrared saunas devices are widely growing popular amongst people as they have been using it and still are utilizing it to treat and prevent various health conditions.

Furthermore, this therapy has also become a regular protocol many licensed health practitioners use. The benefits of the light treatment are indeed unquantifiable. It has been proven to work by various studies across the world. So far, it has no known side effects as it is 100 percent natural.

Therefore, if you seek a non-invasive, yet strong way of solving some specific health issues, then this therapy may be for you. Nevertheless, remember to consult the experts (medical practitioners) before introducing new things to your body. They will be in the perfect position to advise and guide you better.  



Following the regular ways of styling, the hair could be very boring. It is even more boring when you have to repeat the same old styles every day. Then, when you choose to try new things with your hair, coming up with new and different style ideas every day could be stressful and tiring too.  

Due to these challenges, we have decided to come up with home hairstyling tips that will be useful for you daily. It’s time to move from the dull, regular old styles and embrace a new beginning. Shall see begin!

1. Know your hair  type


Knowing your hair type is essential to get the right hairstyle and products as well as the right way to handle your hair. Knowing your hair type will serve as a preventive measure against damaging your hair. The hair can be of two kinds; fine and thick.

Fine hair types are those kinds of hair that have volumes hard to maintain. There fewer strands and even the strands are skinny. Thick hairs often feel coarse and have more weight. To hold down styles with bobby pins on this type of hair is often difficult. To control frizz with coarse hair is also another problem.

2. Understand and manage your hair type properly


Since you now know if you have thick or fine hair, it is vital to understand what the hair needs to handle it properly. Those with fine hair type have more advantage when they have to choose hairstyles; chignons, messy ‘dos, low buns, etc. are styles you can wear. You can even decide to straighten or curl the hair. For volume boost, you can try soft layers, face trimming layers and short. The choice depends on your taste.  

For thick hair, controlling them requires extra attention because of their heaviness. So, styles like high buns, side ponytails and braids are ways to keep your gigantic hair under control. Also, doing a  blowout is a good idea as it lasts longer. You can occasionally straighten the hair with heat but ensure you apply a heat protecting spray to help you prevent damage.

3. How to achieve a perfect curl  


  • To give your hair those pleasing curls, you first of all need to get a curling rod for the job.
  • You may look out for that with a 1 ½ inches barrel. Note, the smallness of the barrel the will determine the tightness of your curls.
  • Ensure it has a heat setting gauge too. The heat settings are essential because coarse hair often requires more heat than fine hair. So, you should go for a rod you can control. If your rod has heat setting from 1 to 10, then six will do an excellent job for your hair while 10 for thick hair.
  • The next step is to add heat protector spray to detangle your hair.
  • Section your hair in bits and apply your hairspray on each before you roll the hair around the wand for about five seconds. Do the same with the remaining sections.
  • For the edges of the hair, be careful not to burn your skin. Tilt your head and keep a distance. You can put a towel around your neck to prevent burns.
  • For a natural finish, finger comb and pull the curls gently.
  • You may spray over some hairspray to add shine and a perfect finish to the curls. 

4. Straightening your hair       

HOME HAIRSTYLING TIPS                                                                  

Just as with curls, you need a high-quality flat iron to get perfectly straightened hair.

  • Ensure the flat iron comes with ceramic plates. Ceramic plates encourage a more evenly distributed heat which helps prevent damage.
  • It is also crucial to get one with heat setting display. For fine hair, do not exceed 300 degrees while thick hairs need about 400 degrees. Average hairs should get between 300 and 380 degrees.   
  • Spray in a heat protectant and detangle your hair. Allow it to dry.
  • Apply a light hairspray section by section as you straighten the hair out. You may begin from the nape of the neck. Run from end to root.  
  • Maintain an average speed. Being too slow with it might damage your hair, going to fast might also not give you an entirely straightened hair. Therefore, maintain a balance.

5. Achieving the Perfect Blow Dry

To achieve a perfect blow dry, you should:

  • Work your hair in sections with the help of alligator clips to hold them separated as divided.
  • Dry your hair if wet with a dryer while fluffing your hair with your fingers.

6. Using the right brush


  • Before choosing a brush for your long or short hair, check out the brush shape, bristles, and the barrel size. There are several brushes one can use to smooth out long, short, frizzy, and flat hair. But before proceeding, make the three B’s your mantra: Bristles, Barrel size, and Brush shape.
  • For your brush not to give you hair breakage, you should get one with flexible and padded bristles. You should also look for that with a cushioned back.
  • When brushing, start from the ends to avoid stressing the hair.

7. Invest in your hair

  • You should invest things like good shampoo, serum, conditioners, etc. in your hair.
  • Take time to comb your hair in the morning to eliminate grease.
  • Have a wide tooth comb in your arena; it may come in handy to brush through wet hair with ease.
  • Protect hair from direct sunshine, so it does not damage. You can cover with scarf or cap when going under the sun.
  • Drink a lot of water and stay away from junks.

8. Hairstyle tips to slay and look good


  • Bobby pins are used to keep the hair in place; you should use this when need be. A goody pin is an alternative if there are no bobby pins.  
  • Use the curved part of your ponytail to roll it around your hair tie.
  • You may want to use an eyeshadow that rhymes with the color of your hair; this will add a thicker look to your tresses.
  • For a straight and tight fishtail braid, tie it sideways.
  • For a quick and stylish hairstyle, even when in a rush, you can have your hair tuck inside a headband.  

Here are five hair products that you should have at home to help you achieve that fantastic hairstyle you want to have a nice day!

ghd V Gold Nocturne Styler & Dryer Gift Set (Hair Dryer and Straightener)



For top-notch and sleek hair styling, you need a good hair styler that will do the job well from start to finish. The ghd V Gold Nocturne Styler & Dryer Gift Set is suitable to achieve the best when styling your hair. It comes with a Hair Dryer and a Straightener.

Among the features of the gdh V Nocturne Styler is its ceramic heat technology giving 185°C temperature. It provides fun waves and curls as well as perfect pin-straight locks; the choice is yours. Whatever your hair type is, this hair-styler will still perform well. It has smooth purple plates shaped to move smoothly over your hair without effort.

The ghd AIR® Nocturne Hair Dryer ensures you get a silky finish. It has an advanced ionic technology that helps avoid frizz and flyaways. The control allows you to switch settings according to your hair needs. You can blow dry as quickly as you want, thanks to the AC motor it features.  


  • Styler automatically switches off after 30 minutes of no use
  • One year guarantee for the hair dryer
  • Hair dryer reduces frizz and flyaways
  • Styler heats up within 30 seconds
  • It comes with a heat resistant mat

ghd Platinum Nocturne Styler Premium Gift Set


ghd Platinum Nocturne Styler offers to give your hair more color integrity, and improved hair shine. You can confidently style your hair without worrying about hair breakage. The temperature throughout the plate is consistent to ensure no hair damage occurs due to hot spots.

With this product comes a matching heat-resistant bag so you can store adequately or travel with your kit quickly. Also, it comes with two nail polishes (coordinating limited edition OPI); shimmering white and a deep purple.

With your safety at heart, the styler features an automatic shut off function that allows it go off after 30 minutes of inactivity. With its 2.7  swivel cord, you can travel around with your styler effortlessly.


  • Two-year guarantee
  • Automatic switch off if left unattended for 30 minutes
  • Tri-zone technology to ensure healthy hair
  • Patented wishbone hinge for better control

ghd Curve Wand


Are you seeking a product that heats up quickly and is safe for all hair type? Well then, what you need is ghd Curve Wand designed friendly with all hair types. It features a Tri-zone® ceramic technology to ensure a quick heat up. As it heats up, the temperature regulates throughout the plate at 185°C.  

With your safety at heart, this product comes with a safety stand and a heat-resistant safety glove. If not in use for 30 minutes, the wand automatically shuts down for safety concerns. Go anywhere with this as it has a universal voltage. Also, as expected of a professional swivel cord, it has a 2.7m cable for flexibility.

There you have it; a product that will give you the most pleasing curls without stress. Who does not want to have an uninterrupted hair growth? Hence this laser hair growth product will allow you achieve the waves and curls while minimizing hair loss in the process.   


  • Two-year warranty
  • Delivers freely to the UK
  • Tri-zone® ceramic technology
  • Works well on all hair types
  • Leaves hair shiny and soft

Heat Protect Spray



Even with the use of heat in your hair, you still eliminate hair frizz. How? It’s simple! Apply the heat Protect Spray in your hair before the heating process, and you are good to go. The product is suitable for all hair types and can be applied to both dry or wet hair. You can use this spray before using hair dryers, stylers and tongs.

You can still have your hair flourish as you want it, this product will ensure your hair does not damage while using heat on it. So, hurry and get this. It will keep your hair nourished and soft despite styling with heat. Dull hair, split ends, or any other hair problems that develop from heat are out of the way.  


  • Protect hair from damage due to heat styling
  • Suitable for all hair types
  • Eliminates frizz and flyaways
  • Adds softness and nourishment to hair
  • 120 ml content in a spray bottle


KeratinMD® Fixing Spray for Hair Fiber Spray



Are you tired of your thinning and balding hair? Do you wish there is a way to hide this problem correctly? If yes, then I have a solution. KeratinMD fixing spray for hair fiber spray is the solution.

Hair thinning and baldness is a growing concern among men and women, young and old alike. It could occur due to changes in hormones, heredity, and so on. With a product like KeratinMD fixing spray for hair fiber use, you can confidently conceal the exposed places in your scalp.

When you have applied KeratinMD Hair Building Fibers, then spray on this fixing spray to help strengthen the bond between your hair and the hair fiber. The hairspray for hair fiber will let it stay well to appear natural on you. Another benefit of this fixing hair-spray is that it allows the keratin hair fiber last longer by protecting it from UV rays of the sun.


  • Ensures strengthened bond between hair and keratin hair fibers
  • Protects product from UV rays of the sun
  • Helps hair fibers last longer
  • No limitation of using other products along with keratin products


Final words

Having a perfect and appealing hairstyle is an achievement for a  woman who is conscious of how she looks. If you are that kind of woman, then I believe this article has been beneficial to you. Another special thing is , if you want to buy 1 of above products, I give you this code: ENHAPR to get 5% discount for your next order at Leluna. Note that it only effects within this month. If you buy lately, you need to have another code, so you can leave a comment below this article, I will send you the new code at that moment.

So, the above-reviewed products are also must-have hairstyling tools, why not check them out today?

Proven Health Benefits Of Turmeric And Curcumin

Tumeric is a spice, derived from turmeric plant. The benefits of turmeric to the health is way too many. Turmeric is yellowish, and the yellow color in curry is as a result of the addition of turmeric. On the other hand, curcumin is a  compound nutrient found in turmeric. It is also an active antioxidant. Turmeric gets produced from harvesting its plant roots and grounding it to its loose powder form. Most people want curcumin in its lone form, so they extract it and use it in its concentrated form as supplements. Thus, whenever you are consuming turmeric, you consume curcumin. With that, they go hand in hand to form a relationship.

As said earlier, the benefits of drinking turmeric which contains curcumin are numerous; firstly it has no side effects as it genuinely comes organically. With this, you can healthily and safely use turmeric and curcumin for an extended period.

We’ll be outlining the variety of health benefits associated with its use.

Health Benefits of Turmeric And Curcumin

Benefits Of Turmeric And Curcumin

1. Reduces The Risk Of Cardiovascular Diseases

Heart diseases quickly lead to a massive increase in death rates. Turmeric and curcumin help to slow down and eliminate the processes that would lead to the development of heart diseases and eventually, the disease itself. The ways turmeric and curcumin work to prevent heart disease is that it acts as antioxidants, it reduces inflammation and improves the function of the endothelium.

2. Acts As An Antioxidant

The curcumin found in turmeric makes a powerful antioxidant. With this, we know how antioxidants work by fighting oxidation in the human body. Antioxidants are also vital for the health and could help fight oxidative damages of aging and health related diseases. With this, turmeric and curcumin can aid to slow down the aging process of your body. At this moment, keeping you healthy and reducing the risks of health and aging diseases.

3. Efficiently Treats Arthritis And Pains In The Joints

Arthritis is prevalent now, being one of the most common health conditions of the joints. Very chronic and also comes with severe pains as a result of the inflammation of the joints. Most people use turmeric and curcumin for treatments. Scientific research has confirmed that the use of curcumin for the treatment of arthritis prevails to be more active, compared to other forms of treatments. Curcumin contains anti-inflammatory properties; making it an antidote for arthritis.

4. Turmeric Prevents and Treats Alzheimer’s

Alzheimer has been said to be one of the sixth leading cause of death in the United States of America. Researchers have confirmed that someone; every sixty-six seconds develops the Alzheimer’s disease. However, curcumin works to oxidizes the stress that causes dementia.

5. Could Expand One’s Lifespan

Inflammation and stress due to oxidation are the primary causes, leading to the development of aging and aging health disorders. Turmeric and curcumin can fight diseases like cardiovascular disease and arthritis. If it can treat and prevent inflammation and stress, it can increase one’s Lifespan and could lead to a healthier life.

6. Treats and Reverses Diabetes

Scientific research proves that turmeric and curcumin increased the phosphorylation of AMP-activated protein kinase (AMPK).

And this action works to treat the issues connected with the sensitivity of insulin.

In turn, this helps to prevent, treat and reverse type two diabetes condition.

More scientific research has proven to show, the effects of curcumin are highly similar to the impact of the result of which is a drug that is used to treat diabetes.Metformin when compared with curcumin, it was confirmed that curcumin was more efficient than metformin. It was proven to be four hundred times more potent than the metformin medication.

Asides that, Metformin does have side effects. The sides effects of metformin include vomiting, flatulence, diarrhea, nausea, and lactic acidosis.

The side effects mentioned above are the common ones ever; they are the uncommon side effects which are also a lot worse in its impact.

The advantage of using curcumin as the treatment over all other therapies includes the fact that you can avoid nasty side effects that come with the medication as curcumin had no side effects, yet it still treats diabetes efficiently.

Benefits Of Turmeric And Curcumin

8. For The Treatment of Tropical Pancreatitis

Pancreatitis is a condition in which one experiences the inflammation of the pancreas.

Tropical Pancreatitis prevails as ​one which occurs in tropical countries. Very rampant in countries like southern India. It mostly attacks younger people. The combination of both environmental and genetic factors causes tropical pancreatitis. Although the exact cause of the disease still needs to be stated out, the conditions are known, and the pain caused by it gets incredibly chronic and excruciating.

Any victim of Tropical pancreatitis suffers severe abdominal pains, which also comes with diabetic complications that accompany pancreatitis. The complications include steatorrhea, malnutrition, and pancreatic cancer. Researchers have confirmed that oxidative stress is one that is actively involved with pancreatitis.

With the antioxidant power and anti-inflammatory properties of curcumin, there’s a high chance that curcumin the application of curcumin in the treatment of the pancreatitis disease, will heal pancreatitis.

9. Improves Respiratory Health

Turmeric and curcumin contain anti-inflammatory properties, which can help to soothe and clear irritated lungs, thereby removing mucus found in the respiratory system. Researchers also have proven that curcumin contains antibacterial properties. These antibacterial properties help to fight infections that are in the lungs and other parts of the respiratory system. For those who are a victim of asthmatic inflammation, research has proven that turmeric and curcumin properties aid to clear the air lungs, and works to block the T-lymphocytes which leads to asthmatic in humans.

10. Treats Ulcerative Colitis Remission

The chronic condition, Ulcerative colitis (UC) causes the formation of gastrointestinal tract lower ends. With Turmeric and curcumin, managing and treating symptoms that occur from remission enhances.

Based on the research done by the University of Maryland Medical Center, studies discovered that patients suffering from Ulcerative Colitis, (UC), especially the ones on remission, had a reduced relapse rate whenever they involved in the consumption of turmeric and curcumin.

This research goes a long way to prove that turmeric and curcumin indeed do work for patients with Ulcerative Colitis, (UC).

11. Relieves Throat Infection

The antioxidant, antimicrobial, antiglycemic, and anti-inflammatory properties of turmeric and curcumin, aids to relieve throat infection. Most effective when turmeric and curcumin, is taken as a tea or supplement.

12. Turmeric and Curcumin Fight Against Gallstones, Liver Conditions and Maintains Liver Conditions

Several research studies have proven that turmeric and curcumin can protect and fight against different forms of liver damage. What turmeric and curcumin does to the liver and gallbladder to improve the health state includes the increase in the production of a fluid known as the digestive fluid bile. With this, the presence of the digestive bile fluid aids to protect and fight for the liver and gallbladder, thereby protecting the liver cells from all damage that may occur from all vices associated with the production of bile chemicals.

Benefits Of Turmeric And Curcumin

13. Treats Dysmenorrhea

When one experiences extremely painful menstruation and the painful menstruation has nothing to do with abnormalities of any kind including pathological abnormalities, the condition is Dysmenorrhea. With Dysmenorrhea divided into two complicated categories; primary dysmenorrhea which occurs in the absence of pathology and secondary dysmenorrhea which results from an organic disease, which we do not know of, yet. The patients who suffer from this condition most and feel more pains are teenage girls and young women. Dysmenorrhea destabilizes the hormonal cycle, especially in primary dysmenorrhea.

Most of the time, primary dysmenorrhea dramatically results in massive inconvenience, hence, disturbing the daily activities of its Patients and making them lose concentration.

There is a variety of temporary and permanent treatment, a patient suffering from primary Dysmenorrhea could employ. They include regular physical exercise and therapy, the use of warm water to compress the stomach, acupuncture, the consumption of analgesic, acupuncture, the consumption and use of reliable herbal products, and medicines like turmeric and curcumin acid.

Although the other methods do work, the use of turmeric and curcumin acid has proven to treat and provide relief more quickly and efficiently.

The main alternative for the treatment of dysmenorrhea comes through the use of turmeric acid. The outstanding thing about the use of turmeric and curcumin acid for the treatment of dysmenorrhea amounts to the fact that it is void of any type of sides effects and a hundred percent safe for consumption and any use.

Turmeric and curcumin acid also contains natural active antioxidation and antibiotics ingredients.

Turmeric acid encompasses a liquid made from the main ingredients such as turmeric and tamarind. The elements contained in the turmeric acid can serve purposes for the treatment of diseases. It requires analgesics, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, tranquilizers, and antipyretic medications.

Curcumin and anthocyanins contained in turmeric work by taking in the reaction of cyclooxygenase (COX). With the inhibition of cyclooxygenase, the process to prevent and fight any of the inflammation that automatically inhibits to reduce the uterine contractions, occurs.

The inhibition of uterine contractions mechanism works by the use curcumin found in the tumor. The curcumin also works solely to reduce and eliminate which in flux the compound, calcium ions to the epithelial cell calcium channels of the uterus.

Substances such as sesquiterpenes, phlebotomine, tannins, saponins, and alkaloids found in turmeric, work to enhance the autonomic nervous system present in the brain. The reaction and brain enhancement process help to decrease contractions that occur in the uterine tract.

The secretions of Curcumenol from turmeric and Curcumin acts like an agent which functions as an analytic, thereby aiding to inhibit the release of excess PG.

With all mentioned above, consumption of turmeric acid regularly can solve primary dysmenorrhea found in women mainly teenage girls and young women.

Benefits Of Turmeric And Curcumin

14. Treats Depression

Research studies have proven that Turmeric and curcumin, efficiently treat patients suffering from both mild and chronic depression.

In a controlled research, carried out to prove this study, sixty depressed patients got randomly categorized into three groups.

The first group of depressed patients was given Prozac to consume, the second group of patients drank a gram of curcumin, and the third group took both curcumin and Prozac.

All of the patients consumed the medications they were given according to their groups and in the right dosage.

Six weeks after consumption, the results test gathered that those with the least improvements are those in the first group, who had consumed Prozac. The second group of people who drank curcumin had better results and enhancements compared to that of the first group. The best group was the third group; they fared best. The third group which consumed both Prozac and curcumin has the best improvements and remarkable results.

Based on this study, we see clearly that curcumin significantly added to the improvements and treatment of the depressed patients.

With this small study research, turmeric and curcumin act efficiently, just the way any antidepressant would do.

Patients who suffer from depression get linked to the condition in which the brain-derived neurotrophic factor automatically reduces to that of a shrinking hippocampus.

Thus, the brain area in these patients plays a role in memory and learning.

Turmeric and Curcumin have neurotrophic factors which work to enhance the level of BNDF in humans. The increase in the level of BNDF results to the reverse of some of the changes caused by the brain-derived neurotrophic factors.

Other research studies have also proven that Turmeric and curcumin can enhance dopamine and serotonin which are the neurotransmitters found in the brain.


Turmeric-Plus Supplements

Benefits Of Turmeric And Curcumin

Now you know all of the benefits of Tumeric supplements, and you are probably looking for one. If you’re looking for a turmeric supplement, then you should try the Turmeric plus supplements.

Made with the freshest natural ingredients and extracts, turmeric plus is a supplement that works effectively to assist with cognitive function, regulates blood pressure levels, support weight management, and much more. A lot of people have commended the efficiency of turmeric plus supplements. Want to purchase the turmeric plus supplements? Then do that by clicking here , or you can click this button to see more:

Final Words

The turmeric and curcumin can do more than provide numerous health healing properties and benefits.

Consuming turmeric and curcumin on a daily basis would help increase your lifespan as it would oxidize aging thereby leaving you healthy.

Everyone should consume turmeric and curcumin. Also said to be very useful for infants, the earlier the intake, the better the results.

Top Six Powerful Home Treatments for Oily Skin

If you’re looking for home treatments for oily skin, this is the read for you. Having oily skin can be tasking. There’s a lot involved in regards to oily skin. No one wants to walk around with their face shining like a mirror. No one would want to wear makeup and in a few minutes have the makeup looking greasy due to oily skin. There’s a lot of recommendation about home treatments for oily skin. It can be bulky and confusing trying to figure out which treatment is right and most suitable for oily skin. That is why we have come up with this article, and we’ll be doing an in-depth review the top oily skin home treatments.

Symptoms Of Oily Skin

The following are the symptoms of oily skin. If you have the following symptoms listed below. Your skin type is oily skin.

  • Large Pores
  • Shiny complexion
  • Thicker complexion
  • Pimples
  • Blackheads.


Home Treatments Of Oily Skin

Oily skin slows down the aging of the skin. However, the problem is the constant pimples and blackheads. The following are tips with which you can treat your oily skin. And to treat oily skin, you have to cleanse, exfoliate and hydrate daily and frequently.

You can do all of this by:

  • Washing your face at least two times, a day. Most advisable in the morning and before going to bed. It’s always advisable to have bloating sheets to take away extra oil from your face.
  • Toning. Toning can help you cleanse and remove excess oil as well.
  • Moisturise with an oil-free moisturizer that won’t clog your pores.
  • Avoid using drying and clogging ingredients for your skin or products with it.
  • Exfoliate
  • Apply sunscreen


Buying Guidelines

Home Treatments for Oily Skin

Now you know what to do for your skin, and you’ll need to buy products to do all of this. But it’s essential you know how to go about obtaining the products. Before you buy any product to treat your oily skin, you should go through the buying guidelines below.

Ask yourself the following questions.

What Is My Skin Type?

Knowing your skin type would help you understand what your skin requires and the ingredients you should keep away.

What Skin Care Routine Do I Need?

Based on your age and skin type, you’ll be able to figure this out.

What Are My Budget And The Price Of The Product I Need?

Although, there’s a lot of good skin care products for oily skin. If you don’t have the money, you can’t have the product. So it’s vital to search prices of products around your budget range. One that you can afford.

Do You Need Sunscreen

Sunscreen is good for the skin. But with some products, you can get away without using sunscreen. While with, you need it. So this has to be put into consideration.


Top Products For Home Treatment Of Oily Skin

NuFACE Trinity Facial Trainer Kit

Home Treatments for Oily SkinHome Treatments for Oily Skin

The NuFACE Trinity facial trainer kit has been clinically tested and proven to contour the face, enhance skin tone, radiance and also reduce the visibility of wrinkles, and fine lines. This product is proper during any skin care regimen. This product has also been cleared and approved by the FDA.It also contains hydrating hyaluronic acid which keeps the skin well hydrated all day. Experience the beautifully glowing results of this 5-Minute Facial-Lift

The product is ideal for anyone seeking a beautiful and flawless facial skin. The way this is designed in a way that you can give yourself a spa glow from home. This multi-solution full sized microcurrent regimen is loved and highly recommended by spa experts and celebrity estheticians.

When you purchase this NuFACE Trinity set it is well packaged and  comes with a device which has a Facial Trainer Attachment, a Power Adapter an Optimizing Mist (1 oz.),a Hydrating Leave-On Gel Primer (2 oz.), a Lifter Serum (1 oz), Prep-N-Glow Cleansing Cloths (5 pack),a Charging Cradle, Limited Edition Keepsake Box, a User Manual, and Starter Guide.


  • Sculpts and tones the face for a facelift
  • FDA approved
  • Uses microcurrent technology
  • Reduces wrinkles and fine lines.
  • Clinically tested and approved.
  • Maintains complexion, skin tone and glow.

Treatment And Use

To get the most of the NuFACE Trinity facial trainer kit. You would have to use it for at least five minutes in a day and five days in a week. This routine should be continuously done for at least the first two months which is at least for sixty days. After the early sixty days, you can start to use it for two to three times in a week; this would aid maintenance.


OKACHI GLIYA Hot Mist Facial Steamer

Home Treatments for Oily Skin

Home Treatments for Oily Skin

The OKACHI GLIYA Hot Mist Facial Steamer uses the principle of positive and negative ionic to function. How it works is that it penetrates through the skin, through the use of nanoparticles. With this, it  efficiently supplies extra moisture to the skin. Its advanced heating element of ceramic PTC helps to instantly produce strong steam and vapor which is effective in penetrating the skin. Its skin inhaler feature helps to deeply moisturize the skin and melt away dead cells from the surface thereby promoting cell generation.


  • Deeply moisturizes the skin.
  • Removes Blackhead and acne.
  • Suitable for facial cleaning and care.
  • Promotes collagen regeneration.


Treatment And Use

Using this product is easy. All you need to do is press and pop out the water tank. After that, turn the cover on and fill distilled water in the tank. Carefully and correctly put back the water tank.Afterward, touch the start button to begin steaming. When you’re done turn, off the steamer by touching the button again or by closing the mirror.

However, it is advised that menstruating or pregnant women,also  people with Eczema or allergy of any kind should stay away from this product.



Hangsun SC200 Electric Sonic Cleansing Brush

 Home Treatments for Oily Skin

Home Treatments for Oily Skin

The electric Sonic hangsun cleansing brush works to cleanse oily skin, debris, makeup, sweat and environmental pollutants. This method is essential as all of that mentioned above come together to clog the pores of the skin; this can further lead to a rough, irritating and generally, an unhealthy complexion. Cleansing is necessary to avoid bad skin, and that’s where the hangsun electric Sonic cleansing brush comes in.

The Sonic cleansing brush has an IPX7 Waterproof level. With this, you don’t need to worry about accidents that involve your brush dropping in water. This waterproof feature is highly convenient as you can even use the brush while having a bath. It comes with three different brushes and three adjustable speeds: low, mid and high, from which you can choose your best preference, and it is suitable for all skin types. It has a Non-Contact Charging Stand. This aids to prevent damages that will be obtained from the spray. With this, the product is very safe and secure to clean. It uses a Sonic Cleansing Technology, and it oscillates at a sonic frequency which works to produce more than 300 movements in seconds.

With this product, you’ll have quick and visible results. In seven day, you’ll begin to see the results. Generally, the Sonic cleansing brush works to provides a radiant skin, controls breakouts, clears the skin, prevents dry skin and keeps off excess oil. All of this would leave you with a smooth, soft, and clear skin.

Please keep the charging dock away from water to avoid damage.


  • Easy, quick and efficient to use.
  • It performs a deep cleansing on the skin.
  • Improves the elasticity of the skin.
  • It loosens oil dirt and oil and profoundly eradicates deep impurities from pores of the skin.
  • Primes the skin.
  • Convenient and comfortable to use.

Treatment and Usage

To use this product all you need to do is switch it on. Afterward, carefully and gently glide the brush across your face for at least one minute. Do this continually daily and reap the result of bright and glowing skin.

Black Knight Blackhead Remover

Home Treatments for Oily Skin

Home Treatments for Oily Skin

This product works by vibrating to unclog pores. It has four different sizes of probes of which you’ll get good results. With the black Knight blackhead remover, you can enhance and pamper your oily skin to flawless skin. It is easy to use and can be used by one’s self and has a LED indicator light for visibility in dark areas.

It is rechargeable and cordless, and comes with a wireless charge cradle, which is convenient to charge and use.

The Black Knight blackhead remover uses the vacuum absorption technique advanced diamond microdermabrasion therapy to enhance suction.It comes with replaceable probes and four suction power-modes which aid to promote healthy skin.This product gives the face a good shape and lift, treats age spots, sun damage, acne scar and pits that have been caused by the existence of pimples.

Its diamond probe cleanses the facial skin efficiently and thoroughly.

With this device, you have easy access to clean deep into your pores. With this, you can treat your skin within the comfort of your home. It is a multifunction tool for skin suction. This device is also convenient and easy to charge and use. And it has reliable suction control. Generally, this product enhances fresh skin and glow.


  • Removes pimples, blackhead reduces fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Reduces the appearance and visibility of scars.
  • Smoothens uneven and rough skin texture.
  • Eliminates oil absorption pores, acne, and absorption mites.
  • Comfortable to use and clean.
  • One year warranty period.One month test period and hassle-free get money period.

Treatment And Use

First of all, use a hot towel or steamer on your face for between three to five minutes. This routine is to open up your pores. If your blackhead is deep, also gently apply the blackhead reduce liquid to your face.

Then, based on your preference, choose the probe that is most suitable for you and install it correctly.

Next, turn on the device by pressing the power button. Afterward, choose the intensity level of suction that you’ll need. It is most advisable to start with a low suction level and further progress if need be.

After this, carefully make smooth and gentle stroke motions against the skin and work your way through your skin, evenly.

Make sure that you don’t keep the probe on your skin for a long time.

Also, when using the flexible probe, always open vibrate when you want to unclogs your pores. Do this for a few minutes, then close the vibration and start vacuum.

When using the diamond probe, add vibration as this will give you perfect results from the treatment of your skin.


Vassoul Suction Black Mask

Home Treatments for Oily Skin

Home Treatments for Oily Skin

The function of this luxurious cleansing peel-off mask is to remove impurities, toxins, dead and dull surface skin cells. This product also contains plants and vitamins extracts. This ingredients rejuvenate the skin, brighten, soften and enhances a healthy skin to restore and promote a youthful glow. This product is made from safe ingredients such as aqua and glycerin.

It is 100% free from side effects and safe to use.It efficiently and effectively removes extra oil and pore-clogging dirt, thereby preventing blackheads.

This mask contains polypeptide collagen, which whitens, and smoothens the skin, thus leaving it silky.

It nourishes and enriches the skin thereby leaving it with a glow.

It also controls the oil and water balance of the skin. The manufacturers offer a trial period in which you can determine if you like the product or if it’s okay. If you don’t, you are guaranteed to get a  100% money refund, absolutely no questions asked, and no other returns necessary.


  • Anti-aging beauty mask
  • Treats acne
  • Enhances the circulation of blood on the face
  • Removes and cleanses blackheads
  • Suitable for both women, men, and all skin types
  • Purifies the skin

Treatment And Use

Start by cleansing your skin then gently place a hot towel on all parts of your face that have blackheads and open pores. Do this for between three to five minutes. After that apply a thin layer of the product on your face. Focus mainly on the areas of your face with open pores and blackheads. Do not let the product come in contact with your hairline, brow, eyes, and lips.

Leave the product on until mask is completely dry. This step would take between ten to fifteen minutes.Finally gently and carefully peel off the mask from your face. Do this starting from the outers edges. Use warm water to on your face to generally clean and dry.


Clinique Dry Combination Skin Set

Home Treatments for Oily Skin

Home Treatments for Oily Skin

This product primarily works efficiently to produce high skin.  It is used to cleanse, exfoliate, and moisturize. This product has been clinically tested and proven to provide glowing and healthy skin. This product is sturdy and recommended by expert dermatologists all over the world and has excellent reviews.


  • Cleanses, purifies, exfoliates and moisturizes the skin
  • Fast shipping
  • Quality product
  • Easy to use
  • Well packaged
  • No side effects

Treatment And Use

This product is easy to use, and with just three steps, you’ll be done with the process. It takes only three minutes to get done. For valid results, the three steps should be repeated twice daily.


How To Use Clinique Dry Combination Skin Set

Using water, smoothly massage the Lather Liquid Facial Soap Mild over face and into your skin. After that rinse it off and pat your face dry.

Using a cotton ball, apply the Clarifying Lotion over your face. After that, spread the Different Moisturizing Lotion to your face for that unique glow.

When you purchase this product, you’ll get the Clinique Clarifying Lotion 2, 13.5 oz / 400ml,  the Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion with Pump, 4.2 oz / 125ml, and the Clinique Liquid Facial Soap Mild, 6.7 oz / 200ml, all in one set.

What is the Causes of Pimples?


A pimple is a small inflamed spot that grows on the skin and contains pus. A pimple often develops when there is a clog or infection in the oil glands or sebaceous glands, and this leads to red, swollen and pus-filled lesions. The sebaceous glands exist in the hair follicles’ basePimples have a high tendency of occurring around puberty stage. For teenagers, pimples affect more than 80 percent of teenagers. However, this does not imply that spots or zits (other names for pimples) cannot happen at any age.

The change in hormone production during puberty contributes to the overactive turn out of the sebaceous glands which result in pimples. It is for this reason that zits occur more during menstruation and teenage period in the women’s life. Pimples affect 3 percent of men who are 25 and above and 12 percent of women of that age range too.

Common areas where this spot occurs are the face, chest, shoulders and back because these areas produce a lot of oil glands on their skins than other parts of the body do.  


Causes of pimples

Causes of pimples

The primary reason pimples happen is acne vulgaris. They occur when sebum and dead skin clog the pores. As a result, there might be infection and inflammation. Why some are more affected than others is still unknown.


  • The sebaceous/oil glands

The oil glands are small skin glands on the skin that release sebum. Sebum is an oily substance that secretes from the pores to serve as lubricants for the skin and hair as well.  Sebaceous glands are all over our skin except the palms and beneath the feet. But, they do not produce as much as the scalp and face produce. The chest, shoulders, and back also produce more sebum, and that is why pimples develop mostly in these areas.

There is often a constant growth of new cells as the production of sebum occurs inside the pores. The outer skin layers are expected to shed off, but sometimes the dead skins do not shed hence, they stay in the pores and stick with the sebum leading to the blockage of the pores. At puberty, the oil gland produces more sebum. Therefore, there is a likelihood of more pore blockage at this time.


  • Bacterial infection

When there is an accumulation of dead skin and sebum, there is room for bad bacterias to develop such as Propionibacterium acnes (P. acnes). Usually, this bacterium lives on the skin without being a threat, but suddenly it becomes a skin issue and reproduces quickly once the situation gives way. The bacterium links to acne as can be deduced from the name. After the bacterium exhausts the sebum on your skin, it releases a substance which results in skin inflammation due to an immune response.

It is fallacious to say pimples are transmissible because a bacterium causes them. They are not spreadable; hence, there is no way you will get pimples because someone close to you has it.

I notice that you have to change your sheets daily if you want to nix pimples. Specially for persons who have body ance, change your pillowcases, your bedsheets every single night. This goes along with cleansing your skin twice daily with a cleansing foam which has many natural ingredients; or salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide if you already have acne. I confirm that your skin will 100% clear, except for the occasional small whitehead, and your face will have none pimples and be brighter.


  • Some Medications

Some medications can also trigger pimples on the forehead such as birth control pills. However, such reaction is not expected to happen to everyone; it only occurs in some people.


  • Yeast infections

Acne-type breakouts may also occur due to yeast infections. Pityrosporum yeast goes into the hair follicles and reproduces which leads to itchy pimples that look like acne but are not. It is common on the chest, back and shoulders but may occur on the face too. This condition becomes worse by the use of oily skin products, sweaty or humid environments, and so on.

Men and women alike are affected among those of young to middle age but happens more with adolescents.


  • Testosterone sensitivity

Thanks to researchers, they have explained that there is a connection between higher levels of testosterone and acne. It triggers increased activity in the oil glands resulting to more clogs in the pores which might give pimples or even acne.


  • Dietary factors

Having a bad diet could be a way to have pimples or acne since it is a known fact that a healthy and balanced diet plays a useful role in keeping us healthy, so may some dietary factors lead to pimples as well. Good fats are good for inflammation. Such as olive oil, fats from nuts and seeds, and other good fats. However, diets role in acne/pimples remain not clear. Chocolate and sugar are often said to trigger acne, but the claims are not scientifically proven hence may and may not be accurate.


  • Use of Helmets and Caps

Two wheel drivers often use helmets since it is a mandatory thing to do. Cleaning the inner part of the helmet could be tasking and most times overlooked. Sweat accumulation can give room for bacteria growth which can, as a result, lead to an outbreak of pimples. Same occur with caps too.


  • Stress factor

Stress can cause hormonal imbalance and also change the standard oil production on the skin; as a result, pimples may develop.  

Sleep Deprivation is also a causing of pimples. When you stay up late, it will promote the stress and cause  an increase in the substance cortisol in the body ; your skin actually secretes more sebum, and this probably explains why it results in new pimples. 


  • Digestive problems

According to investigations, people with gastrointestinal problems such as abdominal bloating, constipation and heartburn, are more likely to suffer from acne. Abdominal bloating is an indication of intestinal dysbiosis and inflammation, and it was found to be more likely a reason for acne by 37%.



Pimples are one skin problem that is very common in people especially those in the puberty stage and women. Some people are more prone to having it than some, but this reason is still unknown and unclear. However, genetic factors play a significant role as it sometimes runs in the family. Hormone fluctuation too plays a role in causing pimples or acne. Still, other factors occur as explained in this article.

I do hope this article has been helpful as I have carefully explained some of the causes of pimples. There are a lot of ways to treat pimples, but it all depends on what the cause(s) are in the first place. We advise that you should visit a skin specialist to ascertain the cause and solution to your pimples.

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